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NVIDIA intros GeForce GTX 275

updated 01:00 pm EDT, Thu April 2, 2009

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275

NVIDIA on Thursday announced that its GeForce GTX 275 is due to arrive in certain stores as soon as next week. The GPU features 240 processor cores operating at 1,404MHz, 80 texture processing units, and a 448-bit memory interface. The card uses the existing GTX 260's 896MB of memory, and shares the same 644MHz 55nm GT200 processor in the GTX 285, splitting the two existing products in terms of price and performance, according to NVIDIA. Many believe the company has made the announcement early in order to avoid being left out of the limelight, as competitor ATI also debuted its Radeon HD4890 on Thursday.

At least 16 hardware partners will offer the GPU in their products, with ASUS, MSI, Leadtek and PNY being among them. One, Palit, is already offering what it calls the "first non-reference design" GeForce GTX 275 card for £200 (about $290) in the UK, including tax.

When the GPU does reach more stores and more markets, buyers can expect compatibility with Windows 7 systems, as well as NVIDIA 3D Vision and CUDA support. It further supports PhysX technology for better physics simulation, and includes new GeForce Release 185 drivers, adding an ambient occlusion setting meant to enhance shading effects on objects. Resolutions up to 2560x1600 are possible, and the default card design includes two Dual-Link DVI ports, with HDMI connections made possible via an adapter.

NVIDIA has simultaneously released Power Pack #3, with content that showcases PhysX and CUDA. Included is a new Star Tales game demo, a Sacred 2: Fallen Angel patch, a PhysX-enabled screensaver, and the CUDA-accelerated MotionDSP vReveal and SETI@home.

While exact prices for the GTX 275 have not been set, NVIDIA promises that the GPU will be the highest-performing option in the $229 to $249 price range. The hardware will be available in all markets by or before April 14th.

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