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Vista logo suit denied class action status

02/18, 11:10pm

Vista Suit Denied Class

A late ruling has been made today in the lawsuit over Microsoft's allegedly misleading Vista Capable logo that may hand a win to Microsoft. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman has removed the class action status from the lawsuit under the claim that plaintiffs haven't demonstrated that a "specific shift" in demand was created for Windows Vista PCs by giving underperforming systems the logo; they therefore can't prove that Microsoft intended to mislead all PC buyers rather than just the individuals who began the suit.

Hulu pulls content from Boxee,

02/18, 11:05pm

Hulu pulls content

Hulu has pulled all of its streaming videos from Boxee and CBS Interactive's Boxee's blog expressed disappointment with the situation, especially considering the 100,000 Hulu streams it generated just last week. The problems reportedly began a few weeks ago when Hulu's content partners began asking for the service to be removed from Boxee. Despite Boxee's pleads to keep the streaming videos, the company will remove the content on Friday.

Google demos iPhone offline Gmail, Palm Pre Maps

02/18, 10:00pm

Offline Gmail and Pre Maps

Google held an event at Mobile World Congress to demo several of its latest technologies, including Maps for the Palm Pre and offline Gmail for the iPhone. The Maps webapp is coded completely in HTML5 and uses the integrated WebKit engine instead of working as a native app, while retaining the same functionality, according to Pre Community. The interface supports multitouch input and offers the standard features of the desktop-browser variant.

HP desktop revenue down 25%, notebooks down 13%

02/18, 6:05pm

HP quarterly financials

Amid the economic woes, HP's fiscal Q109 financial results indicate declining revenue in the majority of its corporate divisions. The company saw a drop in revenue of 25 percent for desktop PCs, while notebook revenue was down 13 percent. Sales of printers, enterprise products and software followed a similar path. Overall net revenue showed a modest increase of 1 percent over last year, although net earnings dropped by 13 percent.

28Mbps HSPA+ rolling out in Italy, Germany

02/18, 5:35pm

HSPA+ in Italy, Germany

Ericsson on Wednesday announced it will partner with wireless provider Telecom Italia to bring wireless data speeds as fast as 28Mbps when downloading and 5.8Mbps when uploading thanks to HSPA+ technology. Milan will be the first Italian city to offer the fast speeds in June, with a nationwide rollout due for the second half of the year. At the same time, Telefónica O2 Germany has said it will launch its HSPA+ network for cellphones and computers in the second half of the year in Munich.

AMD shareholders approve spinoff operations

02/18, 5:15pm

AMD approves spinoff

Shareholders of chipmaker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on Wednesday approved a spinoff of the company's manufacturing operations, reports WSJ's Wednesday edition. The move, approved by 94 percent of the shares at the vote, will improve the company's financial situation and have it concentrate only on designing chips rather than manufacturing them. AMD will enter into a joint venture with Advanced Technology Investment Co., which is an Abu Dhabi investment fund. The joint venture was first announced last fall.

T-Mobile to offer $50 unlimited plan, more?

02/18, 4:45pm

T-Mobile unlimited plans

Wireless provider T-Mobile is reportedly planning to offer a number of plans to its existing loyal customers starting on Wednesday, says a Tuesday HowardForums post based on leaked company documents. The $50-per-month Single Line Unlimited Anytime Minutes plan reportedly includes unlimited anytime minutes across the USA with long-distance, voicemail, three-way calling and caller ID services. Those same customers who add a line and port a number to T-Mobile will also receive a $135 credit.

Cricket launches AWS-compatible A100 handset

02/18, 4:20pm

Cricket outs A100 candybar

Wireless provider Cricket on Wednesday announced the immediate release of its A100 handset to customers in its greater Chicago market and said the handset will soon be available to Cricket customers in all of the provider's markets. In addition to tri-band CDMA, the 1,700MHz AWS frequency-compatible handset features a 1.8-inch LCD display with 128x160 resolution.

BenQ announces nScreen all-in-one PCs

02/18, 4:10pm

BenQ nScreen AIO PCs

BenQ on Wednesday announced it has developed two all-in-one PCs, part of its nScreen range, with the 18.5-inch i91 and 21.5-inch i221. The two PCs sport 16:9 aspect ratio displays and built-in 1.3-megapixel webcams. The i221 can display 1080p resolution images, while the i91's maximum resolution is fixed at 720p, or 1366x768. BenQ is touting ease of use for all members of the family, including seniors, as the PCs' strong suit. The large, radio-like knob on the bottom corner of the diplays allows users to power on the machine, adjust its volume, brightness and other functions.

Dell Studio 15 to ship with new ATI HD 4570 GPU

02/18, 4:00pm

Dell Studio gets ATI card

A new page on Dell's support site has revealed that the PC maker's Studio 15 notebook will soon be available with a new, yet unreleased graphics card from ATI first announced at CES, the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570. The support page lists a support driver for the new GPU as well as the existing GMA 4500MHD processor, both dated as of Tuesday, for a new notebook model called the Studio 1555. This suggests the new HD 4570 GPU will be offered as an option on the new notebook.

Nokia preps 8208 CDMA handset

02/18, 3:55pm

Nokia 8208 CDMA handset

Nokia on Wednesday officially confirmed its dual-sliding 8208 handset first spotted last summer. The music phone is not coming to the US, but it one of a handful of Nokia devices that operates on the 800MHz and 1,900MHz CDMA frequencies and supports EVDO data networks. The phone runs Symbian S40 on its 2.2-inch screen with 240x320 resolution.

Dell confirms Inspiron Mini 10 specs, launch

02/18, 3:45pm

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Spec

Dell this afternoon provided official details for the Inspiron Mini 10, including its final release details. The 10-inch netbook's trim levels mostly match those of earlier leaks and will carry a 1.3-megapixel webcam, 3-cell battery, a 160GB hard drive and HDMI output in all models. The system's 1GB of memory will be fixed in place, but users will have the pick of either Ubuntu Linux 8 or Windows XP Home as the operating system.

Intel may give NVIDIA license post-lawsuit

02/18, 3:20pm

Intel on Lawsuit vs NVIDIA

Intel today responded to NVIDIA's complaints in the dispute over chipset licensing with signs that it may be willing to partly soften its stance. Discussing the case, which has since been revealed as a non-punitive lawsuit against NVIDIA, Intel spokesman Chuck Malloy tells Bit-Tech that he "wouldn't rule out" his company negotiating a new license with NVIDIA that would let the latter produce mainboard chipsets for Core i7-era processors, even if Intel wins its suit and bars NVIDIA from using its existing license for the technology.

Intel said readying low-power quad Core i7

02/18, 2:35pm

Intel Lynnfield 65W Coming

A tip to Fudzilla indicates that Intel is preparing a Core i7-based equivalent to its new Core 2 Quad S chips. The processor would be an adaptation of Intel's upcoming Lynnfield design for mainstream, quad-core processors and, like the current designs, would reduce the thermal peak power to 65W and render the design small enough to fit in all-in-one PCs and compact desktops.

Canon releases color-matched SELPHY printer

02/18, 2:05pm

Canon SELPHY printers

Canon on Tuesday released a new compact photo printer in three colors, the SELPHY CP780. The new portable printer is faster and reportedly has better image quality than the model it replaces, while the new colors mimic some of those on the also newly released SD1200 IS digital camera. Users can crop and preview their images on the CP780's 2.5-inch LCD screen.

Meizu iPhone clone makes long-awaited debut

02/18, 1:25pm

Meizu M8 ships to stores

Chinese maker Meizu has at last officially launched the M8, a phone widely seen as an attempt to clone Apple's iPhone. Though technically already available for a short space of time, the M8 has only now left testing status, losing Wi-Fi support, likely in accordance with Chinese law. An 8GB model is selling for 2,380 yuan ($348), while a 16GB version costs 2,880 yuan ($421).

iPhones now 33% of Rogers' smartphone sales

02/18, 1:00pm

Rogers Q4 08 and iPhone

Rogers on Wednesday revealed that smartphones are becoming a large part of its business. The Canadian telecoms company says that its cellphone business in the holiday quarter was buoyed by selling 400,000 smartphones, most of which were either Apple iPhones or one of RIM's BlackBerry devices; about 40 percent of these were those new to Rogers, while the remaining 60 percent were for those replacing phones or upgrading to smartphones in the first place. About 49 percent of the 158,000 new, subscription customers were moving to the devices.

NVIDIA fights Intel over Core i7 chipset license

02/18, 11:40am

NVIDIA Intel License Fight

NVIDIA today revealed that it's involved in a dispute with Intel over a license to make mainboard chipsets for current and upcoming processors. Filed on Monday in a Delaware court, an Intel claim seeks to prevent NVIDIA from making mainboard chipsets for any of Intel's newer processors that use an integrated memory controller; the change in design means the old license doesn't apply, Intel believes. The move would effectively stop NVIDIA from producing any reference designs that support Nehalem-architecture chips, particularly Core i7 processors.

WD intros 2TB My Book World Edition drive

02/18, 10:20am

WD My Book World Edition

Western Digital on Wednesday introduced new My Book World Edition network storage drives in 1TB and new 2TB capacities that can automatically back up the files on multiple network-connected PCs and/or Macs. The drives have can be quickly setup by plugging them into a network router and setting them up to back up files via a relatively straightforward interface. Any changes to selected files on the connected and synced computers is then automatically saved at user-set intervals.

Pantech Matrix Pro dual slider reaches AT&T

02/18, 10:05am

Pantech Matrix Pro at ATT

AT&T this morning added the Pantech Matrix Pro to its cellphone roster. The phone upgrades the design with a smaller but more upscale body that adds a larger 2.4-inch display and better materials. It also gets a full smartphone-class operating system and uses Windows Mobile 6.1 instead of the feature phone OS of the original Matrix; the switch gives support for full third-party apps and editing Office documents.

Verizon sees 60Mbps in real-world 4G tests

02/18, 9:40am

Verizon LTE Plans

Verizon on Wednesday confirmed that it has already been trialing 4G service using the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard in the US and that the technology is proving fast in practice. Having begun tests in Columbus, Minneapolis and the northern New Jersey area, the carrier is already reporting in-the-field peak download speeds between 50Mbps and 60Mbps, or more than 20 times faster than better connections using 3G-level EVDO Revision A service. Upload speeds aren't mentioned but should also be much faster.

Nintendo DSi media player combo in US April 5th

02/18, 8:50am

Nintendo DSi US April 5th

Nintendo this morning gave the DSi its official release details for the US. The console will reach the country on April 5th for $170 in light blue and black color options. This undercuts the original Japanese pricing and sets up the device as Nintendo's response to increasing pressure from combination game and media devices like Sony's PSP and Apple's iPod touch. It expands the DS Lite with an SD card slot for music playback and audio recording, and carries both back and user-facing cameras that allow self-portraits as well as traditional photography.

Lenovo first up for NVIDIA Ion in netbooks?

02/18, 8:20am

Lenovo NVIDIA Ion Rumor

Lenovo may be one of the first PC makers to adopt NVIDIA's Ion platform in a netbook, the Taiwan-area Commercial Times paper claims. The PC maker is reportedly asking local contractor Wistron to build 11.6- and 12.1-inch IdeaPads for the spring that would combine the much faster, GeForce 9400M-level graphics of Ion with an Intel Atom processor. The company is also said mulling a 13-inch model using the same technology.

Canon outs PowerShot A2100 IS, A1100 IS, A480

02/18, 1:00am

Canon PowerShot A 2009

Wrapping up Canon's PowerShot rollout for the bulk of the year are a trio of its AA battery-powered A series cameras. Fronting the group, the A2100 IS replaces the A2000 IS with a smaller, nearly all-black body but with a sharper 12-megapixel image (up from 10) and a switch to the DIGIC 4 chip powering most of Canon's point-and-shoots this year. The swap gives it full scene recognition and face detection with support for moving people and self-timers. Like its predecessor, the A2100 IS continues to carry a 6X stabilized lens and a 3-inch preview LCD.

Canon readies D10 as first rugged PowerShot

02/18, 12:35am

Canon PowerShot D10

In an uncharacteristic step for the company, Canon this evening has broken ground with its first ruggedized PowerShot. As the first in its series, the D10's housing has been rounded, sealed off and internally hardened to resist extremes: the camera can operate underwater at depths up to 33 feet, take drops from as much as 4 feet up, and resists freezing with temperatures as low as 14F. Some controls and the flash are also oversized to ensure good control and shot quality while swimming or wearing gloves.

Canon launches PowerShot SDs for 2009

02/18, 12:15am

Canon PowerShot SD 2009

Going on with its pre-PMA expo camera launches, Canon tonight has kicked off the launch of four compacts in its staple PowerShot SD line. The SD970 IS represents the summit with a 12-megapixel sensor and a 5X lens. It gets the full round of features for compact cameras using the DIGIC 4 engine, including 720p HD video with HDMI output, full scene recognition, blink and face detection, shake-based navigation (dubbed Active Display) in playback mode and deliberate zoom blur and creative light effects.


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