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Apple starts second major green push, attacks rivals

09/24, 11:15pm

Apple overhauls green info

Apple tonight put new life into its eco-friendly image with a major overhaul of its environment data. The new site puts an emphasis on the company's complete ecological impact and includes details of how each iPhone, iPod and Mac impacts the environment from its assembly through to its recycling or disposal, including detailed breakdowns of the toxicity of the materials used and the energy used in a sleep state when it applies. A broader scope also shows the company's total carbon emission footprint beyond its product, including its offices and retail stores.

Ballmer: MS screwed up Windows Mobile

09/24, 11:00pm

WM7 team replaced with new talent

Microsoft executive Steve Ballmer recently acknowledged the company's problems getting Windows Mobile 7 onto the market in a reasonable time frame. Ballmer reportedly admitted to a crowd attending a Venture Capital Summit that Microsoft "screwed up with Windows Mobile," according to WMPoweruser.

Google Books settlement delayed as sides renegotiate

09/24, 9:45pm

Proceedings delayed indefinitely

The proposed settlement between Google and various publishing groups has been delayed while both sides attempt to renegotiate new terms, according to the New York Times. The settlement hearing was originally scheduled for October 7th, but US District Court Judge Denny Chin delayed the proceedings indefinitely.

PSP gets price cut in Japan

09/24, 7:45pm

Price down to $185 USD from $215 USD

Sony has reduced the price of its PlayStation Portable devices in Japan. The basic PSP now sells for 16,800 (~$185 USD), which is approximately $30 below its previous price of 19,800 (~$215 USD). The discount applies to the full range of colors which now includes black, silver, white, blue, red, yellow and green.

Verizon backing away from Palm Pre?

09/24, 6:25pm

Verizon may not carry Palm Pre

Although claiming to be on the rise, Palm may have been dealt a serious blow through a rejection by Verizon, a rumor hinted this afternoon. Supposedly in touch with those near discussions, TheStreet claims Verizon has dropped the Pre from its future plans. Why this would be hasn't been explained.

Motorola's Cliq to ship with many preloaded apps

09/24, 6:00pm

Motorola Cliq to ship with preloaded apps

The upcoming Android-powered Motorola Cliq handset will ship with many applications preloaded onto it, as per a specs page for the device on Motorola's website. Among the apps are a Digg application, Telenav Navigator for turn-by-turn navigation info, and Mint, a finance management program.

Razer outs higher-resolution DeathAdder optical mouse

09/24, 5:40pm

Razer outs improved DeathAdder optical mouse

Gaming peripherals maker Razer has recently unveiled an updated version of its DeathAdder mouse with a higher resolution optical sensor, now capable of 3500dpi instead of 1800dpi. The updated DeathAdder has five customizable buttons and its sensitivity can be adjusted in real time. The Death Adder is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Verizon's 4G rollout to occur "all-at-once"

09/24, 5:40pm

Verizon plans simultaneous 4G launch

The planned launch of 4G data on Verizon's network in 2010 will see the company switch on service in as many areas at possible at the same time, the carrier's chief technical officer Tony Melone said today. He promised IW that the company wouldn't mimic the usual carrier "tease" of introducing faster service one area at a time and instead would launch it "all-at-once." The move would lead to several or more of the 25-30 expected 4G markets being ready on launch day.

NTT DoCoMo intros two prototype phones made of waste wood

09/24, 5:25pm

NTT DoCoMo shows prototypes made of wood

Japanese wireless provider NTT DoCoMo on Thursday announced it has created two prototype handsets constructed of excess wood from trees felled during thinning operations designed to ensure a healthy forest. The devices were built through collaboration between Sharp, Olympus and More Trees, a reforestation project in Japan. Either prototype handset sports cypress wood and goes by the Touch Wood name. Despite the wood construction, the bodies are resistant to water, insects and mildew thanks to 3D compression molding technology developed by Olympus.

RIM ships record 8.3m BlackBerries in summer

09/24, 5:00pm

RIM posts high summer 2009 results

Research in Motion this afternoon claimed breakthrough results for its summer fiscal quarter. The company said it shipped about 8.3 million BlackBerries between June and August, beating its previous record of 7.8 million. Just under half, or 3.8 million, involved new BlackBerry accounts and therefore likely to be new BlackBerry users. About 32 million BlackBerry accounts are active.

NVIDIA working with Google on Chrome OS Tegra netbooks

09/24, 4:30pm

Tegra-based netbook with Google Chrome OS coming

An NVIDIA executive on Thursday confirmed the company is working with Google to introduce a netbook containing Chrome OS and NVIDIA's Tegra mobile device platform. This is in addition to systems based on Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Google Android, all of which have been appearing. Quoted in a Wednesday JkOnTheRun report, NVIDIA GM of Mobile Business Mike Rayfield said his company is working closely with Google in developing such a product.

Genius intros wooden speakers with aux-in

09/24, 4:25pm

Genius adds 14W RMS desktop speakers

Genius on Thursday announced the release of its SP-HF500A two-way high-fidelity wood-enclosed desktop speaker set. The 3-inch drivers get 14W of RMS power and include a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack on the front panel for hooking up phones, MP3 players and other source devices. A headphone output allows for private listening.

Microsoft: Google Chrome Frame makes IE vulnerable

09/24, 4:05pm

Chrome Frame doubles security risk in IE: MS

The recently introduced Chrome Frame plug-in from Google that runs in Internet Explorer 8 has drawn criticism from Microsoft on Thursday. A spokesperson responding to a ZDNet query claimed that Chrome Frame is a security risk as it doubles "the attach area for malware and malicious scripts" by introducing a second web engine. Google's code is also alleged to be less secure than that for IE8 and thus more prone to attack in its own right.

Bookeen ships 5-inch Cybook Opus e-book reader

09/24, 3:40pm

Bookeen keeps prices low of Cybook Opus e-reader

Bookeen has delivered its promised e-book reader, the 5-inch Cybook Opus. It is meant as a simpler and more affordable alternative to the likes of the latest Amazon Kindle and Sony Readers. It lacks a touchscreen and at just a third of a pound is much lighter than either. Internal storage capacity is 1GB, which can hold as much as 1,000 books. A microSD memory card slot lets users expand the memory capacity.

Intel set-top chip decodes dual 1080p, handles 3D

09/24, 3:25pm

Intel CE4100 media processor

Intel at its third-day IDF keynote unveiled a new media system-on-a-chip (SoC) that should bring advanced media features to networked media hubs and TVs. The CE4100 is Intel's first all-in-one processor based on its Atom architecture and is made on a much smaller, more efficient 45 nanometer process than the Pentium M- and 65nm-based CE3100. These and a new hardware decoder give it enough power to render two simultaneous 1080p video streams, even in the more demanding H.264 format, and to render 3D graphics for the menu system or games.

Redesigned iMacs due as soon as next week?

09/24, 2:50pm

New iMacs said imminent

Apple could be on the verge of launching its increasingly rumored redesigned iMacs as early as next week, a new rumor suggests today. A pair of sources for AppleInsider say the company has already been assembling the new all-in-ones for the past two weeks and that large-scale buyers have been given discounts in an effort to clear excess stock. These would only last one week.

HP Mini 311 goes on sale, brings sub-$400 Ion

09/24, 1:45pm

HP selling Mini 311 Ion netbook

HP today began taking orders for the Mini 311 a week after its unveiling. The netbook is HP's first to use NVIDIA's Ion chipset and uses it to smoothly drive the system's 11.6-inch, 1366x768 screen and to decode up to 1080p without straining the Atom processor inside.

Archos officially prices, dates 9-inch Windows 7 tablet

09/24, 1:10pm

Archos 9 with Windows 7 due October 22nd

Archos has recently officially announced a US ship date and price for its Archos 9 tablet PC. First introduced in July, the Windows 7 Starter Edition-powered tablet will be available on October 22nd for $499, in either black or white exterior colors. Official specs of the device include a 1.1GHz Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM and its namesake 9-inch, 1024x900 resolution resistive touchscreen.

i-mate continues to survive, says CEO

09/24, 12:50pm

Denies permanent closure rumors

i-mate has not disappeared, claims the smartphone maker's CEO, Jim Morrison. The company recently shut down its Dubai offices, also disappearing from phone contact. Prior to the closure, workers had been forced to take unpaid leaves; Morrison elaborates by saying that 30 out of 40 workers have been laid off.

Time Warner launches own 50Mbps cable Internet

09/24, 12:35pm

Time Warner opts for DOCSIS 3.0

Time Warner today became one of the last major US cable providers to offer some form of DOCSIS 3.0-based Internet service. The initial deployment gives customers 50Mbps downloads and 5Mbps uploads for the same $100 monthly rate as similar offerings from Comcast and others. Early service is so far only available in parts of New York City, including Manhattan below 79th Street, parts of Queens, and Staten Island.

PS3 motion controller gets finished design, more

09/24, 11:45am

PS3 motion control on track for spring

Sony at the Tokyo Game Show solidified its plans for its PS3 motion controller. Although still unnamed, the wand-like controller now has common PlayStation buttons and a trigger. It further shares the force feedback technology from DualShock 3 controllers and and will run on a lithium-ion battery instead of disposables.

Samsung Instinct HD arrives for Sprint

09/24, 11:00am

Samsung Instinct HD at Sprint

Sprint today provided a significant hardware upgrade to its Samsung Instinct line for the first time since launch by releasing the Instinct HD. It earns its title through enough processing power and a video output that lets it show photos and videos at HD resolution on a TV; Sprint doesn't say whether it uses HDMI and whether it supports 720p or 1080p. A 5-megapixel camera and a much improved Opera Mobile 9.7 web browser are similarly new.

Vodafone launches LiMo phones, 360 platform

09/24, 10:40am

Vodafone intros 360 platform, new handsets

UK provider Vodafone on Thursday announced it has launched Vodafone 360, a series of Internet services for cell phones and computers that brings together all contacts, favorite multimedia and photo files as well as social networks. This will allow messages or chats sent through IM programs or social networks such as Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk, to be synced between computer and phone, via both wired and wireless methods.

Sony outs multi-device Bluetooth stereo receiver

09/24, 10:15am

PSP Bluetooth stereo headset unveiled

In preparation for the launch of the PSP Go, Sony this morning launched several accessories headlined by a receiver that works beyond the company's own handheld. The Bluetooth Stereo Headset Receiver will turn any 3.5mm headphones or headset into a wireless set. While designed with the PSP Go in mind, it can pair with as many as eight devices and fits standard Bluetooth profiles: it can be used for basic calling on a cellphone but will also relay stereo audio over A2DP for devices like the iPhone or iPod touch and has a set of playback controls for those devices that support AVRCP.

Palm Pre to ship to O2 in UK, Europe mid-October

09/24, 9:25am

Palm Pre O2 ships Oct 13 and 16

O2 today finally committed to specific dates for launching the Palm Pre in Europe. The multi-touch smartphone should ship in the UK and Ireland on October 16th and Germany on October 13th. While prices vary by area, UK pricing notably matches the iPhone's and will give the phone away for free on any voice/data plan, which starts from 34 a month. Those who prefer shorter 18-month contracts can get the phone for free with a 44 or 73 monthly rate.

Wacom's multi-touch tablets now official

09/24, 8:25am

Wacom Bamboo Touch, more launch

Wacom on Thursday morning put out multiple tablets that signal a gradual break away from the company's pen-only approach. The Bamboo Touch, Bamboo Pen & Touch, Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Craft all have a multi-touch surface used for navigation, ranging from basic moves like a basic tap select or mouse-like input to two-finger pinching for zoom and twisting to rotate images. Users don't have to toggle modes when a stylus comes into play, Wacom adds.

250GB Final Fantasy PS3 shows, 1m slim PS3s sold in 3 weeks

09/24, 7:50am

PS3 Final Fantasy XIII and 1m slim PS3s sold

Sony kicked off the Tokyo Game Show with a special model of the PS3 for Japan as well as word of runaway sales for the slimmer model worldwide. The company's home country is receiving a special Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Edition of the console that both gives it a 250GB hard drive, making it the first to get the extra storage, and adds a special white design with pink artwork of the game's central character Lightning on the top. The model doesn't include a copy of the game but should ship for the equivalent of $455 on December 17th.


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