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Analyst: Verizon sold 300k BlackBerry Tours first day

updated 11:20 pm EDT, Tue July 14, 2009

Verizon sells 400k Tours

Analysts estimate that Verizon may have sold between 275,000 and 300,000 BlackBerry Tour handsets within the first 24 hours of availability, according to Although Apple's recent 3GS launch netted over one million subscribers in the first weekend, the Tour introduction compares to the first-generation iPhone release in 2007.

Sprint also debuted the Tour on the same day as Verizon, although the sales numbers for the former carrier remain unknown. Reports suggest the device could be on its way to Alltel in the near future. Both carriers offer the smartphone for $200 with a two-year agreement.

The Tour now represents the flagship device amongst RIM's smartphones with physical keypads. The impressive sales numbers could be partially driven by BlackBerry purists, including business users unlikely to depart for another platform. The Tour brings several modernizations, including a 3.2-megapixel camera, while taking the 480x360 display of the Curve and the keyboard from the Bold.

Verizon has maintained a large subscriber base, but has recently lacked a blockbuster smartphone to contend with the Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS. Piper Jaffray analyst T. Michael Walkley claims both the iPhone 3G, now sold for $99, and the new 3GS have put a dent in BlackBerry sales. RIM has remained optimistic, with summer sales expected to surpass 8 million units.

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  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Nov 2008


    I suppose RIM is still

    able to sell BlackBerrys in quantity even without an app store as big as Apple's. Apparently there is a big advantage to having multiple carriers to spread the wealth.

  1. ff11

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2004


    re: I suppose RIM is stil

    It would be a big mistake to count them out. They also still have a significant advantage in the enterprise support area. They will become even more formidable if they ever come up with a real web browser and App store.

  1. Salty

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    Honestly I hope RIM gets their act together, lately they haven't done ANYTHING significant, and no putting the bold's keyboard on a smaller CDMA phone isn't significant. My guess is that they got a ton of sales that they would have had otherwise if the Bold had been made CDMA, or if the Curve 8900 series had been, fact is before that the only good blackberry Verizon had was the Curve.

    RIM makes a good product especially for business people who need to access things incredibly quickly. (Hate to admit it but the interface tends to be more snappy than an iPhone, I own both).

    But really they need to put out some creative new products and really empower developers with a next gen OS.

  1. nowwhatareyoulookingat

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    great writing

    "Analysts estimate that Verizon may have "

    Why would anybody estimate what MIGHT have happened in the past, other than to pump & dump the stock?

  1. mjtomlin

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 1999


    Multiple carriers...

    I don't believe Apple will offer the iPhone to other carriers in the US until they all support the same standard network technology. If you hadn't noticed, the iPhone only operates on one cell network (worldwide). When 4G networks become more prevalent in the US, then the iPhone will finally be available to multiple carriers. I'd guess by summer of 2011. Although if 4G is backwards compatible with the current generation, which I would assume it is, then we might see the iPhone 4G next summer.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Multiple carriers

    Right, because, as we all know, it is WAY too expensive to offer two different types of iPhones. And Apple users apparently tend to be on the low end of the intelligence scale, so they would just be so perplexed about what phone to buy.

    And we know no one would buy anything for Verizon, because it would only work in the US. I'm sure their 50 million customers are just waiting for their contracts to run out so they can get 3G phones that'll work in South Africa or Portugal.

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