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Jammie Thomas seeks reduction of $1.9m RIAA damages

07/06, 11:50pm

Thomas fights RIAA damages

Following an unsuccessful legal battle against the RIAA, Jammie Thomas-Rasset has asked a federal court for a new trial or a reduction of the $1.92 million in damages she was recently ordered to pay, according to CNET News. The defense lawyers have argued that the recent judgment is disproportionate to the crime, with approximately $80,000 placed on each of the 24 copyrighted songs she is accused of illegally sharing.

Demand surges for Apple and Palm smartphones

07/06, 6:45pm

Smartphone buyer survey

As consumers plan to purchase more smartphones than ever, future demand for Palm and Apple devices also continues to surge, according to recent survey data collected by ChangeWave. While a March survey indicated only four percent of surveyed individuals expected to buy a Palm in the next 90 days, the group has doubled to eight percent in the June data.

Pentax K-7 DSLR camera now shipping

07/06, 4:40pm

Pentax K-7 DSLR shipping

The Pentax K-7 digital SLR camera introduced at the end of May is now available via online retailer Amazon. Offered as a body-only, with no bundles in sight, the camera is priced at its promised $1,300. The 14.6-megapixel camera is Pentax' flagship, and can capture HD videos in 720p. Unlike other HD-capable cameras in the class, it also has a microphone jack for external input.

Sony Ericsson Twiggy flip-phone spotted

07/06, 4:25pm

Sony Ericsson Twiggy outed

A Sony Ericsson handset, only known as Twiggy, has been spotted recently, though no specific information regarding its features is known. Believed to be a replacement for the Walkman W350, the device sports an uncommon form factor in Sony Ericsson's lineup. Less a flip than a candybar with an opening flap that covers the keypad, the handset is nevertheless unique among recent Sony Ericsson offerings.

Three versions of ASUS T91 tablet coming

07/06, 4:20pm

3 versions of ASUS T91 due

A Monday report from ASUSTablet has the computer maker's UK arm reveal that there will be three versions of the Eee PC T91 netbook tablet. Aside from the standard model, called simply the T91, there will also be a version, the T91go with a 3G data network access, a GPS sensor and a digital DVB TV tuner. A third model will allow multi-touch inputs to its touchscreen, and this version is called the T91A. Whether this model will have the 3G, GPS and TV tuner as well is not yet known.

Medion intros Akoya Mini E1312 netbook

07/06, 4:05pm

Medion intros netbook

PC maker Medion recently announced it will soon offer its 11.6-inch Akoya Mini E1312 netbook. The screen has a 1366x768 resolution and is paired with an HDMI output for a similar resolution on a TV, with graphics processing coming via an ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 chipset. Rather than choose Intel's Atom, Medion instead opts for AMD's low-power 1.5GHz Sempron 210U, and there is 1GB of RAM onboard. The 160GB hard drive will be preloaded with Windows XP.

Android-based Samsung i7500 confirmed by O2

07/06, 4:00pm

O2 confirms Samsung i7500

UK carrier O2 has become the second carrier to confirm it will be carrying what is being called the most advanced Android handset to date, the Samsung i7500 Galaxy, TechRadar reported on Monday. French wireless provider Bouygues Telecom announced back in May it will begin offering the Galaxy in July, but O2's shipments are expected to begin in August. It's not known whether O2 will be the exclusive carrier of the handset, but it will offer it subsidized with a contract only.

Best Buy, Sprint offer Compaq netbook for 99 cents

07/06, 3:55pm

Compaq Mini 110 for 99c

Best Buy and Sprint sought to lure customers into shops today with a special promo for the Compaq Mini 110. Normally $390, the netbook now costs 99 cents when tied to a two-year data plan and bought through one of Best Buy's stores. Carriers like AT&T and Verizon currently offer only partial discounts, typically offering their own systems for $200 on the same terms. No mention is made of whether or not the deal will expire, though it should need a monthly $60 plan that allows 5GB of data per month.

PS3 bundle with Killzone, MGS4 hints at slim model

07/06, 3:35pm

PS3 MGS Killzone 2 Bundle

A new bundle slipped out by Best Buy staffers suggests Sony is aggressively trying to clear stock ahead of the slim PlayStation 3 overhaul. Confirmed through box shots sent to Kotaku, the promo will see a current-generation 80GB PS3 packed with both Killzone 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 at the same $400 price as the regular model. The deal is unusual as Killzone is still considered a new title and normally costs $60 by itself.

Orange has LG watch phone coming in August

07/06, 3:10pm

LG watchphone at Orange

Orange has recently announced that LG's watch phone, the GD910, will be coming to the UK wireless provider sometime in August. Introduced as recently as late 2008, the phone will be available on pay-as-you-go plans as well as a SIM-only offering, where users buy the device itself and bring their own subscription and SIM card. The watch phone has a touchscreen interface, access to 3G HSDPA networks and video-calling support thanks to an integrated camera. It will ship together with a Bluetooth headset for making private calls.

DOJ starting AT&T, Verizon antitrust reviews?

07/06, 2:50pm

DOJ Starting ATT Antitrust

Cellular carriers have been given added pressure on Monday as a new leak claims the US Department of Justice is beginning a review of whether major providers are violating antitrust laws. The government's head for such cases, Christine Varney, is said by Wall Street Journal tipsters to be reviving Sherman antitrust law and checking to see whether AT&T, Verizon and other providers are misusing their dominant positions to stifle competition, particularly with exclusive handset deals. Politicians and DOJ officials have been concerned that AT&T's deal for the iPhone and similar bargains have prevented smaller carriers from offering a fair challenge.

Intel's mobile Core i7 chips all too thirsty?

07/06, 2:10pm

Intel Clarksfield 45W

Intel's Core i7 notebook chips may all consume too much power to be used in anything but high-end notebooks, a late leak indicates. Also known as Clarksfield, the 1.6GHz and 1.73GHz quad-core parts were originally thought to use 35W of peak power, suitable for average and some thin-and-light notebooks, but are now estimated to use 45W and would be ruled out for all but larger, desktop replacement notebooks. The flagship 2GHz Core i7 Extreme would be even more demanding at 55W.

Sony to intro TX1, WX1 cameras soon?

07/06, 1:10pm

Sony to intro new cameras

Sony will soon announce the release of a couple of new cameras, the DSC-TX1 and DSC-WX1, which are based on its fairly new DSC-HX1, according to a SonyInsider report and listings on The announcement is expected to come before month's end and the pair will build on the HX1 by replacing its 9-megapixel sensor with a 10-megapixel unit. Both will also be capable of recording 720p HD video, while the HX1 should also support 1080p recordings.

Radiopaq Sound Jacket attemps to boost Nano output

07/06, 1:00pm

Radiopaq Sound Jacket

Accessory maker Radiopaq has begun selling the Sound Jacket, an inline add-on for the fourth-generation iPod nano. The device performs automatic hardware equalization of a Nano's output, in theory compensating for distortion, as well as quality lost during file compression. Radiopaq claims that in some circumstances, quality should be improved by as much as 60 percent.

Nokia teases rugged 3720 phone

07/06, 12:10pm

Nokia Rugged Phone Teaser

Nokia on Monday began teasing one of its few truly ruggedized phones. Likely to be called the 3720, the bar phone is shown surviving heavy rain as well as deliberate shock tests, such as kicking it or hitting it with a golf club. None of the other features of the phone are mentioned in the preview.

Garmin intros BMW Motorrad IV motorcycle GPS

07/06, 11:45am

Garmin BMW Motorrad IV GPS

Portable GPS device maker Garmin has recently announced the upcoming release of its BMW Mottorad Navigator IV, which is based on the company's existing $800 zumo 660. The device was developed in conjunction with BMW to work with its motorcycles, and therefore has a customized four-button mount, unique though unspecified Bluetooth capabilities and a list of BMW dealers preloaded into its point-of-interest database.

Magellan bows new-design Maestro 4700 GPS

07/06, 11:25am

Magellan Maestro 4700

Magellan this morning officially unveiled its first significantly redesigned GPS unit in recent years. As seen at the FCC, the Maestro 4700 is significantly slimmer than most other models even with its larger 4.7-inch touchscreen. It's also Magellan's most advanced with 3D landscapes, Bluetooth calling and predictive traffic alerts that offers to reroute based on usual road congestion patterns.

Cobalt/carbon tech to boost capacity 1,000-fold

07/06, 11:05am

Cobalt tech to up storage

Researches at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research, in Dresden, Germany headed up by Ruijuan Xiao say they found a way to increase storage capacity of magnetic data drives by a factor of 1,000. While the finding is simply a theory, the answer lies in tying cobalt molecules to a ring of carbon, as cobalt has the highest magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE) of all ferromagnetic elements suitable for storage. The density of data storage depends on the size of magnetic grains, which cannot be shrunk indefinitely.

Samsung's 11.6-inch Ion-based netbook due July?

07/06, 10:50am

Samsung Ion netbook dated

The N510 11.6-inch netbook from Samsung that was recently leaked and powered by the NVIDIA Ion platform and an Intel Atom N-series CPU will be released sometime in July, DigiTimes reported on Monday. The netbook should be be powered by a 1.66GHz Atom processor, include 1GB of memory and house a 160GB hard drive. It will still ship with Windows XP, instead of Vista, despite Intel's netbook rules that call for XP.

Apple, Nokia making micro projector devices?

07/06, 10:40am

Apple Pico Projector Rumor

A number of top smartphone companies may be developing smartphones and other devices with built-in micro projectors, inside reports claim. A Taiwan-area contractor, Foxlink, is understood to have entered the young field and is deemed likely to supply the projectors to Apple, Nokia and Samsung, all of whom are supposedly introducing handhelds with the technology by the end of the year. The projectors' features are unknown as are the device names and features, though Foxlink already has a close tie with Apple through its manufacturing of other components.

Nokia denies Android move

07/06, 10:00am

Nokia Denies Android Plans

Nokia on Monday tried to deflect rumors that it's developing an Android smartphone. A company spokesman said that there is "absolutely no truth" to the claim, which would have a touchscreen device appear in September at Nokia World. The representative maintained the company's official choice of Symbian for all its smartphones.

AT&T co-producing 3G e-book reader, more?

07/06, 9:30am

ATT 3G E Book Reader Leak

AT&T is in the midst of co-developing a trio of non-phone devices that will take advantage of its 3G network, a leak indicates. The carrier's signature device would be an e-book reader with built-in 3G data access, likely following a similar strategy to the Kindle that lets users download books without needing Wi-Fi or a physical connection. It's not said by the BW source who the manufacturer may be or whether the device's 3G access would be built into the cost like with Amazon's device, but it will reportedly ship by the end of the year.

Sony Ericsson's angular Bao handset spotted

07/06, 8:55am

Sony Ericsson Bao handset

A new handset from Sony Ericsson was spotted online recently, with styling that not only resembles the Nokia 7070 Prism phone but also a stealth jet fighter. Called the Bao, the flip phone has a built-in camera, although details on its megapixel count or any of the device's other features and functions are not yet known.

Samsung intros 5M:1 contrast computer LCD

07/06, 8:45am

Samsung XL2370 LCD

Samsung today launched a new desktop LCD considered as its most advanced. The XL2370 measures only 20 inches but is one of the first its size with an LED backlight; making the switch boosts the contrast ratio to an unprecedented 5,000,000:1 and gives it far darker black levels than both some earlier LED-lit LCDs as well as all fluorescent displays. It's also unusually sharp at a native 1080p (versus a more typical 1680x1050) and fast with a 2ms average pixel response time.

Apple ordering cameras for "all" iPods?

07/06, 8:15am

iPod Camera Order Leak

Apple has been ordering enough camera sensors that every iPod except for the shuffle could have a camera with its next update, Asian sources claim. The American company is believed to be ordering cellphone-quality units worth about $10 but in too large numbers to simply apply to iPhone orders. Which models would get the update aren't specified by TechCrunch, but it's speculated that more than one iPod model would have to be covered given the sheer numbers.


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