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Seagate unveils BlackArmor NAS with 8TB

03/24, 11:55pm

Seagate BlackArmor

Seagate on Tuesday kicked off the launch of a new network-attached storage line in the form of the BlackArmor 400 series. The array is built to provide automated backup over RAID for home and small offices that might not necessarily have the resources to support a professional system, even with as many as 50 users. It uses simple drive cradles to hold as much as 8TB of storage in four bays, sports a built-in status LCD and lets users access the array's contents over the web without compromising the network's core security.

Boxee updates alpha, adds another Hulu workaround

03/24, 11:35pm

Boxee takes on Hulu again

The international team of developers working on Boxee are gathered in New York and to celebrate, a new version of the Boxee alpha has been released with additional content. The move also brings another round in Boxee's battle with Hulu. Boxee's new XUL-based browser framework imitates Mozilla's Firefox and makes it harder for Hulu to block access to Boxee users by preventing a simple ban; any block of Boxee's video feed would block Hulu's as well.

Wacom unveils Intuos4 tablet with OLED keys

03/24, 10:55pm

Wacom unveils Intuos4

Wacom has released the Intuos4, the latest addition to the Intuos line of pen tablets. The company claims the device offers improved pressure sensitivity capable of recognizing 2048 individual levels, while the new tip sensor offers a near-zero starting pressure of one gram. The Grip Pen also features a pressure-sensitive eraser and two side switches that can be configured for commands such as double-click or right-click. An optional wide-body grip is also available.

Lenovo 'OPhone' interface mimicking the iPhone?

03/24, 8:25pm

Lenovo OPhone interface

A Chinese blog has posted images showing the user interface for Lenovo's 'OPhone.' The Android-based OS includes many design elements matching the iPhone's interface, including the icons' rounded-square shape, size and arrangement, the general color scheme and even the small circles indicating the current icon page. The touchscreen handset will feature a five-megapixel camera, microSD card slot and Bluetooth 2.0.

OpenGL 3.1 adds texture buffer objects, more samplers

03/24, 7:40pm

OpenGL update

The Khronos Group has released an update to its graphics acceleration specification, OpenGL 3.1, while announcing a new project aimed at bringing 3D graphics to the Internet. The latest version of OpenGL offers an improved shading language, GLSL 1.40, with enhanced programmability, more efficient vertex processing, additional texturing functionality and improved buffer management.

Ericsson W3x series mobile 3G routers reach FCC

03/24, 5:10pm

Ericsson W3x HSPA routers

A pair of HSPA mobile broadband routers from Ericsson have just passed through the FCC, indicating the Swedish electronics maker will soon release them. The routers consist of the W30 Data Router (left) and the W35 Data and Voice Router (right). Either is capable of allowing access to HSPA, UMTS or GSM network data over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet home networks or share a USB-connected printer, with the W35 adding the capability of sending voice and fax information over the wireless data network. radio intros fees in some countries

03/24, 5:00pm radio intros fees on Tuesday announced some parts of the world will see changes as to how the service works, as the service will no longer be offered free of charge. Subscribers in the US, UK and Germany are not affected by this change, however. Users in all other countries will now need to pay a 3 (about $4) monthly fee, but all features of the service, including scrobbling, recommendations, charts, biographies, events, videos and others will remain in place. To hook subscribers, will offer a 30-track free trial in the affected countries.

Mitsubishi resumes flagship LaserVue HDTV production

03/24, 4:55pm

Mitsubishi LaserVue back

Mitsubishi on Tuesday confirmed that its flagship LaserVue HDTV is back in production after a near month-and-a-half stoppage in the 65-inch TV's manufacture. The company reported back in mid-February that it would temporarily stop building the laser TV model due to issues with the manufacturing equipment used in its creation.

Samsung intros N120 netbook with 10.5hr battery life

03/24, 4:55pm

Samsung N120 netbook

Samsung on Tuesday announced it will soon release the N120 netbook, which shares its body and many other components with the N110 spotted just yesterday. There are some improvements on Samsung's third 10.1-inch netbook, including a 2.1-channel SRS sound system that sports two 1.5W speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. The touchpad is also larger than in Samsung's first NC10 netbook, while the keyboard is larger, sized just like ones from a 12-inch notebook PC.

Hitachi intros green Ultrastar HDDs with 6Gbps SAS

03/24, 4:50pm

Hitachi outs Ultrastar HDD

Hitachi on Tuesday announced it will soon begin shipping a new internal hard drive, the Ultrastar C10K, which has an emphasis on low energy consumption as it consumes just 3.4W at idle and 6.1W while operational; the drive as a whole uses 65 percent less power overall. The fast drives, available in 147GB and 300GB capacities, sport a 6Gbps SAS interface, 64MB buffer memory and 10,000rpm disk speeds. Both versions are deemed suitable for home office use, as they emit just 29dB of noise.

Nokia E71x arrival at AT&T delayed

03/24, 4:45pm

Nokia E71x delayed at AT&T

Despite Friday's update that had the Nokia E71x smartphone on-track to becoming available at AT&T stores on Tuesday, the handset has apparently been delayed to a much later, unspecified date up to eight weeks or more away. The apparent reason for the delay seems to be an issue with the e-mail Exchange synchronizing feature, which now requires new firmware.

Samsung to release touchscreen Papyrus e-book reader

03/24, 4:35pm

Samsung e-book reader

Samsung will launch an alternative to Amazon's Kindle 2 e-book reader as soon as June in Korea before coming to the UK and the US, the company said in a report on Tuesday. The device will be available in a number of colors and sport a stylus for navigating its content, which will be stored on the built-in 512MB of memory. Apart from displaying books, the device will also be capable of producing notes in a diary and memo taker, contain a world clock, calculator and contacts.

HTC rumored making SK Telecom-branded phones

03/24, 4:30pm

HTC to partner SK Telesys

Korean telecommunications provider SK Telecom is rumored to be entering the handset manufacturing market via affiliate SK Telesys, which officially announced plans to enter the phone manufacturing business. Local Korean media reports SK Telecom has created a team called G Project to develop innovative and original platforms and user interfaces that would be of the same scope to Apple's iPhone and Google's Android. G Project is working closely with handset manufacturer HTC, and many believe the Taiwanese hardware manufacturer is the top choice for a partner. SK Telecom paved the way for HTC to sell its hardware in Korea.

NVIDIA readying MCP89E for ultraportables?

03/24, 4:25pm


NVIDIA is developing an updated hybrid graphics and system chipset that may be used for ultraportables based on Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage platform, according to leaks. Known as MCP89E, it would be compatible with existing designs and Centrino 2-era processors but would consume less power than the existing model, in part by strategically reducing the feature set. The new platform would support only 8 PCI Express lanes instead of 20 and drop support for both regular PCI as well as DDR2 memory, instead preferring DDR3 alone.

Pentax preps 30MP cam, intros special K-m and K20D

03/24, 3:35pm

Pentax 645 and Special K20

Pentax on Tuesday served both the very high and very low ends of its audience with more details on its first true medium-format digital camera as well as two special editions of its mainstream digital SLRs. Teased as early as 2007, the 645 Digital (shown) is now set to be the company's sharpest-ever camera and should produce at least a 30-megapixel image. It should also accept any of the film-based 645's lenses and should have a large and likely full-view eyepiece. Pentax will show a prototype at the Photo Imaging Expo in late March and now says the finished 645 Digital is due in 2010.

OnLive tries streaming game console concept

03/24, 2:55pm

OnLive cloud games console

The OnLive gaming console concept has been billed today by its founders, former Atari employee Steve Perlmann and one-time Eidos worker Mike McGarvey, as the future of gaming. The idea focuses on a very small gaming console that has no built-in hardware processing and would be less costly than Nintendo's Wii. What's more, it would be future-proof, letting users play newer games without requiring any upgrades. Instead, the OnLive console would need to connect to the Internet and access gaming data from a remote server via the OnLive service.

IOGEAR outs Mac, PC-friendly printer switch

03/24, 2:45pm

IOGEAR Auto Print Switch

IOGEAR today slipped out a two-port Printer Auto Sharing Switch that it says is the first to truly recognize both Macs and Windows PCs at the same time. The peripheral lets two computers of either platform share any USB printer and automatically detects whichever system is requesting a print job. Power is handled entirely over the USB bus for the switch, which needs a minimum of either Mac OS X Panther or Windows 200 and ships today for $40.

EU members to cut and cap roaming charges by 2011

03/24, 2:10pm

EU to cut roaming charges

The 27 countries that make up the European Union agreed on Tuesday to cut cellphone roaming charges for tourists in Europe, proposing a cap of roaming calls at 35 cents a minute beginning in 2011. Currently, the cost of a one-minute call of a French subscriber making a phone call in England, for example is 45 cents, though it's due to drop to 43 cents later in 2009. By mid 2010, that rate will drop to 39 cents, all part of a process that began in 2007 as European tourists complained of being taken advantage of when traveling outside of their home countries.

mintpass touchscreen media, web pad to reach US?

03/24, 1:55pm

mintpass mintpad for US

Relative fledgling company mintpass has revealed that it intends to launch its mintpad mini tablet outside of its native Korea, potentially including the US. The device centers on a nearly 2.9-inch touchscreen and is unique outside of Apple devices in focusing as much on its Internet features as on media playback. Likely using a Wi-Fi connection, it can not only browse the web with full Adobe Flash but also has a heavy community component with blogging and IM among its features. Streaming Internet video is equally an option.

Acer's Android smartphone due in September?

03/24, 1:00pm

Acer Android phone in fall

Computer giant Acer is due to release an Android-powered handset as soon as September, according to an official at the Taiwanese company speaking to the Business Mirror. Due to be called the A1, the touchscreen cellphone may be just one of two devices from Acer to run on the Google-developed platform, as per an earlier report. The Acer executive, who wishes to remain nameless as he's not authorized to speak publicly regarding this, offered that the company will release four handset models in September.

New Lenovo ThinkStations combine Nehalem, Tesla

03/24, 12:50pm

ThinkStation S20, D20

Lenovo has debuted two new workstation PCs, the ThinkStation S20 and D20. The computers are intended for professional purposes such as CAD and graphics, and can be configured with either 5500- or W3500-series Xeon CPUs based on Intel's Nehalem platform. Buyers can optionally include NVIDIA's Tesla C1060 GPU, said to "dramatically" boost calculation speeds through parallel processing.

Sprint 3G to enter Garmin, Kodak, SanDisk devices?

03/24, 12:00pm

Sprint 3G for Garmin More

Sprint is hoping to embed its cellular networking in devices from at least Garmin, Kodak and SanDisk, a leak (registration required) on Tuesday suggests. The Wall Street Journal claims to known an individual aware of talks that would see Sprint provide Internet access on these partners' devices as it does with Amazon's Kindle 2. Such deals would have similar arrangements and have companies pay in bulk for the data used on the network rather than demand regular subscription fees from the device owners.

ASUS topples Apple in computer reliability study

03/24, 11:55am

Macs slip in reliability

Apple has lost some status as one of the most reliable major computer builders, claims RESCUECOM. The support company has released its latest quarterly analysis, measuring the number of cases taken at its call center against the number of computers shipped by a given manufacturer. RESCUECOM notes that while Apple ended 2008 as the most reliable computer builder, the first quarter of 2009 has seen it fall to second place with a score of 324.

Pioneer intros last plasmas before May exit from TVs

03/24, 11:20am

Pioneer Intros Last Plasma

Pioneer more formally bowed out of TVs today by launching four final Kuro models in Japan and setting out formal plans for its exit strategy. The external-tuner-equipped KRP-500A and KRP-600A as well as their all-in-one equivalents, the KRP-500M and KRP-600M, all produce 1080p images at 50 and 60 inches respectively. Although their contrast ratios aren't mentioned, they all have four HDMI inputs with support for deep color, support media from a USB port and have input over D4 (component) as well as VGA.

OCZ intros pair of entry laser gaming mice

03/24, 10:20am

OCZ intros two gaming mice

OCZ on Monday unveiled two new laser mice meant for gamers with the Behemoth and Eclipse. Either can be customized by each user, with four programmable profiles that can be switched between on the fly, while five removable metal weights that add up to 0.8oz (23g) can be removed or added for a personalized feel to the way the mouse feels in a user's hand. The USB 2.0 mice are plug-and-play and don't require users to install any software.

iPhone makes up 33% of all smartphone traffic

03/24, 9:55am

AdMob Feb 2009 Phone Share

Apple's iPhone continues to have the largest share of the smartphone market based on data traffic, according to February data from AdMob. The touchscreen cellphone accounted for exactly 33 percent of all tracked requests worldwide and an even higher 49.5 percent within the US. Other devices trail significantly behind, with the Nokia N70 having just 7.1 percent of world traffic and the BlackBerry Curve 8300 representing 9.1 percent of US data.

Zeebo promises game console with free 3G

03/24, 8:45am

Zeebo 3G Game Console

Zeebo this morning unveiled a self-titled console which it says could bring video gaming and other Internet features to countries that previously haven't had widespread access to the technology. The system combines a 528MHz Qualcomm MSM processor with a free, 3G link over HSPA that lets the console perpetually remain connected to the Internet without requiring a hardwired connection. Users can buy and download games anywhere the console gets coverage; the cellular link will also allow frequent system updates and, eventually, the ability to share the Zeebo's connection with computers or other devices that might be relegated to dial-up in developing areas.

Peek Pronto brings push e-mail, texting

03/24, 8:05am

Peek Pronto

Peek on Tuesday followed up its teasers with the launch of the Peek Pronto, its second-generation messaging-only device. The hardware earns its name through an emphasis on speed and adds support for push e-mail that arrives almost as quickly as it's sent; this includes new Microsoft Exchange support for business users. The interface is also roughly 50 percent faster and now supports SMS text messaging, letting users talk directly to other cellphone users for the first time.

Dell chief says smartphone exists, "on schedule?"

03/24, 7:40am

Dell Says Phone on Time

Dell's namesake founder Michael Dell has reportedly told industry members in Taiwan that his company has already been working on not one but multiple smartphones. Speaking as part of a private visit to Taipei, the CEO said the devices are "on schedule" but didn't say when this would be. Those at local cellphone makers speculate that any phones are most likely to use Windows Mobile but that Google Android is also a possibility.


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