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BlackBerry getting Flash, Silverlight in 2010?

updated 02:30 pm EDT, Wed August 19, 2009

BBerry Gets Flash in 2010

A rumor from a purportedly certain source suggests RIM will have full, near desktop-grade Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight on the BlackBerry's web browser next year. Full details aren't given, but BGR understands that the update is primarily waiting on hardware. As either web plug-in demands both a strong processor and a fast Internet connection, RIM is said to only be launching the more advanced browser in summer 2010, when its phones will be faster and should have faster 3G and potentially 4G connections.

The same tip claims that prototype BlackBerries with 4G on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard are already registering 10Mbps download speeds in a test environment. Carriers like Verizon in the US as well as Bell and Telus in Canada are due to activate their LTE networks in 2010 and, in Verizon's case, are estimated to average at about 12Mbps downstream.

RIM's move potentially leaves rivals like Apple behind, as it remains the only firm to so far reject using Flash or Silverlight in its mobile browser. Adobe recently explained that it expects multi-platform mobile Flash in October but has only targeted relatively device-agnostic platforms like Android, Symbian, webOS and Windows Mobile. The HTC Hero is one of the first to ship with Flash in its browser but has been criticized for sluggish performance on those sites.

However, Apple has primarily used the same arguments to dismiss the current importance of Flash as RIM is reportedly using for the BlackBerry, arguing that it wants the full capabilities of Flash from the desktop but without the same performance hit.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    RIM's platform will

    be allowed to support everything. That is typically RIM's style. Anything a customer wants, RIM will supply it. It makes good sense. It a very flexible company and they should do well in China. If China Mobile wants RIM to use WIPI, RIM will build to suit. I don't know why that's such a big deal. It's just hardware, not a way of life. RIM will build BlackBerrys in whatever way needed to suit the Chinese carriers and users

  1. nowwhatareyoulookingat

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    of course

    You'll have to choose to load either one or the other onto your phone, because it doesn't have enough memory to hold both of them at the same time.

    And I presume both Flash and SilverLight are just used as brand names, as the implementation will functionally crippled compared with the desktop version.

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