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Sony Ericsson teases music news on Sept. 21st

updated 01:05 pm EDT, Tue September 15, 2009

Sony Ericsson event next week

Sony Ericsson has launched a teaser website that promises to introduce a "world first product launch" that will "forever change the way you listen to music." The website invites users to register in order to get an invitation to a live webcast presentation of the new product, which is scheduled for 11:00AM GMT+1 (5AM Eastern) on Monday, September 21st.

While little is known about what device will be unveiled, it is likely to be a cellphone with added music functionality, or perhaps a new music service for handsets. Sony Ericsson did let on that a new film by world-renowned animator Kristofer Str÷m will be part of the presentation and will demonstrate the product's new technology.

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  1. Salty

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    Change the way I listen to music?

    The way I listen to music is over my speakers at home from my MacBook, or on my iPhone. Unless SE is partnering with Apple I highly doubt they're going to change the way that I, or many other people listen to their music. SE has lost most of their market share to smart phones and devices that allow people to do all kinds of cool things with their phones, not just listen to music and take pictures.

    This will change the way a VERY small number of people listen to music on their phone. SE should be focusing on what people want, a proper smart phone platform. If you notice Apple spends some time on it, with updating iTunes and adding new features to the store, but really the music player on the iPhone is pretty plain as far as the features most people use. Sure Genius is cool but lots of people don't even use it. People want a good PLATFORM, not a good revenue stream.

  1. byRyan

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    Ummm, ok, I have never heard of "world-renowned animator Kristofer Str├Âm"

    I mean normally, I am not one to dis on somebody else's art, being an artist myself - I know everyone has their own style, but looking at the animation on their website, it just looks ugly... no wait FUGLY! my 9 year old can animate better then that!

  1. c4rlob

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    Anything short of wireless stereo headphones; voice control; voice feedback; and sharing/social-networking integration, will be a horrible disappointment. If you're Sony and come out with a promise/teaser such as this you better deliver if you don't want everyone completely ignoring you for the next decade.

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