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Super Talent debuts UltraDrive SSDs up to 256GB

03/17, 11:35pm

Super Talent SSDs

Super Talent has released the UltraDrive ME and UltraDrive LE families of solid state drives (SSDs), with capacities ranging from 32GB to 256GB. The UltraDrive ME is claimed to offer read speeds of up to 200MB per second and write speeds of 160MB per second. The UltraDrive LE features improved transfer rates, with a maximum read speed of 230MB per second and write speeds up to 170MB per second. Internal testing indicated sequential read IOPS of over 13,000 and sequential write IOPS of almost 16,000.

Stanton intros T.92, T.55 USB turntables

03/17, 10:35pm

Stanton USB turntables

Stanton has expanded its line of DJ equipment with the introduction of two USB turntables, the T.55 and T.92. Both devices include the company's 500.v3 cartridge and provide USB outputs for transferring vinyl libraries onto Mac or PC systems. Users can select between 16-bit, 44.1KHz or 48KHz signal resolutions. Cakewalk Pyro Audio Creator and Audacity software are included for editing, with tools to help restore the music by removing clicks, pops or other artifacts.

iPhone 3.0 provides 100 new features, 1000 new APIs

03/17, 9:35pm

iPhone 3 OS details

Apple's preview of the upcoming operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch, version 3.0, was aimed at both developers and end-users, with claims of over 100 new features and over 1000 new APIs. The company has finally integrated a number of long-awaited functions, notably copy-and-paste. Users will be able to copy text, blocks of HTML and even images, with support to migrate content between apps. Developers also will be able to integrate the function into third-party apps.

BlackBerry 9630 Niagara comparison shots released

03/17, 6:50pm

BlackBerry Niagara

A pre-release BlackBerry 9630 "Niagara" handset has made it into the wild, giving CrackBerry a chance to capture several comparison images and a video. The physical dimensions of the upcoming smartphone fall between the 8900 and Bold, while design elements have also been adopted from both of the current models. Internally, the processor and radios match the components of the Storm, along with a new 3.2-megapixel camera.

Fujitsu intros high-speed ScanSnap S1500 scanners

03/17, 5:00pm

Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners

Fujitsu on Tuesday introduced two new scanner for PC and Macintosh users with the ScanSnap S1500 and the nearly identical, but white, ScanSnap S1500M, respectively. Compared to previous scanners from Fujitsu, the latest ScanSnap scanners are faster, at 60ppm when scanning black and white documents or 20ppm on color documents, while being easier to use thanks to a more intuitive software interface, the company claims. Image scanning speeds are rated at 40 images per minute. Both S1500s can automatically detect page size, orientation, color setting and whether both sides of the page are printed. A new intelligent paper feed detection system uses ultrasonic tech.

Scosche outs solar-powered Bluetooth speaker

03/17, 4:50pm

Scosche solar BT speaker

Scosche on Tuesday announced the release of a Bluetooth phone speaker that gets energy for its lithium ion battery from a solar panel. The device, called solCHAT, has integrated voice technology that speaks out the names or numbers of incoming calls. The digital voice also talks users through the initial set-up process when pairing up compatible phones or other devices. Once set up, the solCHAT will automatically pair with users' phones when they are in range and set up for the sync. When phones are out of range, the device automatically powers down to save its battery life.

Nokia raises job cuts to 1,700 amid falling sales

03/17, 4:45pm

More job cuts at Nokia

Nokia, the world's biggest phone maker, on Tuesday announced it will be eliminating more jobs across its worldwide operations as its market share and profits are on the decline, with total cuts now totaling 1,700, or significantly more than announced back in February. The company is saying the cuts are necessary due to the current market conditions as well as to increase cost efficiency. The new cuts will come from the company's Devices and Markets units, the Corporate Development Office and global support functions.

StorCenter ix2 NAS supports remote access, direct P2P

03/17, 4:40pm

StorCenter ix2

Iomega has announced several improvements to its StoreCenter ix2 network drive. The NAS device now allows remote access to stored content such as images, videos or documents. Users can navigate to a personalized web address from any browser, where files can be securely uploaded or downloaded. Direct peer-to-peer file transfer is also supported, enabling BitTorrent downloads even when the computer is turned off.

Shortage of Wi-Fi 802.11n chips as orders increase

03/17, 4:35pm

Wi-Fi chip shortage

Healthy netbook sales in China, India and other emerging markets for Realtek Semiconductor have the networking IC designer increasing its 802.11n Wi-Fi chip orders, spurring a shortage manufacturers Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC), according to a report in the Taiwan-area Commercial Times newspaper. Realtek has reportedly ordered one fifth more Wi-Fi chips in March than in February, and the shortage will last until June, according to a Chinese Commerical Times story. More than 8,000 Wi-Fi chip orders will be ordered in the second quarter.

Moto EM330 media phone surfaces at AT&T

03/17, 4:15pm

Moto EM330 at ATT

AT&T today quietly lifted up the quality of its low-cost phones by launching the Motorola EM330. The flip phone is atypically media-rich and has a 1.3-megapixel camera along with a media player app and microSD storage. It also handles stereo Bluetooth and FM radio for when local content runs dry.

Discovery sues Amazon over Kindle reader

03/17, 3:25pm

Discovery Sues Amazon

Cable channel provider Discovery today sued Amazon in a Delaware US District Court over what it claims are patent infringements over the Kindle's e-book distribution system. The TV provider claimed that both the original device and the Kindle 2 echo elements of its own online distribution methods, which let users watch episodes either on computers or on smartphones and other mobile devices. Discovery is seeking to block Kindle 2 sales or else to collect royalties as compensation for future sales.

Canon releases three LCD business projectors

03/17, 2:50pm

Canon outs LCD projectors

Canon on Tuesday announced the release of three new LV-series multimedia projectors meant for use in classrooms and boardrooms. This includes its first with a native 1280x800 widescreen, the 3,000-lumens LV-8300, along with the 3,000-lumens LV-7370 and 3,500-lumens LC-7375 multimedia projectors, which sport 1024x768 resolutions. The LV-8300's resolution will display the entire screen of widescreen notebooks and computers without any distortion. The three are closely related, as other than the resolution and brightness differences between them, they are nearly identical.

Live coverage of Apple's iPhone 3.0 event [U]

03/17, 2:45pm

Apple iPhone 3 Event Live

MacNN and Electronista provided real-time coverage of Apple's preview today of iPhone 3.0, the next major release of its mobile operating system, as well as an updated version of the iPhone SDK to match. Click through to the extended area to see news as it appeared in reverse chronological order, including the Q&A session after the presentation. All times were Eastern.

Peek offering five-packs for $150

03/17, 12:55pm

Peek bundle deal for $150

The latest limited-time offer to come from Peek is a bundle deal for business clients that includes five of the e-mail and texting devices for one lump sum of $150. The regular price for each device is nearly $50, so those who need five devices will save 40 percent on each. The same $20 monthly subscription fee applies to each of the five devices, however, and there is no contract that needs to be maintained for a set amount of time. The offer expires on April 3rd.

Nintendo wins joystick lawsuit initiated by Fenner

03/17, 12:35pm

Nintendo wins Fenner suit

A judge in a US District Texas court has put an end to a lawsuit filed by Fenner against Nintendo over a joystick patent infringement, EETimes reported on Tuesday. The lawsuit was filed more than two years ago, in January of 2007, and focuses on a patent Fenner says it holds that Nintendo allegedly violated with the controllers used in its Wii console and the older GameCube. The jury trial set to begin today was cancelled as Judge Leonard Davis in a Tyler, Texas court dismissed the case.

Book author says Nikon D400 enroute

03/17, 12:10pm

Author on Nikon D400

Nikon's rumored D400 DSLR is real, the author of an upcoming book on the camera has confirmed. A NikonRumors community member said he has contacted the author of the text and learned that the writer is under a non-disclosure agreement that will prevent him from discussing the camera until it's announced. The book itself is due in summer.

Alltel adopts Motorola VE465 with EVDO, GPS

03/17, 12:05pm

Alltel nabs Motorola VE465

Carrier Alltel Wireless has adopted a new Motorola phone for sale, the VE465. Though not intended as a high-end device, the phone does sport RAZR-like styling in a clamshell design, and EVDO support for faster downloads through the likes of Alltel's Music Connect service. Bluetooth A2DP support is built-in as well, along with GPS navigation.

Dell accidentally slips Adamo 9 and Studio One 22

03/17, 11:35am

Dell Adamo 9 Studio One 22

Ahead of an official announcement, Dell has let it slip that a Dell Adamo 9 netbook and Studio One 22 desktop PC are forthcoming thanks to an image leaked from the company's support site. Though no official specifics are yet known about either system, it is expected the Adamo 9 will be a 9-inch netbook version of the just-released luxury Adamo 13 notebook. At the same time, the Studio One 22, judging by the name, is expected to mainly be a version of the current Studio 19 announced this month with a larger, 22-inch display.

Samsung's first Android-based phone glimpsed

03/17, 11:25am

Samsung Android phone

A brief and blurry first look at Samsung's debut Android-based handset has been made possible at a dealer event in Amsterdam. The name for the candybar handset is thus far unknown, but it will sport a large, capacitive touchscreen display and will support 3G data networks. Two versions are expected to be available at launch, with one made to work in North America and the other built for use in European and Asian markets.

Downloads now 33% of all US music sales

03/17, 11:10am

NPD on Digtal vs CD Sales

Music from iTunes and other download stores now makes up exactly one third of all music sold in the US, according to NPD Group findings. The jump comes after the number of buyers climbed from 28 million in 2007 to 36 million in 2008 and these new shoppers bought more tracks. By contrast, CD sales have continued to plummet and saw about 17 million Americans stop buying CDs altogether in 2008, resulting in a drop for CD sales of about 19 percent.

ASUS, others doubt Windows 7 will save PCs

03/17, 10:20am

ASUS Doubts on Win 7

ASUS and other PC makers local to Taiwan have expressed doubts today that Windows 7 is likely to turn around flagging PC sales. The former company's chairman Jonney Shih and president Jerry Shen have both said that it will take special combinations of hardware and software designed around the OS to get users to upgrade with Windows 7 in mind. The economy also renders it less likely for people to make non-essential PC purchases, the ASUS officials said.

HTC to launch "more than 3" Android phones in 2009

03/17, 9:40am

Four Android phones coming

Taiwan-based cell phone maker HTC on Friday said it would launch more than three new Android-powered phones this year, reports the Wall Street Journal. One of the new handsets and the first one to ship is the Magic, or a close cousin to the original G1, and as such the Magic may be known as the G2 in North America. The Magic will be released in the spring at UK's Vodafone.

Sony Ericsson intros outdoor Bluetooth speaker

03/17, 9:25am

Sony Ericsson MS500

Sony Ericsson on Tuesday took advantage of the run-up to CTIA to introduce the MS500. The one-piece device is the Swedish company's first speaker meant for the outside and has both a hardened shell as well as a carabiner strap and power that can come through two AA batteries for up to 5 hours. The 2W unit is intended for stereo Bluetooth from computers and phones that support A2DP but can also be used for calls.

BlackBerry Gemini spotted in photo leak

03/17, 8:40am

BlackBerry Gemini Leak

RIM's BlackBerry Gemini has potentially been photographed, if a leak proves true. A lone photo obtained by BGR reportedly shows that the handset also known as the 8325 will be a cross between the 8300 and 8900 Curve in design but appears to have its own unique look with a smooth, silver or white front and chrome-effect trim. Few technical features are revealed through the image.

Dell's MacBook Air rival, Adamo, made official

03/17, 7:30am

Dell Adamo 13

Dell this morning unveiled its heavily promoted Adamo notebook. Consciously designed as a competitor to the MacBook Air, the ultraportable carries an etched, designer aluminum chassis that measures just 0.65 inches thick at virtually every point but which has a unique hinge design that lets it fit genuine expansion, such as Ethernet, DisplayPort and three USB connectors that include a combo eSATA port. The thinness also belies a relatively long battery life that Dell estimates at about 5 hours, though the system is significantly heavier than the Air at 4 pounds.

UWB group to transfer tech to Bluetooth, USB groups

03/17, 12:20am

UWB group to close

The ultrawideband (UWB) trade organization, WiMedia Alliance, has announced that it will cease operations. The group will transfer its specification ownership and technology to the USB Implementers Forum (IF), Wireless USB Promoter Group and Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) for further development. The recipients can now continue progress and apply for standardization and certification.


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