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Windows 7 Ultimate cracked, available to pirates

updated 01:05 pm EDT, Wed July 29, 2009

Windows 7 Ultimate cracked

People have already managed to crack Windows 7 Ultimate and distribute it online, accounts say. The pirated version is based on a Lenovo OEM release, from which an ISO file was created and posted on a Chinese forum. Hackers subsequently managed to extract the OEM-SLP key and the activation certificate, allowing users to bypass Microsoft's Genuine Advantage copy protection. The technology normally requires online validation.

The key is claimed to be a master one, allowing any OEM edition of Windows 7 Ultimate to be broken. The fault may prove costly and embarrassing to Microsoft, which has placed increasing emphasis on piracy prevention, and will only ship the legal operating system on October 22nd. Microsoft posted significant declines in its most recent financial quarter, and has said it is counting on products like Windows 7 and the Zune HD to revive its fortunes.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. climacs

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    suck on that monkey boy

  1. dwoodruff

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    Who would want that pile of pigscheit?

  1. Hurley42

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    Zune HD

    Wait...I was understanding the article until the end when it says that Microsoft is hoping the Zune HD will help revive its fortunes. Is that possible? People buy those? I have never even seen one in person. I know of no one who has ever bought one or even thought about buying one.

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  1. Hurley42

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  1. Cbrguy

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    I understand that people may not like MS stuff, but do we need to bash anybody? pigscheit? and Hurley, I don't know anybody who has thought about buying a Zune HD either, but you probably haven't seen one because it isn't officially released yet! Kinda like saying Chevy is hoping the 2012 model years cars are going to help revive it's fortunes. Companies always hope their new products will be successful.

  1. nat

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    sure we've seen the zune hd. we've seen it for years. oh it may have a few features here and there that are different and the color may be different but other than that it's been available in stores all across the country for awhile now.

  1. G4_Kessel

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    I think we're all just sick of Microsoft being a "me too" company instead of an innovator. Really Microsoft? Retail stores right next to an Apple store? REALLY? Whatever. It's just nice to see them starting to crumble a little after being the EMPIRE for so long. I'm starting to wonder if Bill Gates saw this coming and thats part of the reason he's no longer running the show. Like... let that idiot Ballmer take the heat for it. :)

  1. DeezNutts

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    No shock

    Win7's activation is based on SLP 2.0, same system that was in Vista for OEM activation.

    The tools and information have been out there for a couple of years now.

  1. Eldernorm

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    See, now you know

    the rest of the story. This is why Apple does not lock software but rather makes it require an Apple hardware to run (with out a lot of work. :-) )

    Just a thought.

  1. coffeetime

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    If Mac has 80% of market share, I am sure it's easily for any hacker to come up with ways to make it works on any hardware. It's just they are not interested in it.

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