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NVIDIA denies split with Apple?

updated 10:10 am EDT, Fri July 3, 2009

NVIDIA Denies Apple Split

NVIDIA on Friday has purportedly denied recent claims of a conflict with Apple. Insiders believed close to NVIDIA claim that the two are still "just fine" and that the graphics company's chief Jen-Hsun Huang is personally happy with the current situation. Apple is still understood to be ordering chipsets as usual.

The two are rumored to have started a gradual split after a dispute with its roots in NVIDIA's position on the defects that affected all GeForce 8600M graphics chips and could potentially affect 9600M GT parts as well. However, supposed plans to start by phasing out NVIDIA chipsets for Intel Nehalem-based Macs may have their roots in an Intel-NVIDIA conflict that could prevent Apple from continuing to use the GeForce 9400M and similar hybrid graphics and system chipsets.

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  1. SlimGem

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    I doubt if Apple would willingly make a split with either NVIDIA, ATI or Intel unless they didn't have a choice. There is too much benefit to having the competition and leverage involved.

  1. AlenShapiro

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    MBP External 30" problem

    I'm still having problems with my MacBook Pro 17" and a 30" Apple Cinema Display. Any dark background shows up horizontal "sparklies" that flash around the screen (like interference on an old TV). Apple tech (Store Guru) says it's a known problem and Apple will come up with an NVIDIA firmware patch to fix it. Problem is episodic and may be heat related but does seem like interference. Since the DVI signal is digital, if it is interference, this must be at the chip level (before encoding) in the MBP or in the display itself (which works fine with non NVIDIA video sources).

    The problem was replicated at the Apple Store. My Apple 30" display was checked and verified up to spec. as was the MiniDVI adapter.

    I wonder, though, if the problem is in the NVIDIA chip. If so, and if NVIDIA are unable to fix it, the issue could hardly be allowed to migrate to Apple's future flagship laptop products.

    Sample video of problem:

  1. Constable Odo

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    Bloggers are always

    trying to cause media problems for Apple. They pull these stories out of their butts because they have nothing better to do.

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