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Best Buy gets exclusive sales deal for Nokia Booklet 3G

09/30, 10:35pm

Netbook will also ship directly from Nokia

Best Buy has announced that it will be the exclusive retail distributor of Nokia's upcoming Booklet 3G. Both companies have yet to disclose pricing or an official launch date. Along with Best Buy, customers alternatively will be able to pick up the device directly from Nokia.

mSpot offers full-length movies for iPhone, more

09/30, 8:45pm

Customers rent movies for $5 each

mSpot has launched its latest mobile service, enabling users to rent full-length movies directly from their iPhone or other handset. Content is streamed directly to the device, eliminating the need to wait for downloads or sync to a computer. The company currently has agreements with Paramount Studios and Universal Studios, although more partners will be added later in the year.

Fujifilm Real 3D W1 arrives in US

09/30, 7:45pm

Point-and-shoot captures 3D video and stills

Fujifilm has finally released its Real 3D W1 point-and-shoot camera in the North American market, following initial availability limited to Japan. The camera integrates two pairs of sensors and lenses, enabling stereoscopic still captures and video recording. Users can also take still pictures at 10-megapixel resolution, while 3X optical zoom is available for both 2D and 3D images.

Nikon D3s likely to launch October 15

09/30, 6:15pm

Nikon D3s due Oct 15, to bring HD video

Nikon should upgrade its full pro DSLR with the D3s in less than a month based on clues left by itself and outsiders. A French copy of the company's itinerary (PDF) for the Paris Expo on October 15th refers to the launch of a "nouveau reflex Expert produit Nikon," or a new pro DSLR product. The date coincides with reports of a D3s appearing at the same date and is unlikely to be a recap of the semi-pro D300s and amateur D3000.

Rumored RAZR sequel reemerges as V13

09/30, 5:55pm

Ruby project was thought to be dropped

The rumored RAZR sequel, initially referred to as Ruby, has reemerged with the name Motorola V13. Reports late last year suggested the company decided to drop the entire project. However the device was recently approved by the Bluetooth SIG, likely indicating Motorola has continued to push forward with the Ruby.

NVIDIA previews next-gen "Fermi" GPU design

09/30, 5:35pm


NVIDIA this evening provided an early look at the next generation of its graphics processors. Nicknamed Fermi, the architecture for future GeForce, Quadro and Tesla chipsets will jump from 240 cores to a much larger 512 and should be much faster in each core courtesy of some industry-first techniques. Fermi chips will be the first GPUs to have a real cache hierarchy, with Level 1 caches to keep specific information on hand and a single, shared Level 2 cache for larger tasks; they will also have a new GigaThread engine that can transfer data in both directions at once and handle "thousands" of tasks at once.

Sprint to match Verizon's $200 HTC Touch Pro2 price [U]

09/30, 4:50pm

Sprint drops HTC Touch Pro2 price by $150

(Update with clarification of plans) Sprint is expected to drop the price of its HTC Touch Pro2 handset tomorrow to $200, according to a PPCGeeks member's talk with a Sprint representative. The $150 drop would match the $200 price the handset is being offered for at Verizon. The price is also after a mail-in rebate and after a two-year contract. The news comes from a PPCGeeks forum board user, who claims the news comes from a Sprint representative.

Monster adds details to Heartbeats for US

09/30, 4:50pm

Monster Heartbeats get US launch info

Monster Cable late this afternoon provided greater details of its Lady Gaga-influenced Heartbeats in-ear headphones. The fashion-oriented audio will come in three models for the US and will sell only through Best Buy. They start with a model that goes without an in-line mic/remote combo. It should ship in black, all-chrome and rose/silver colors and will officially sell for $120 on October 18th, though Best Buy already lists them for $100.

Greenpeace lauds Apple, HP in new electronics rankings

09/30, 4:40pm

Dell, LG, Lenovo suffer criticisms

Activist group Greenpeace has released a new edition of its Guide to Greener Electronics, which ranks major high-tech corporations in terms of their alleged environmental friendliness. Among the companies favored by Greenpeace's press efforts is Apple, which the group notes recently disclosed its carbon emissions. Apple has risen in rankings from 11th to 9th, aided not by the disclosure but by being the "most progressive" computer maker in terms of removing product toxins.

Sierra intros five new AirCard 3G data modems

09/30, 4:35pm

Sierra adds five AirCard 3G data modems

Sierra Wireless has added five new AirCard 3G data modems to its lineup, including the AirCard 503, AirCard USB 308/309 and AirCard USB 301/302. The 503, 309 and 308 all support high-speed HSPA+ networks, allowing for peak download speeds of 21Mbps. The 503 has a two-in-one design that fits both PC card and ExpressCard slots. The AirCard 503 supports quad-band regular HSPA (850/900/1900/2100MHz) bands.

Base Mac mini shipping dates slip

09/30, 4:30pm

Mac mini now at 1-3 days at Apple

Rumors of an immiment Apple desktop refresh were bolstered today by the addition of a delay to shipping times for the base Mac mini. Apple's online stores in the US and in Canada now show the entry $599 model shipping in one to three business days instead of its usual 24 hours. The high-end model has the same shipping time, however.

HTC Leo shows up in O2 catalog as HD2

09/30, 4:25pm

HTC Leo spotted in O2 catalog, has WM 6.5

The HTC Leo has shown up in UK wireless provider's upcoming catalogue, revealing it will be officially called HD2, at least in Europe. The phone is the first Windows Mobile device to use a capacitive touchscreen and multi-touch input, and is due for a release at O2 sometime in mid or late October. The catalog photo shows a standard Windows Mobile 6.5 interface as opposed to the expected TouchFLO 3D from HTC, though it's unclear if this is just O2's particular choice of image or an indication that its HD2 will go without TouchFLO.

Pioneer intros industry's first 12x Blu-ray disc writer

09/30, 4:15pm

Pioneer intros fastest 12x Blu-ray burner

Pioneer on Wednesday announced the release of the industry's first 12x Blu-ray disc recorder, the BDR-205. The internal optical drive is capable of recording to blank single- and dual-layer Blu-ray media at the top speed, eclipsing the 8X ceiling of previous drives. The BDR-205 also has the ability to record data onto blank DVDs and CDs, at up to 16x and 40x speeds, respectively.

Intel Classmate PC facing mass cancellations?

09/30, 4:05pm

Orders for Intel Classmate PC cancelled

Orders for Intel's Classmate PC have been canceled and shipments suspended from governments and OEM partners in many emerging markets, Taiwan-based component makers said. According to a Wednesday DigiTimes report, this is due to the economic downturn and the buyers in question reassigning their budgets to fight its impact. As well, the necessary network infrastructure rollout needed to provide content for the educational PC in developing countries has slowed for the same reason.

iPhone usurps Symbian as most popular phone OS online

09/30, 3:35pm

AdMob August 2009 gives iPhone the lead

Apple's iPhone OS has successfully overtaken Symbian for the lead in all mobile web traffic, according to the latest data from AdMob. The combined iPhone and iPod touch share has jumped from 33 percent in February to 40 percent in August. Symbian, meanwhile, has almost exactly traded positions with Apple and fell from 43 percent near the start of the year to 34 percent in August.

New Chumby drops padding, adds radio

09/30, 3:00pm

Chumby one gets FM radio, faster CPU, more

Chumby will add a new gadget to its range, with the Chumby one, which will be a clock radio. The all-purpose device adds both a regular FM radio tuner, and will bring in Pandora Internet radio as well as access to other Internet radio stations. As with the original Chumby device, userscan install widgets that include Google Calendar, weather, Facebook and nearly 1,500 others.

AT&T picks up TerreStar Genus satellite phone

09/30, 2:05pm

AT&T Genus phone has cellular, satellite support

AT&T on Wednesday announced it has partnered with TerreStar Networks to offer the Genus, a rare dual-mode cellular and satellite smartphone. The Windows Mobile-based, keyboard-equipped handset uses AT&T's 3G and GSM/EDGE phone networks most of the time but can tap into the satellite for a connection in remote areas where no cellular coverage is available, such as offshore or in the wilderness. Its 2.6-inch display is touch-capable, while Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi are all built-in.

Jabra intros dual-mic Cruiser speakerphone

09/30, 1:35pm

Jabra outs dual-mic Bluetooth speakerphone

Jabra has announced the release of a new Bluetooth 2.1 speakerphone for use in cars, with its Cruiser. The new speakerphone is one of the first to use dual microphones to eliminate background noise and cancel out echos. The device is also capable of reading out contact names as they call in, or phone numbers if they aren't saved in the address book. This voice guides users through the pairing process, announces battery and connection status, and helps during the initial pairing and any subsequent links.

iPhone, Android, Pre trump others in satisfaction

09/30, 1:00pm

iPhone leads CFI phone happiness study

Modern touchscreen phones like the iPhone, Android devices and the Palm Pre are proving to be much more enjoyable to use than conventional smartphones -- at times in spite of their networks, according to a CFI study. About 83 percent of US iPhone owners are satisfied with their phones while the other two touch-first platforms, Google's Android and Palm's webOS, are close with 77 percent each. In comparison, 73 percent of BlackBerry owners can say the same while those using Palm Treos of different varieties claimed 70 percent satisfaction.

Palm cutting staff, overstocking the Pre?

09/30, 11:55am

Palm may be cutting jobs

Palm is engaging in a fresh round of job cuts due to disappointing sales of the Pre, according to a pair of assertions made today. One tip has the smartphone creator laying off some staff within the US. Numbers and the particular divisions affected aren't mentioned by CoolSmartphone; the move is only known to be prompted by "restructuring."

Ballmer claims gains in Windows marketshare

09/30, 10:55am

Also dismisses Safari, Chrome

Windows is regaining some of its marketshare, claims Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. "We're gaining share. Apple is expensive," Ballmer says in a new interview. "And in tough economic environment, people get it. Their [Apple's] model is, by definition, expensive. And we've actually held or maybe even gained just a tiny bit of share relative to the Mac in the last 12 months. And it's not really Snow Leopard. It's really Windows PCs versus Mac."

SanDisk adds memory cards for PSP Go, DSi

09/30, 10:45am

SanDisk boosts gaming system storage capacities

SanDisk on Wednesday announced it has released memory cards meant specifically for portable gaming systems such as Sony's PSP Go and PSP as well as the Nintendo DSi. All significantly boost the storage capacity of said systems, with the PSP Go's capacity doubled by the new 16GB Memory Stick Micro M2 card. There is a 32GB Memory Stick PRO Duo and a Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo of the same capacity for the PSP from Sony, while the DSi gets an 8GB SDHC card.

iHome ships dual-iPhone clock radio

09/30, 10:25am

iHome unveils iP88 two-dock iPhone radio

Catering to couples or multi-device owners, iHome this morning said it has started shipping the iP88. The clock radio is the company's first to have two Dock Connectors and can take audio from two iPhones or iPods (one at a time) in addition to charging both. It also more fully exploits the Apple hardware and can wake to a playlist on one of the devices orsync time with an iPhone's clock.

BlackBerry Atlas to be an upgrade to the Curve 8900?

09/30, 10:00am

BlackBerry Atlas has EDGE, GSM support, Wi-Fi

A new BlackBerry handset has shown up in photos on the web recently, thanks to Salomondrin. The screen indicates the model is called an Atlas, but it bears a striking resemblance to the current BlackBerry Curve 8900, including its keyboard, but the back of this new handset has Bold stamped on its backside. The latest from RIM otherwise appears to have the same optical trackpad as the Curve 8520 and the upcoming Bold 9700.

LG intros compact Pop touch phone with solar power

09/30, 9:45am

LG launches GD510 as the Pop

LG chose Wednesday to launch a new starter touchscreen phone as a spiritual successor to the Cookie. The GD510, also known as the Pop, is more upscale but also much more compact with an aluminum shell that's only just slightly wider than the 3-inch 240x400 touchscreen. It still uses the S-Class interface but has just a single button on the front that changes role depending on the context: it can bring up a menu but will also cancel a task or end a call.

Apple talking to print for tablet books?

09/30, 9:05am

Apple rumored putting text on iTunes

A second and potentially more significant rumor today claims that Apple has been courting publications with the aim of putting text on iTunes for the sake of its upcoming tablet. The iPhone creator has reportedly talked to the New York Times, an unnamed magazine publisher (possibly Conde Nast or similar) and textbook publishers McGraw Hill and Oberlin Press to bring their content formatted for the iTunes Store.

Apple not directly behind Light Peak?

09/30, 8:10am

Apple less involved in Intel Light Peak

A counter-rumor today claims that stories of Apple creating Light Peak for Intel are false. The unnamed sources for CNET believe that Intel had already been developing the technology and that the semiconductor firm had simply asked Apple for feedback as part of its usual requests for outside input. Apple's specific influence isn't explained, but its tendency to ask for features "nobody else does" helped drive the technology, according to the tips.

DoubleSight reveals new line of Smart USB Monitors

09/30, 7:15am

Smart USB Monitor

DoubleSight Displays has revealed a new line of display screens, the Smart USB Monitor. Available in either 7-inch, 9-inch, or 9-inch webcam versions, each LCD monitor is designed to work with any desktop or notebook with a USB port and up to as many as six of the displays on one computer. Like most USB displays, it requires no video chipset and works both in landscape and portrait modes. Most apps will work properly, including some Internet and offline videos.


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