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Zune HD expected to launch on Sept. 5th

updated 01:40 pm EDT, Mon June 1, 2009

Zune HD due September 5th

The Zune HD portable audio player, recently unveiled late last week, is unofficially expected to be released on September 5th, according to a recent report by long-time observer Paul Thurrott. The device had already been rumored for fall but would now launch relatively early in the year, roughly in time with Apple's yearly iPod updates.

Microsoft group product marketing manager Brian Seitz talked briefly about the device and its multi-touch gesture recognizing user interface that has been optimized for finger instead of stylus inputs. The web browser will be loosely based on Internet Explorer 6 but users won't be able to tell, at least on the surface, according to Seitz.

Seitz went on to say the development work on the device is ongoing, and Microsoft will have more detailed specifications sometime this summer. The device will ship with a new version of Zune PC software and services.

At the same time, Microsoft is planning on releasing a full and official announcement regarding this will be made at E3 later this week, including new features, capabilities and services. This integration and branding of Zune into its Xbox Live service has been mentioned earlier, and will see Zune replacing the Video Marketplace link in the New Xbox Experience user interface.

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  1. nat

    Junior Member

    Joined: Mar 2002


    the obvious

    they couldn't sell them any other way so they're going to bundle them with xbox.

    nothing new here. nothing at all.

  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2008


    Foolish name

    I like how the added HD on the Zune name. A bunch of people who are not technically inclined will think they are buying an Zune with built in HD playback ON THE SCREEN/PLAYER itself. Thats really pretty good marketing there Microsleezebag.

  1. joecab

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2004



    No way ... that would be nuts

  1. testudo

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Aug 2001


    Re: IE6

    Why would it be nuts? Its for an interface, not a web browser.

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