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Next iPhone, iPod touch to support HD?

updated 09:40 am EDT, Mon April 20, 2009

iPhone HD Rumor

Apple is reported today as phasing out its video cables in what may be a sign of a broader move to HD video-capable iPhone and iPod touch devices. An unnamed source for PhoneNews claims that resellers are being told both the Apple Composite AV and Component AV cables are being scrapped in favor of a single cable pack that, like the Xbox 360's component cable, has both the component and composite (RCA) cables on a single line and would let users hook up to both HDTVs and standard-definition sets by purchasing one pack.

While convenience is an important factor, the ultimate reason for the move is purportedly a desire to make HD video widespread on its portable devices, starting with the iPhone. "At least one" model of this, and eventually the iPod touch, will have a higher-resolution screen and would give Apple a better position against a new wave of smartphones with sharper displays, like the 480x800 resolution of the Touch Diamond2 and Touch Pro2. Its hardware would appropriately have the power to play HD video natively and output it to a TV at 720p or 1080i.

To compensate for the large file sizes, which balloon the content of iTunes Store videos to as much as 4GB for 720p versions, Apple is rumored letting the iPhone use its Wi-Fi to stream videos from iTunes libraries on the local network and thus give users an impromptu alternative to an Apple TV.

The rumor hasn't been independently corroborated and should be treated with caution. However, Apple has recently enabled HD movie purchases and rentals on iTunes and is either rumored or confirmed as improving hardware on the iPhone that would assist in handling HD. iPhone 3.0 testing firmware has already revealed an 802.11n Wi-Fi chipset that would improve speed on local networks, while many expect Apple to replace the iPhone's graphics core with a PowerVR SGX chip and potentially to speed up the ARM processor.

Microsoft is also all but confirmed as launching the Zune HD this year and, according to rumors surrounding the device, will use an NVIDIA Tegra processor that can play 720p video and get a sharper display to complement the upgrade.

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  1. isaaclimdc

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    Here's my two cents worth

    Isn't this "iPhone HD" cool?

  1. testudo

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    Yes, because the time I want to use my iPod the most to watch video is when I'm in the vicinity of my wifi connection to my home computer.

  1. Constable Odo

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    More unsubstantiated

    rumors to build up the iPhone hype. The iPhone hardly needs HD. I wouldn't mind an OLED screen, though.I don't want to hear any rumors about what the iPhone/iPod Touch is going to have. The media will have a field day as hardware expectations go through the roof and when the unveiling at WWDC or whenever takes place, they'll be a collective sigh from the audience and articles about how Apple let down all of it's loyal fans by not putting in a nuclear-powered battery supply or something else as ludicrous.Apple will probably not put in any cutting edge hardware in it's mobile platform. Apple probably doesn't want to compromise it's profit margins. I'll be grateful for a longer battery life, more memory and maybe slightly faster hardware to at least bring it slightly past PSP graphic specs. That's it. It doesn't have to double as a hand-held matter transporter to make me happy.

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