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Pharos releases Traveler 137 GPS smartphone

06/04, 5:10pm

Pharos Traveler 137

Pharos has released the its latest GPS smartphone, the Traveler 137, which was originally debuted at CES earlier this year. The device focuses on GPS abilities, with integrated assisted-GPS and hybrid navigation software that can be used without a connection to the carrier network. Users can take advantage of turn-by-turn navigation and voice prompts. The handset is based on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and ready for future upgrades to Version 6.5.

Samsung prepping camera phone with 3X optical zoom?

06/04, 4:50pm

Samsung 3X Zoom Cam Phone

After its Pixon12, Samsung may have a second and even more advanced 12-megapixel camera phone with true zoom, a photo leak purports to show. The M8920 would have a 3X optical zoom lens and, reportedly, both LED and xenon flashes. While not a true smartphone, it would still have 3G, 8GB of built-in storage, GPS and Wi-Fi.

HP to update dv2 with dual-core Athlon Neo

06/04, 4:25pm

HP dv2 Gets Dual Athl Neo

AMD this afternoon confirmed that its new dual-core Athlon Neo should show in a new version of HP's Pavilion dv2 ultraportable next week. The upgraded system is due on June 10th and, according to CNET, should have the same power use as the present-day single-core model but run much faster in multi-threaded tasks. Integrated graphics will also get a lift through the Radeon HD 3200 chipset, though HP's notebook currently uses dedicated Radeon HD 3450 video.

Russia says Microsoft monopolist in cutting XP sales

06/04, 3:55pm

Russia Says MS Monopolist

The Russian government today accused Microsoft of monopolistic behavior in its treatment of Windows XP. Antitrust officials said they would launch an investigation in the belief that Microsoft was unfairly pulling the older operating system from stores before the market was ready. Although significant demand exists for XP in both public and private sectors, Microsoft has been insisting in some cases that these outlets use Windows Vista instead.

Sans Digital relaunches MN2LP server with new LCD

06/04, 3:45pm

MN2LP NAS server ships

Sans Digital has relaunched its dual-bay RAID network-attached server, the MobileNAS MN2LP - 2 Bay RAID NAS Server, featuring an LCD readout display. The new LCD provides RAID, system info and the IP address. The two-disk server is geared towards file sharing on a home or office network. It offers both RAID 0 striping for better performance or RAID 1 mirroring for redundancy and better backup. It works over Mac networks via Bonjour networking and is compatible with Windows via CIFS as well as Linux via NFS -- it can support all three platforms at once.

News Corp. exec: future Hulu could charge for content

06/04, 3:20pm

Hulu to charge for content

News Corp.'s new chief digital officer, Jonathan Miller, has claimed that he foresees the future of the company's Hulu service to include paid content, according to DailyFinance. Most of the content likely would remain free, although a portion of the TV shows and movies could only be accessible with a subscription.

Nintendo outs black Wii, red DSi for Japan

06/04, 3:05pm

Nintendo Black Wii Red DSi

Nintendo in a late E3 update today added special colors for the Wii and DSi in its home country. Normally only available in white, the Wii will now come in a special black; the DSi has already been available in multiple colors but will get a bright red color trim. Both should sell at the same prices as regular colors.

Palm, Sprint don't expect large Pre lineups

06/04, 2:45pm

Palm Sprint on Lineups

Both Palm and Sprint late Wednesday said that they don't expect, and may want to avoid, long queues for the Pre. The smartphone creator's spokeswoman Lynn Fox admits that Palm expects a slow build-up rather than an immediate rush and thus that crowded stores alone wouldn't work. Palm is "not like Apple" and can't expect to trigger the same behavior, she says.

DealNN: Sharp Aquos Blu-ray, unibody MBP, more

06/04, 2:20pm

DealNN: Sharp Aquos Bluray

Today's featured deal of the day from DealNN is on the Sharp Aquos Blu-ray player from It is regularly priced at $249.95, but has been reduced to $219.95, and a fathers day promo code drops the price again by $20 to $199.95 making this the lowest total price we could find on this Blu-ray player by about $45. The Sharp Blu-ray player features 1080p HD-resolution and provides playback of Blu-ray discs as well as DVDs and CDs with full up-conversion.

Sony to let PSP Go buyers download UMD games

06/04, 1:55pm

PSP Go UMD Good Will Plan

Sony today indicated that it would let new owners of its upcoming PSP Go download digital copies of games they already own on UMD. Hardware marketing director John Koller tells Gizmodo that Sony is developing a "good will" program which would be limited to either when the games or the PSP Go units were purchased. Koller likens it to Blu-ray's Portable Copy, which gives owners of the physical media a free second copy optimized for digital players.

T-Mobile HTC Dash 3G and Touch Pro2 training to begin

06/04, 1:50pm

TMobile HTC training

T-Mobile is allegedly set to begin internal training on the HTC Dash 3G, also known as the Snap, and the Touch Pro2, according to a leaked schedule posted on the Boy Genius Report. The events are scheduled to begin on June 16th and last through July 2nd in the Baltimore area. The carrier is expected to launch the devices shortly after the training is completed, likely sometime later in July.

Pioneer ships Blu-ray player trio to US shelves

06/04, 1:30pm

Pioneer 2009 Blu-ray Ships

Pioneer this afternoon said it had started shipping the three Blu-ray movie players it first introduced at CES this year. The Elite BDP-23FD is its flagship with both expected BD Live support as well as a Precision Quartz Lock System the company says avoids jitter in audio playback; it also has "audiophile-grade" capacitors and better-than-average construction. The BDP-23FD carries 48-bit color, 7.1-channel audio and RS-232 support for its $599 price.

RIM snatching up Dash Navigation?

06/04, 1:10pm

RIM acquiring Dash?

Dash Navigation has been acquired, without fanfare, by BlackBerry maker Research in Motion, according to GPS Business News. The site claims to have learned the information from a trusted source, who also comments that negotiations are essentially finished. Neither RIM nor Dash have spoken up to confirm or deny any talk of acquisition.

VUDU first with purchasable Disney HD movies

06/04, 12:10pm

VUDU Disney HD Movies

VUDU today added movies from Disney's various studios to its catalog in a significant expansion of its catalog. The initial roster includes about 60 titles and focuses more on mature titles such as No Country for Old Men but also includes children's titles like High School Musical 3. In a first, the device and video provider also claims to be the first to offer permanent, purchasable versions of these movies in HD. Competitors like iTunes are currently limited to renting in HD and purchasing in standard resolution.

Alltel intros 1-year contracts, same phone prices

06/04, 11:55am

Alltel one year contracts

Alltel Wireless has announced that it will soon offer one-year service contracts for new or renewing subscribers in certain areas. The company claims the phone prices will remain level with the two-year pricing. If true, the carrier would diverge from many of its peers that typically place considerably higher price tags on handsets that are acquired with a shorter contract.

NEC intros 43-inch curved computer display

06/04, 11:40am

NEC CRV43 Display

NEC today claimed the lead as the first mainstream company to ship an extra-wide, continguous desktop display. The CRV43 has a 43-inch, unbroken screen that handles resolutions up to 2880x900. Its 3.2:1 aspect ratio is wide enough to almost completely fill peripheral vision and makes it ideal for simulations, where off-angle views are important, as well as home offices and professional situations where having multiple large windows open is essential.

Belkin intros TuneCast with iPhone 3.0 app

06/04, 11:05am

Belkin TuneCast Auto Live

Belkin on Thursday became one of the first hardware accessory makers to take advantage of iPhone OS 3.0's support for third-party peripherals. When it ships, the new TuneCast Auto Live will have an iPhone app to let owners pick a clear FM channel for broadcasting the audio from an iPhone or iPod touch to a car's sound system; previous add-ons have had to include their own hardware controls. It will also exploit the iPhone's GPS to find the likeliest clear frequencies based on location.

HTC Hero, Lancaster due at June 24th event?

06/04, 10:40am

HTC Hero at June 24 Event

HTC's teaser for a June 24th event is to introduce its upcoming Hero Android phone and with a twist, Taiwan's Economic Daily News said today. The device shown in videos to date is just one variant and will be supported by a version known as the Memphis with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Its American counterpart will be the Lancaster due for AT&T, the leak claims.

Intel to buy Wind River in mobile push

06/04, 10:10am

Intel to Buy Wind River

Intel on Thursday said it would buy embedded software developer Wind River for $884 million in cash. The deal is mutual and is aimed directly at improving Intel's stance in the mobile space. As the purchaser, Intel expects to improve both its hardware and software in the field; it sees this as especially helpful for smartphones and mobile Internet devices but also anticipates Wind River helping anywhere embedded systems are useful, such as in-car media systems and set-top boxes.

BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 reaches Verizon

06/04, 9:35am

BBerry Pearl Flip at VZW

Verizon today at last made public its version of the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230. The carrier's version of the clamshell comes only in silver but adds VZ Navigator for using the built-in GPS in addition to RIM's built-in BlackBerry Maps. It also supports Verizon's Visual Voice Mail app for out-of-order messages.

Palm Pre reviews: closest rival to iPhone

06/04, 9:15am

Palm Pre Review Roundup

Reviews have surfaced today for the Palm Pre that suggest the device is the closest rival to the iPhone but has drawbacks that may limit its scope. The New York Times' David Pogue describes it as the "iPhone remixed" and an "elegant, joyous" device. He praises webOS as very smooth and particularly highlights app multitasking, which isn't possible with iPhones. He also singles out Synergy, which merges offline and online contacts, as well as the native iTunes sync, as strong points.

Sony Ericsson bows eco-friendly GreenHeart phones

06/04, 8:05am

Sony Ericsson GreenHeart

As expected, Sony Ericsson on Thursday pledged itself to an environmentally friendly track with the launch of its GreenHeart line. The C901 GreenHeart and Naite (both links active soon) are both made of at least 50 percent recycled plastic and have ambient light sensors that dim the display to save power. Apps onboard each also encourage non-car transportation with the C901 comparing walking routes versus driving, while the Naite has a carbon footprint calculator for trips.

Mossberg hints new iPhone in Palm Pre review

06/04, 7:25am

Mossberg Hints new iPhone

Veteran columnist Walt Mossberg hinted in his Palm Pre review late yesterday at the release of the next iPhone. The writer is adamant that the new Apple phone is due next week and cautions that some of Palm's equality or superiority in features is likely to be hurt by the new iPhone, which "will have lots of added features." He also expects to see many of the features that have previously been rumored, including a sharper camera with video capture, a faster processor, a magnetometer-based compass and 32GB of internal storage.


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