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Nintendo Wii shipments surpass 50 million units

03/25, 11:55pm

Wii 50m shipments

Nintendo's Wii shipments have surpassed 50 million units since the console was launched several years ago, according to Reuters. "Frankly speaking, before the launches of the Nintendo DS and Wii systems, almost no one expected them to reach the current level of mainstream acceptance," company president Satoru Iwata commented at the Game Developers Conference. "It's even beyond what we possibly hoped for."

In weak economy, Adobe touts CS4 productivity [video]

03/25, 8:35pm

Adobe touts CS4 efficiency

The recession has brought a sea-change in the way Adobe is marketing CS4. Instead of focusing on fancy new features, the new mantra is ROI -- return on investment. To that end, the company has commissioned what it says is independent research proving CS4 can save "thousands of dollars a year" over the previous version thanks to built-in timesavers and other workflow improvements. In other words, CS4 can do more with less.

Wii gets SDHC support, play-from-SD option update

03/25, 4:45pm

Wii gets SDHC update

Nintendo's Bill Trinnen at the Game Developers Conference announced system update 4.0 for its Wii gaming console, which most importantly allows the console to read SDHC cards, upping the maximum capacity to 32GB from the original 2GB. Thanks to the update, users will also be able to download games straight to the SD card and load channels from the storage.

Western Digital ups slim My Books to 2TB

03/25, 4:45pm

WD My Book Slims at 2TB

Western Digital today gave all of its single-disk My Book external hard drives new 2TB capacity levels. The upgrade is equivalent to about 241 hours of full-bitrate HD and is particularly described as useful for Mac users or frequent shoppers from iTunes. At least 250 million TV shows have been bought, according to data from Apple, while over 33 million movies have either been rented or bought outright.

Vuzix intros Augmented Reality video eyewear

03/25, 4:30pm

Vuzix intros AR eyewear

Vuzix on Wednesday at the Game Developers Conference demonstrated what it calls the first consumer Augmented Reality video eyewear. Comprised of the company's existing VR920 virtual reality video eyewear and a new augmented reality accessory kit developed in conjunction with metaio. Vuzix claims the technology will bring a new dimension to gaming, educational and business industries. For its demo, flat images in a book were seen in 3D by the wearer of the device.

Lenovo reorgs into Idea and Think, regional groups

03/25, 4:25pm

Lenovo Think and Idea Divs

Lenovo on Wednesday afternoon said it would reorganize itself into major divisions in a bid to improve its focus. At the highest level, the company plans to create a group that handles "mature" markets, such as Japan and North America, as well as a second group that handles "emerging" markets like Lenovo's native China as well as Africa, the Middle East and other areas where PCs are less widespread. Previously, Lenovo had organized itself into much smaller groups based on continents.

Comcast, Cox join AT&T in RIAA piracy enforcement

03/25, 4:15pm

Comcast, Cox partner RIAA

Following today's earlier news of AT&T issuing notices to subscribers on behalf of the Recording Industry Association of America who are allegedly involved in illegal file sharing, Comcast and Cox have announced they too are informing Internet users of any potential illegal activities. At the same Leadership Music Digital Summit where AT&T broke its news, Comcast senior VP Joe Waz said the provider has issued two million notices to its clients. Sources at the event said provider Cox is also actively partnering with RIAA on informing and discouraging its customers of their illegal activities.

First Motorola push-to-talk sliderphone spotted

03/25, 4:00pm

Motorola i856 sliderphone

The latest handset for Motorola's iDEN network, the i856 slider equipped with the signature push-to-talk feature, has been spotted on Wednesday thanks to Engadget. The first slider device compatible to feature push-to-talk functionality from Motorola, the handset's 2.2-inch display is average, as is the rest of the handset's feature-set. It sports a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD expansion card slot, all features common or slightly above that of the handset maker's first QWERTY iDEN handset, the i465.

HTC Touch Pro2 arriving at T-Mobile USA?

03/25, 3:30pm

HTC Touch Pro2 T-Mo Leak

An advanced HTC Windows Mobile smartphone could make a rare appearance at T-Mobile if leaked firmware reflects the provider's plans. A ROM for the "Rhodium," the Pro2's codename, mentions T-Mobile by name and gives it the same US country code that identifies other HTC phones on T-Mobile, including the Dash and the Shadow. Supporting the claim is a mention that the phone's language on this release is "USA" rather than Britain.

Nintendo DSi to get free browser, non-game apps

03/25, 3:00pm

Nintendo DSiWare Apps

Nintendo's DSi should make non-game apps an important core of its DSi Shop mobile online store when the console is released on the 5th, the company revealed as part of its efforts at this week's Game Developers' Conference. Having spoken with CNET earlier, Nintendo said the handheld will get a free version of Opera's browser that is described as upgraded over an earlier version for the DS that depended on Nintendo's proprietary cartridges to work; the new version can be saved either directly to the DSi's internal 256MB of storage or to an SD card.

AT&T teaming with RIAA on naming claimed pirates

03/25, 1:30pm

AT&T issuing piracy notice

(Update with AT&T response) Telecommunications provider AT&T has confirmed it is working with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) by issuing cease and desist notices to subscribers whose accounts have allegedly been involved in illegal file sharing. CNET reported on Tuesday that AT&T senior executive Jim Cicconi broke the news at a digital music conference in Nashville. Both AT&T and Comcast were named as partners in RIAA's fight back in January, which switched from suing file sharers to issuing notices via Internet service providers. The association has other ISP partners, but has not yet named them.

Philips to bring GoGear Aria, Opus, ViBE to US

03/25, 12:55pm

Philips GoGears US-bound

Philips has announced that three of its GoGear media players are scheduled to arrive in the US. Among these is the ViBE, which uses a 1.5-inch display and a battery capable of 25 hours of music or four hours of video. While audio file support is mainly limited to MP3 or WMA files, it can also handle Rhapsody subscription tracks, and Audible audiobooks. Other integrated features include an FM tuner with 20 presets, and automated conversion of Internet video. The player should ship in April, at a cost of $50 for 4GB or $60 for 8GB.

Windows Mobile 7 shots leaked?

03/25, 12:30pm

Win Mobile 7 Shot Rumor

Microsoft's long-in-development Windows Mobile 7 operating system may have been spotted in a pair of leaked images. Sent to WMPoweruser, the first shot portrays a radically revised home screen with a top row of quick-access icons, a new clock, and bottom-center button with an unspecified role. A second image shows a significantly new map utility with a touch-friendly menu and shortcuts for spoken directions as well as a shortcut to finding the phone's current position.

PDP outs Xbox 360 3D motion controller and DS stylus

03/25, 11:50am

PDP Xbox and DS add-ons

At the currently ongoing Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Performance Designed Products (PDP) showed off two controllers for popular gaming systems, with the Gametrak Freedom for the Xbox 360 and SmartStylus for the portable Nintendo DS. The former is a Nintendo Wiimote-like device that uses an ultrasonic 3D motion sensing technology that sends signals to a base unit hooked up to an Xbox via a USB port.

Dell intros Nehalem-based Precisions, SSD array

03/25, 11:40am

Dell Nehalem PCs, SSD NAS

Dell is about to introduce three new Precision T-series PCs based on Intel's Nehalem platform. While the threesome has not been made fully official, Engadget has obtained early details and photos. The T3500 will have support for up to 24GB of RAM and should come priced starting at $999.

Samsung intros Haptic 8M with face tagging

03/25, 11:15am

Samsung Haptic 8M

Samsung today grew its touchscreen phone line by one and launched the Haptic 8M. The phone's name comes both through the haptic (vibration) feedback on its very high-resolution, 480x800 3.3-inch display but also an 8-megapixel camera that can tag and recognize faces in photos. It also carries flash, detects smiles and scans business cards.

Microsoft shows black-and-blue Xbox 360

03/25, 10:45am

Xbox 360 XNA System

Microsoft has shown off a new-look Xbox 360 for XNA developers at the currently ongoing Game Developers Conference, which differs from the run-of-the-mill consoles on the technical side with double the standard RAM at 1GB. Otherwise, the black exterior with blue chrome accents has special etching on it that indicates this system is meant for software developers, who often need the extra memory for unoptimized game code. Its bundled controller also matches the new color scheme.

Sprint details WiMAX rollouts for 2009

03/25, 10:20am

Sprint WiMAX Rollouts 2009

Sprint today outlined its expansion plans for its WiMAX 4G service for the next year as well as some early hints of its 2010 plans. The carrier now hopes to launch its wide-area wireless in Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Portland and Seattle at varying points throughout the year. It has also pushed back its originally planned Washington DC introduction to 2010 and expects to reserve other major cities for service next year, including Boston, Houston, New York and San Francisco.

Intel pushing steep discounts on CULV chips?

03/25, 10:05am

Intel CULV Pricing Drops

Intel is determined enough to launch its CULV processors that the company is cutting prices by more than half to encourage PC vendors to buy it, notebook builders have reportedly said today. Pricing for a low-end version of the ultraportable chip is officially set at $152 in bulk but has been cut as low as $65 for companies with the very largest PC shipments, such as Acer, Dell and HP. Smaller firms such as ASUS and MSI are said getting prices as low as $70.

T-Mobile unveils its first 3G modem

03/25, 9:15am

T-Mobile webConnect 3G

T-Mobile on Wednesday unveiled the webConnect USB Laptop Stick, the company's first-ever 3G networking adapter. The peripheral supports the faster downloads of HSDPA on the carrier's 1,700MHz networks and also includes its own 802.11g Wi-Fi connection for those few notebooks that don't support the standard. It can likewise connect to EDGE and GPRS both within the US and on international networks that support the slower standards.

HP launches Core i7 tower, four 16:9 LCDs

03/25, 8:35am

HP Pavilion Elite m9600t

HP this morning stepped up the performance of its higher-end, mainstream towers with the launch of the Pavilion Elite m9600t. The system is built on Core i7 processors and takes advantage of the triple-channel memory bus; it also has unusually fast video for the class with a 768MB GeForce 9600 GS. A base model at $950 comes with a 2.66GHz Core i7, 3GB of RAM, and 500GB of disk space while further options add Blu-ray drives, 12GB of memory, Blu-ray burning and Radeon HD 4850 graphics.

Blockbuster to offer movies, TV over TiVo

03/25, 7:45am

Blockbuster Movies on TiVo

Blockbuster today said it would start delivering movies and TV shows over TiVo's DVRs. The tie-in will give users about 10,000 combined movies and TV shows that can be purchased or rented from any Series 2, Series 3 or HD series device. The company is offering movie rentals for between $2 and $4 and permanent movie purchases between $15 and $20. As part of the deal, Blockbuster says it will also start selling TiVo units in its retail stores.

Canon rolls 15MP Rebel T1i with 1080p video

03/25, 12:20am

Canon Rebel T1i

Canon early Wednesday launched its first-ever entry DSLR with HD video in the form of the Rebel T1i. The 15.1-megapixel camera uses the newer DIGIC 4 chip to record either full 1080p video at 20 frames per second or 30 frames per second at 720p, outpacing Nikon's D90 in terms of both resolution and price. Aside from the 1080p frame rate limit, the T1i has the same image setting adjustments as the 5D Mark II and records as much as 4GB (12 minutes of 1080p) of video in MPEG-4 with HDMI output to preview raw footage.


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