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Nokia, Moto bleed market share as iPhone rises

updated 12:00 pm EDT, Fri July 31, 2009

IDC Phones in Q2 2009

Three of the top five cellphone manufacturers have faced severe drops in their market share in spring while Apple and other newer participants are on the rise, according to a final estimate by IDC. Confirming some predictions by the companies themselves, the study finds that Nokia, Motorola and Sony Ericsson all lost double-digit percentages of their share from a year ago. Motorola and Sony Ericsson lost the most, falling 47 percent and 43.4 percent in the number of phones shipped to account for just 5.5 percent and 5.1 percent of the market each.

However, even Nokia's phone shipments have dropped sharply and have fallen 15.4 percent from year to year and give it a smaller but still significant lead with 38.3 percent of the whole market. The two Korean firms LG and Samsung were the only two of the top five to make headway and saw tangible gains of their own, shipping 6 percent and 14.2 percent more phones respectively to reach third place (11.1 percent) and second place (19.4 percent).

While Nokia has made a slight recovery in smartphones and is mostly affected by poorer sales of low- to mid-range phones, the Motorola and Sony Ericsson losses stem partly from their weaknesses in smartphones. Neither has had major new introductions this year and aren't expected to get back on track until the fall, when both plan phones using Android and other operating systems.

IDC doesn't detail market share for the smaller competitors, but Apple is believed to have snapped up a noticeable portion of the remaining market. Its 5.2 million iPhones shipped equate to about 1.9 percent of the total market of 269.2 million phones. The portion is a relatively modest gain from 1.6 percent in the winter but a leap from a year earlier, when a premature end to original iPhone stock and the absence of a new model left Apple shipping just 700,000 devices.

Research in Motion's share for the BlackBerry would be difficult to gauge as the company's quarterly results schedule doesn't match most of the industry, though in its latest quarter it reported 7.8 million BlackBerries shipped.

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  1. climacs

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    culling the herd

    it's amazing how well Apple entered a market that was entirely new to the company. Now they're picking off the weaker links.

    How is that a company with the resources of Microsoft can't do this?

  1. Salty

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    Easy Microsoft didn't create an end to end solution, they never do. They don't put out a paradigm shift. Windows Mobile was about doing what the Palm Treo was doing back in the day, ultimately Windows Mobile is still just doing what the old Palm Treos did. Apple took the smart phone and feature phone markets and smashed them together with some crazy cosmic radiation and created the iPhone which changed the game.

    Microsoft has never been about game changing, they've always been about game exploiting.

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