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No Android past 1.5 for G1; no Sense for myTouch 3G

updated 11:20 am EDT, Mon August 17, 2009

No Android updates for G1

Wireless provider T-Mobile will not release a significant update to the original Android-powered G1 handset, according to a recent, unofficial report. While T-Mobile is saying otherwise when questioned, it is being ambiguous enough that its promise of introducing future software updates could be related only to small security updates or bug fixes, with Donut (possibly Android 1.6) and Éclair (Android 2.0) builds not coming to the device. The 256MB internal storage capacity of the G1, which is split for the OS and apps, eliminates this possibility as the updates are too large.

"There will come a time in the near future when we won't be able to fit the latest release on the G1 internal flash," said Android software engineer Dave Sparks, and the Android software team has said it has struggled to fit the Cupcake update into the G1's internal flash.

Despite hopes to the contrary, the Donut and Éclair updates will not include the ability to install apps to SD cards to free up internal space. This inability to update to the latest system will make the G1 outdated before its two-year contract runs out, leaving owners to upgrade hardware if they want the newer releases.

In related Android news, the Sense UI update that is coming to the HTC Magic device is not likely to be sent out for T-Mobile's Magic, rebranded as the myTouch 3G. This is because of licensing reasons, as Sense is an HTC product, while the myTouch is branded with Google and is thus likely obliged to use Google's interface. European and potentially Canadian Magic users aren't likely to have this problem as their devices are reference models. [via Android and Me and Gizmodo]

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    This is really frustrating for G1 early adopters. I can understand the memory issue, but it is annoying to have an obsolete product before your two years are up.

    That said, it is complete BS if it is true that Google will not allow Sense UI on Google branded phones. I thought the whole point of Android's semi-open source status was to allow use of superior software from third parties. There is no reason for Google to ram their front-end down users throats. Instead of being locked down by the carrier, the product is now locked down by Google.

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