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Korean court rejects $32m in claims against MS

updated 02:25 pm EDT, Thu June 11, 2009

Court rules in MS favor

Compensation claims filed by South Korean software companies and Sanview Technology against Microsoft have been rejected by the Seoul District Court on Thursday, the AP reports. Digito sought the equivalent of $23.9 million in damages, while Sanview wanted nearly $8 million. The claims stated Microsoft negatively affected the companies' sales by bundling its instant messenger and Windows Media Services programs with its operating system, though the court denied them based on a lack of proof. It did however, recognize that Microsoft violated South Korea's fair trade rules.

After reviewing the matter, the court said Sanview Technology products were not price-competitive and lacked after-service and quality, while in's case, it said there was not enough evidence to show Microsoft's actions caused the company to fail in the market. Sanview plans to appeal the decision.

Back in 2006, Microsoft was fined the equivalent of nearly $26 million by the Korean Fair Trade Commission for a similar practice of bundling software with its Windows operating system. It also had to offer two different versions of Windows, with one lacking Windows Media Player and Windows Messenger and the other posting links to websites that let consumers download competing versions of similar software.

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  1. testudo

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    I wonder if they'll find against apple for bundling in media players, browsers, and IM clients.

  1. A grain of salt

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    Re. Gee

    No, because neither make a Mac client, or a Linux client. Maybe I should sue them for not making a mac client. But, then I would have to sue nearly every Korean IT company. Korea has cooked its own biscuit by only supporting MS and nothing else. Most of their websites are IE only. If they want to have competition, then they need to support it on all levels.And yes, I do live in Korea.

  1. lamewing

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    I just don't understand

    Who CARES if MS includes an IM program or web browser or even a media player with the OS? If you don't like it, download a different one.

    I am sorry, I do not accept that a company failed because MS included software with its OS. The company failed because no one wanted their products.

    Also, if Windows does NOT come with a browser in the EU/Korea/ the flying flip is someone supposed to download an alternate browser?

    Idiots, all of them.

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