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Apple to cut prices for next iMacs

06/26, 5:50pm

iMacs to get price cuts?

Apple reportedly plans to cut prices across its line of iMac computers, according to AppleInsider. Although the all-in-ones were refreshed in March, with a switch to NVIDIA-based platforms and improved graphics, the pricing remained relatively level with the older models.

iJector makes 50-inch images from docked iPods

06/26, 4:30pm

iJector iPod projector

Lancer has recently introduced the iJector, a front-projector that lets users cast images up to 50 inches in size from their docked iPhone or iPod on a wall or screen. Despite the large screen size, the resolution is a lowly 557x234 pixels. The iJector's brightness is rated at 20 lumens, with the lamp said to last 30,000 hours. Amplified stereo audio will also be played back via the iJector.

PhotoFast outs CR-7100 microSD to CF card adapter

06/26, 4:15pm

PhotoFast CR-7100 adapter

With the recent switchover of digital SLR cameras to SD memory cards for storage instead of the larger CompactFlash cards, PhotoFast has released a product meant for photographers who would like to use their microSDHC cards in their CF card slot-equipped DSLRs. The CR-7100 will support up to 16GB capacity microSDHC cards commonly use in cellphones.

Nokia netbooks to run Android, due in 2010?

06/26, 4:05pm

Android in Nokia netbooks

The most recent unofficial report regarding a rumored Nokia netbook has it being released in 2010 and using the open-source Android operating system from Google. According to Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir, Nokia will sell the devices via wireless carriers, like it currently does with its cellular phones. In a research note issued on Friday morning, Amir said conversations with device manufacturers have confirmed this information, though he expects Nokia will face stiff competition from the established PC makers in the class.

ASUS keyboard PC pushed back to August

06/26, 3:55pm

ASUS keyboard PC release

The ASUS Eee Keyboard PC first unveiled at CES in January, and expected to be out this month, has been pushed back to an August release date based on details revealed in a Thursday TechDigest report. What's also been revealed is that the keyboard can stream wireless HD content stored on its 32GB solid state drive using the ultra-wideband wireless HDMI standard, a feature that hasn't been present in earlier Eee PC desktops or netbooks.

Palm not averse to licensing webOS, no plans

06/26, 3:45pm

Palm on Licensing webOS

Palm chief Jon Rubinstein during the company's fiscal results call yesterday evening detailed the company's stance on licensing webOS as well as some of the early reaction to the Pre. Addressing a question on whether Palm would ever let other companies make webOS phones, the executive was emphatic that there were no current plans for this but explained that it was "not a religious issue" for the company. Although not directly stated, the implication was that Palm didn't share Apple's opinion that software exclusivity was essential to integrating with its hardware.

ZINNET shows CinemaCube, Air HD media hubs

06/26, 3:15pm

brite-View multimedia gear

ZINNET recently announced the release of the brite-View CinemaCube HD multimedia player and the Air HD wireless HD transmission and receiver kit. The CinemaCube connects to HDTVs via a choice of S-video, component or HDMI cables for video as well as RCA or optical for audio. Connecting a USB drive to one of its two ports lets users view the stored media on the connected TV.

PS3 3.0 firmware to add feedback, background patching

06/26, 3:00pm

PS3 3 Firmware Leak

An apparent scoop today hints that the PlayStation 3 should receive a major firmware update in the near future. The 3.0 update as described by VG247 will center on a new reputation system for the PlayStation Network. Much like Xbox Live, it would let gamers rate each other and view each other's reputations. They can purportedly flag offending players, though whether this can lead to a ban isn't clear. It may bear similarities to a similar approach in Little Big Planet.

Corsair ships high-speed 128GB, 64GB SSDs

06/26, 2:30pm

Corsair outs P128, P64 SSD

Corsair recently announced it has added two new products to its Performance Series solid state drive (SSD) family with the 128GB P128 and 64GB P64. Basically smaller capacity versions of the recently released 256GB P256, they offer the same 220MBps read speeds, with the P128 also sharing the same 200MBps write speed. The P64's write speed is rated at a lower 120MBps.

Slim PS3 still on track, 60GB Xbox phasing out?

06/26, 2:10pm

Slim PS3 and X360 Shift

Both Microsoft and Sony are coordinating significant updates to their consoles for the fall, a tip says. Citing the same historically reliable source as for earlier leaks, Ars Technica hears that Sony's slim 120GB PS3 is still on tap for the fall and should be accompanied by a long-awaited price cut. It's not known if this will take place before the new system ships, but Sony is now thought to only have 60 days of stock for the present 80GB model and may leave the 160GB model alone in the market until the revamped model shows.

T-Mobile Dash 3G giveaways, Touch Pro2 due July 22nd

06/26, 1:35pm

T-Mobile smartphone events

Wireless provider T-Mobile will hold a series of business events in several major US cities to showcase its recently unveiled HTC Dash 3G but will also show the rumored Touch Pro2 smartphone. Those who wish to attend the events need to register, but will apparently receive a Dash 3G handset, due for an official release on July 15th, for free. As previously reported, the Touch Pro2 is due to arrive in stores on July 22nd. The first event is on July 14th in San Francisco.

Intel ready to launch new 34nm SSDs in two weeks?

06/26, 1:25pm

Intel 34nm SSDs soon?

Intel may be ready to launch new solid-state drives based on 34nm NAND technology within two weeks or less, a report claims. Rumored since January, the drives are expected to ship in 80, 160 and 320GB capacities, the last being significant for more practically replacing a conventional hard disk. Other capacities may also be in the works, dense enough to replace many notebook hard drives, a source says.

Sonic and to offer movie downloads in Canada

06/26, 12:40pm

Sonic, Zip movie downloads

Canadian rent-by-mail DVD service said today that it's in talks with Sonic Solutions, the owner of the Roxio CinemaNow movie download service, to bring the first large-scale movie download service in Canada. The partnership will allow PC and portable multimedia device users to download TV shows and movies, making it somewhat akin to the streaming feature Netflix offers its US customers; it's not clear if Zip would shadow this format.

Sprint jabs iPhone in new Palm Pre ad

06/26, 12:35pm

Sprint anti iPhone Palm Ad

Sprint today took a more direct shot at Apple with the posting of a new print ad for the Palm Pre. The large one-page ad centers on the "perfect timing" of the Pre being available just as original iPhone contracts end and underscores the features Palm's phone handles best versus the iPhone, including true app multitasking, real-time notifications and smartphone plans that are potentially less expensive over the two-year span of a contract.

PogoPlug network drive adapter now Mac-friendly

06/26, 12:00pm

PogoPlug embraces Macs

PogoPlug today said that its self-titled device, which enables web access to external hard drives, now supports the Journaled HFS+ file system commonly used by Mac OS X. When connected to a user's network, the device adds network access to USB external drives or memory sticks. Drives can be accessed by any Mac or Windows PC.

Samsung ending 1.8-inch HDD production?

06/26, 11:40am

Samsung May end 1 8in HDDs

Samsung may be triggering a sudden crunch in supplies of 1.8-inch hard drives through a strategic decision, Taiwan-area notebook builders reportedly said today. They claim that the Korean company has stopped development of the ultra-mobile disks in favor of solid-state drives, cutting the number of suppliers in half. Only Toshiba is left, DigiTimes says, and it's feared that prices might go up as the remaining producer tries to control demand.

Microsoft may be first to offer OS on USB drives

06/26, 11:10am

MS to Offer Win 7 on USB

Microsoft is considering offering Windows 7 on USB flash drives to make upgrades easier for systems without optical drives, a source claimed on Friday. The unnamed contact explains to CNET that the company is looking at the move to make it easier to upgrade netbooks in particular, which currently need either an external drive or else the elaborate creation of a bootable USB drive. Whether this would involve copy protection beyond a CD key isn't known.

Acer redesigns three Aspire desktop PC lines

06/26, 10:55am

Acer redesigns Aspire PCs

Acer on Friday announced it has redesigned its Acer Aspire M5, M3 and X3 Series of consumer desktops, including the high-end Aspire M5800 with its brushed metal chassis, the value-oriented Aspire M3800 and the small form factor Acer Aspire X3810. The Aspire M5800 sports a silver chassis that matches the keyboard, speakers and mouse, with all featuring chrome and dark gray accents. The card reader, audio jacks and USB ports are on behind a hinged door on the front of the chassis.

Silver Dual Shock 3 for US supports slim PS3 rumors

06/26, 10:20am

Silver Dual Shock 3

Sony today began officially selling a silver version of its Dual Shock 3 controller in the US. Previously only available in Japan, the color is the first official variant other than black in the country. It's functionally identical to the reference version and has the same Bluetooth, motion support and rumble as earlier models. It sells for $55 and should be available immediately.

Zune HD to start at $249, get 720p movies?

06/26, 9:30am

Zune HD Price Leak

When it ships later this year, the Zune HD could cost as much or more than the iPod touch by the time both updates are released this year, an additional leak said Thursday. An interview with a previous source on Neowin cautions that prices aren't "set in stone" but has the base 16GB model costing between $249 and $279, or at least as much as the Zune 120 does today. A current 16GB clickpad Zune costs $179.

Acer unwraps 100K:1 contrast 23-inch LCD

06/26, 8:30am

Acer H235H Display

Acer on Friday extended its High Definition Series LCDs by one model and added the H235H. The 23-inch display is smaller than the older H243H but improves on its image quality: it has the same 1080p resolution but more than doubles the dynamic contrast ratio to 100,000:1 while preserving a 300cd/m2 brightness. Accordingly, it doubles as an HDTV-friendly monitor with stereo speakers and an HDMI input to go along with the DVI and VGA ports.

Garmin unveils touchscreen Dakota outdoor GPS

06/26, 8:10am

Garmin Dakota 10 and 20

Garmin on Friday kicked off the launch of a new outdoors GPS line. The Dakota 10 and 20 are both ruggedized but small and built to to be simple with a touchscreen interface borrowed from the high-end Oregon line. It lacks the earlier model's camera but has 850MB of internal memory to handle both map data as well as waypoints and geocache data synced from a Mac or Windows PC.

Apple more than doubles stake in PowerVR maker

06/26, 7:30am

Apple Boosts Imag Stake

Apple today dramatically increased its stake in PowerVR graphics designer Imagination Technologies through a purchase of a total of 13.72 million extra shares. The move, which includes both 2.2 million extra shares as well as 11.52 million shares on the existing market, well over doubles the original 3.6 percent stake bought late last year to 9.5 percent. It's believed the extra investment is a reaction to Intel, which last week increased its own stake a second time to 14 percent.


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