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Canon EOS-7D hard specs, prices leak

08/28, 9:50pm

Canon EOS 7D Box and Price

More definitive specs and pricing have surfaced for Canon's EOS-7D DSLR for the upper mid-range. A combination of a seemingly authentic product poster as well as sources for Canon Rumors points to the camera actually being a crop-frame (APS-C) unit rather than the full frame of the 5D Mark II but getting high-end features. It would have an 18-megapixel sensor (versus the 5D's 21) but, with dual processors, would support shooting at up to 8 frames per second.

Review: Snow Leopard vs. Windows 7

08/28, 8:50pm

Snow Leopard Review

Critics have often accused Apple of charging for service packs to Mac OS X where Microsoft has released interim updates for free. While it's true Apple has often tended to release OS releases frequently -- in some cases within a year or less -- these have often been major architectural and interface changes where Microsoft's focus on maintenance. With Snow Leopard, however, Apple itself has signaled that it's content with a more modest upgrade. The question then is whether a less superficially ambitious update is worth paying $29, especially when Microsoft at least initially appears to have a more aggressive (if more expensive) update in Windows 7. In a special cross-site Snow Leopard review, we aim to answer that question both for Mac users alone as well as in the context of Microsoft's new platform.

Bill to allow President to cut private Internet

08/28, 6:20pm

Controversial web bill

A proposed bill has Internet companies and civil liberty groups in a huff, as it would grant the US President the power to cut off private-sector users from the Internet during cyber security emergencies. The 55-page S. 773 bill (pdf), months in the making behind closed doors, is vague in its wording, but does suggest private Internet networks could be taken over by specially licensed individuals in the government.

Nokia World spoilers point to new Xseries, Eseries

08/28, 5:15pm

Nokia World spoilers

Ahead of next week's Nokia World show, German site NokiaPort is claiming to have some news about the future of the world's largest handset-maker's future products. This includes a debut of two new series of devices, including the Cseries and Xseries, both of which the company trademarked earlier this summer. The first Xseries model will apparently be an updated version of the 5530 XpressMusic handset, with the addition of 3G network support. This indicates the XpressMusic line will be replaced by the Xseries-branded devices.

Slim PS3 systems sold-out ahead of official launch

08/28, 4:20pm

Slim PS3 sold out

Sony's loosely-defined launch date of early September for its redesigned PS3 gaming console was not only wrong, but stores are already sold out of the first shipments. Earlier this week, photo evidence showed the console arriving at certain Best Buy locations and now there is word of other electronics retailers also getting limited runs of the game system. Not surprisingly, retailer shelves were picked clean and the PS3s are now sold out at many of the stores who got the shipment.

User gets Squeezebox Touch early

08/28, 4:00pm

SqueezeBox Touch shipped

An unnamed Logitech customer has already received the Squeezebox Touch, ahead of any official release date from Logitech itself. The product clearly isn't ready for prime-time, however, as it is stuck in software update mode. The owner isn't getting any help from Logitech's support line, with technical staff refusing to acknowledge its existence. Photos of the multimedia streaming hub's box reveals the official specs, including its 4.3-inch, 24-bit color LCD utilizing capacitive touchscreen technology.

Comcast wins fight against FCC's subscriber caps

08/28, 2:55pm

Comcast wins against FCC

Comcast has achieved a legal victory in its battle against the FCC's limits on the number of subscribers. The commission's regulations aimed to prevent a cable operator from unfairly blocking smaller competitors trying to reach consumers, although the 30 percent cap has been the focus of of numerous lawsuits and criticism.

Creative begins shipping developer-oritented Zii Egg

08/28, 1:30pm

Creative Zii Egg ships

Creative has begun its first shipments of the Zii Egg, reports say. The device is Creative's first touchscreen media player, equipped with a 3.5-inch, 480x320 multi-touch display. It supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS, and it is also notable for including two VGA cameras, plus HDMI output at resolutions up to 1080p. The current model is actually meant for developers, and uses an open-source operating system.

Medion intros 24-inch all-in-one multimedia PC

08/28, 1:15pm

Medion multimedia AIO PC

MID and netbook maker Medion on Friday revealed its Touch X9613 all-in-one PC, the company's first. Billed as a home entertainment PC, the X9613's 24-inch touchscreen display supports multitouch inputs and sports 1920x1080 resolution. The PC will ship with NVIDIA's GeForce GT240M graphics card with 1GB of dedicated memory. Processing is handled by Intel's 2GHz Core 2 Quad CPU, and there is 4GB of RAM onboard.

Intel raises Q3 guidance as industry recovers

08/28, 12:20pm

Intel raises guidance

Intel has revised its third-quarter revenue expectations, anticipating a resurgence in demand for computer components. The company now forecasts revenues to fall between $8.8 billion and $9.2 billion, up from the previous guidance ranging from $8.1 billion to $8.9 billion. Gross margin targets remain unchanged, although the numbers are expected to reach the upper end of the previously-announced range.

Nikon D700s enroute?

08/28, 11:45am

Nikon D700s Rumor

Nikon may be readying its first full-frame DSLR with video features if a rumor from a camera repair service proves accurate. Southern Photo Technical Service claims that an upgrade simply titled the D700s should come in the same price range as the existing D700. What other features are involved aren't clear, but it's implied this will mirror some of the changes brought in the D300s and add at least HD video with autofocus as well as faster still image autofocusing and continuous shooting. It's less than clear whether a second, SDHC-based card slot or a dedicated live view button will appear, as both are targeted more at high-end hobbyists than the D700's usually professional audience.

Palm Eos, Pre, more in Verizon database?

08/28, 11:25am

Palm Eos, Pre at Verizon?

A series of Verizon inventory screen captures reveals the wireless provider will soon receive a range of smartphones from Palm, RIM, HTC and Samsung. Two Palm devices, called P101 and P121 in Verizon's inventory, are likely to be the Pre and the Eos, suggesting the carrier is already preparing both to be the second CDMA carrier with the Pre and that it will have a second model as well. When the Pre arrives, Verizon will be just the third carrier to offer the handset, after Sprint and Canada's Bell.

US intros new rules on border notebook searches

08/28, 10:25am

New notebook border rules

US lawmakers have introduced new measures regarding searches of notebook computers entering the US, according to a Friday report. The revised rules attempt to address concerns regarding violations of privacy and Constitutional rights. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) maintains such searches are necessary to fight potential terrorism plots, child pornography and copyright infringement. Air travelers with notebooks are often asked to power up their devices to ensure they are what they appear to be, with some incidents going on to more in-depth searches of hard drive content.

Casio, Hitachi, NEC to merge phone business?

08/28, 8:55am

Casio Hitachi NEC Rumor

Three of Japan's major cellphone makers are nearing a joint venture that would create one of the largest companies of its type, sources said on Friday. Contacts for the WSJ believe Casio, Hitachi and Sharp are in talks to create a phone-only firm that would launch by April 2010. The project would be an attempt to consolidate businesses after the combination of economic fallout and a largely saturated Japanese cellphone market, where such a high percentage of residents own cellphones that handset designers are often competing for upgrades rather than new users.

China Unicom strikes official iPhone deal

08/28, 7:50am

China Unicom iPhone Deal

China Unicom on Friday confirmed in its interim results that it had reached an agreement with Apple to carry the iPhone in China. The news supports word of finished talks and will launch the smartphone sometime in the fall. Most terms aren't available, but China Unicom has said the deal extends for three years and that two models will be involved, at least one of which is likely the 16GB iPhone 3GS.


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