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Apple denies rejecting Google Voice

08/21, 6:25pm

Apple Denies GV Rejection

Apple on Friday took an unusual approach in its official response to the FCC's inquiries over the rejection of Google Voice for the App Store and denied that it had rejected the app at all. The company instead claims that it "continues to study" the software and now says its primary issues are with the integration of the app, which Apple insists duplicate too many iPhone features.

AT&T to FCC: "no role" in Google Voice ban

08/21, 5:45pm

ATT Response to FCC on GV

AT&T today issued their promised formal responses to the FCC's inquiry into the rejection of Google Voice on the iPhone. AT&T senior executive VP Jim Cicconi in a statement flatly stated that the carrier had "no role in any decision" of Apple's to deny the software reaching the App Store and specifically denied any contact with Apple regarding the particular app. AT&T also didn't express its opinion on the app in any context, according to the executive.

BlackBerry 9550 to launch at Telus Sept. 15th?

08/21, 5:15pm

BB Storm2 dated for Telus

The sequel to the BlackBerry Storm smartphone, the 9550, is expected to be released at provider Telus on September 15th, according to an unofficial report on the Internet. Telus is also teasing in TV commercials and in movie theater previews with a September 15th date, but does not reveal what is due on that date. Verizon is rumored to get the new BlackBerry handset sometime in October.

Duracell intros myGrid charging system

08/21, 4:50pm

Duracell intros myGrid cha

Battery maker Duracell has recently announced a charging system called myGrid that will charge cellphones and other devices placed on its surface. Similar in concept and execution to the WildCharge energy plate, the device can be ordered as a kit that is compatible with Apple's iPods, the iPod touch and the iPhone, as well as a number of handsets from Nokia, Motorola and RIM's BlackBerry handsets, though each kit requires a charging sleeve.

Southwest Airlines to expand in-flight Wi-Fi

08/21, 4:40pm

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines announced recently that it has concluded testing Wi-Fi Internet access on four of its airplanes and has plans to expand the in-flight service to its entire fleet as early as next year. Passengers involved in the testing have returned positive feedback, and Southwest itself is pleased with the technical performance of the in-flight service and the customer response, according to a Friday report.

Ultra-tough Sonim XP3.20 Quest reaches US

08/21, 4:20pm

Sonim XP3.20 Quest now out

The rugged XP3.20 Quest handset from Sonim has began shipping to the US, with the device's standout feature being its comprehensive warranty: Sonim offers hassle-free replacements if users manage to break it within three years. The unlocked GSM phone will work on AT&T and T-Mobile networks. It sports a 2-megapixel camera, an FM radio tuner and an MP3 player.

Walmart ad shows $299 Xbox 360 Elite

08/21, 4:20pm

Xbox 360 Elite Walmart Ad

Reinforcing rumors of an Xbox 360 Elite price cut, a Walmart flyer has surfaced today that shows the system's price dropping to $299. A copy of the ad sent to Engadget makes no mention of this being a temporary deal and is supported by what appears to be different packaging than the gray box the Elite uses today. It also reflects a recent change to pack-in content through the omission of the HDMI cable, which most assume is part of an attempt to lower the price.

Nokia puts 5530 XM up for pre-orders in US

08/21, 4:10pm

Nokia 5530 XM pre-orders

Nokia is now offering its entry-level XpressMusic handset, the 5530 XM for pre-orders on its website. Introduced in mid-June, the phone retains the Symbian S60 operating system like the original 5800 XM. It has a 2.9-inch, 640x360 resolution touchscreen display and uses Wi-Fi as well as EDGE for connecting to the Internet instead of a faster 3G network connection to keep its price down. There is also no GPS receiver.

Walmart recalls 1.5m Durabrand DVD players

08/21, 3:50pm

Wal-Mart recalls players

Retailer Walmart is recalling about 1.5 million Durabrand DVD players because there is a risk for them to catch on fire. After 12 complaints, five of which resulted in a fire that caused damage to property, but no injuries, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced on Thursday. The device in question was imported from China and sold at Walmart stores between January of 2006 and July of 2009 for $29.

Amazon, MS, Yahoo fight Google e-book plan

08/21, 3:45pm

AZon MS Yhoo Fight Google

Amazon, Microsoft and Yahoo made conscious moves to thwart Google on Friday with word all three are joining the Open Book Alliance. Created independently by the Internet Archive, the group is resisting the outcome of a copyright dispute that has resulted in Google creating a Book Rights Registry that would see it manage many digital books' rights and let it publish digital versions of books with unknown publishing rights. The Alliance claims the registry would give Google too much control over e-books and hurt literature in the future.

DealNN: Skullcandy Chops, LaCie hard drives, more

08/21, 3:20pm

DealNN: Skullcandy Chops

Today's featured deal of the day from DealNN is on the Skullcandy Chops headphones. They were priced at $19.99, but have been reduced by $15 to $4.99, making these the lowest priced Skull Candy headphones we have seen anywhere. The Skullcandy Chops feature an over-the-ear design which helps keep the earbuds in place.

AT&T to demand data plans on all smartphones

08/21, 2:45pm

ATT Needs Data on SPhones

A leaked memo surfacing today and confirmed by AT&T for Electronista has revealed the company will soon require that every smartphone be attached to a data plan. The message obtained by BGR warns that any new or upgrade customer moving to an AT&T-supplied smartphone from September 6th onwards will need to have the $30 smartphone data plan alongside their voice plan, regardless of the manufacturer or the cost of the device. Smartphones bought unlocked outside of AT&T, like the Nokia N97, are exempted from the rule, as are those who already have smartphones on the network and no intention to upgrade.

HTC Click with Android Donut seen on video

08/21, 2:10pm

HTC Click with Donut seen

The rumored HTC Click is coming, and a video of the device has already surfaced, complete with the Android Donut update pre-installed on it. Expected to arrive sometime in September or October, the entry-level Android device is about the same size as the existing HTC Magic. The video footage comes courtesy of Vietnamese technology news site Tinh Te, and reveals its LCD screen is smaller than that of the Magic. A 3.5mm audio jack is also visible in the photos.

AT&T says NYC 850MHz 3G now complete

08/21, 2:05pm

ATT Finishes 850MHz NYC

AT&T late yesterday answered questions by confirming that it had completed its 850MHz 3G upgrade in New York City. Company representative Mark Siegel told PCMag that the area should now have access to the lower frequency for HSPA service and see much better performance as a result. He also acknowledged that San Francisco upgrades were underway but didn't estimate how soon the area would get the extra bandwidth.

MSI notebooks with Athlon Neo due in October?

08/21, 1:25pm

MSI Athlon Neo notebooks

Taiwan-based MSI may launch ultra-thin notebooks with AMD's Yukon platform for Athlon Neo processors as early as October, say industry sources. Digitimes reported on Friday that the PC maker has finished its testing of the notebooks but has not yet decided on a launch date as other PCs equipped with the Yukon platform, possibly including the HP Pavilion dv2, are not selling so well. The AMD processor is meant to compete with Intel's CULV range of CPUs and results in ultraportables that are costlier than netbooks but much less expensive than traditional systems.

Lenovo, Samsung delay Ion-based netbooks

08/21, 1:20pm

Ion-based netbook delays

At least two netbooks based on NVIDIA's Ion graphics technology are being consciously delayed, according to reports. Lenovo is said to be postponing the Ion version of the IdeaPad S12, waiting until the release of Windows 7 in October. The new OS should make an Ion S12 more attractive than one loaded with Vista, the company says.

FCC uncovers Squeezebox Radio

08/21, 12:30pm

Squeezebox Radio at FCC

The FCC today spoiled Logitech's plans for a quiet introduction through a filing for tests on a new device, the Squeezebox Radio. The hardware is portrayed as a self-contained media hub with 2.1-channel speakers that would both stream most any Internet radio station as well as perform the usual Squeezebox functions of sharing content from computers on the local network. Most details are unknown outside of the existence of a moderately-sized 2.4-inch LCD, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

ASUS to out Ion nettop in Sept, Eee Keyboard in Oct

08/21, 11:50am

ASUS nettop, keyboard date

Computer maker ASUS will apparently launch its rumored NVIDIA Ion-based Eee Box and all-in-one Eee Top PC sometime in September, according to a Friday report. Besides making the assertion, the anonymous sources for DigiTimes maintain the often delayed Eee Keyboard will be out in October, while two ultra-thin notebooks in the company's U/UX series will also be out in September.

Microsoft officially starts hiring for retail

08/21, 11:45am

MS Starts Hiring Retail

Microsoft late Thursday acknowledged that it has started hiring for its first true retail chain. The listings support those leaked earlier this month and show the company partly mirroring Apple's retail worker strategy, albeit without special names. Those manning Microsoft's Guru Bars are labeled as "technical advisors" while the equivalents to Apple's Concierges, who greet and direct customers, will be "customer service associates."

MSI makes Wind12 U200 CULV-based notebook official

08/21, 11:00am

MSI Wind12 U200 official

Taiwan-based computer maker MSI has officially announced the 12.1-inch, CULV-based Wind12 U200 ultraportable. Labeled as the first 12.1-inch notebook powered by Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage (CULV) line, it comes with a 1.4GHz Core 2 Solo that gives it much more performance than a netbook but without as much of a jump in price or power use as a full-size system. Accordingly, it weighs less than 3.1lbs with its stock 3-cell battery.

FCC starting cell inquiry with Apple, AT&T focus

08/21, 10:25am

FCC Formal Cell Inquiry

The FCC is due to launch formal investigations into cellular industry practices in the next few days that could put Apple and AT&T in the crosshairs, according to the timetable for the government body (registration required). Its August 27th meeting will start multiple inquiries that include questions of competition and whether the industry is holding back technological advancement. The agency's checks are also likely to include questions over the legality of long-term exclusivity for handsets like Apple's deal with AT&T for the iPhone, which has been criticized for artificially limiting carrier choices and triggering network congestion problems.

Bell mimics iPhone ads for Pre, may ship early

08/21, 8:55am

Bell Pre Ad Mimics Apple

Bell stirred a minor controversy in the past day through a new TV ad campaign for its version of the Palm Pre. The 30-second commercial follows Apple's ads for the iPhone 3G and 3GS very closely and focuses on a plain background with an unseen person navigating through some core features alongside uptempo music. In Bell's interpretation, the ad focuses on Pre advantages like multitasking and distinguishes itself by zooming out to show the supposed phone user from the bulk of the commercial.

AOC ships budget green 24-inch LCD

08/21, 8:15am

AOC 2436Vw

AOC picked Friday to launch the 2436Vw, a 24-inch desktop LCD it's pitching as a frugal eco-friendly display. The 1080p screen consumes no more than 49W of power and meets EPEAT Gold standards but is relatively vibrant for its price range. Although it uses a basic TN panel, it produces a 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio with 300cd/m2 brightness and a 5ms typical pixel response time.

Nokia rolls 5800 Navigation Edition with lifetime GPS

08/21, 7:40am

Nokia 5800 Nav Edition

Nokia today seized on the the 5800 XpressMusic's relative popularity and launched the 5800 Navigation Edition. The new version appears aimed to counter the rise of iPhone turn-by-turn GPS apps by giving owners unlimited subscriptions to Ovi Maps for both car-based and pedestrian navigation. Accessories in the pack are also intended to get the phone ready for driving with a car charger and a mounting kit.

PowerTraveller intros Powermonkey portable charger

08/21, 7:15am


PowerTraveller has re-launched its Powermonkey-Classic portable charger for mobile phones, providing four new colors and better performance. Previously only available in silver, the charger now comes in deep purple, piano-finish black, royal blue, and hot pink colors. The new Powermonkey-Classic carries over all its previous functions, but is slimmer and shorter.


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