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Ads hint at lighter MacBook, thinner iMac

updated 04:55 pm EDT, Sat October 3, 2009

Dutch ads hint new iMac, MacBook, Mac mini

A trio of new Google AdSense ads that surfaced this weekend have alluded to new iMacs and Mac minis as well as a similarly redesigned MacBook. Searches on the Dutch version of Google with the right keywords have shown AppleInsider text ads for a "brand new," "ultra thin" iMac in 20- and 24-inch models and a "thinner, lighter and stronger" MacBook. A Mac mini ad touts the system as "faster and more affordable than ever" but sells it for 499 Euros where the lowest official Netherlands price is 599 Euros.

In all cases, the ads steer users directly to the country's online Apple store, though without any new products. None of the slogans are known to have been used before, particularly for the MacBook as its design has remained virtually unchanged since May 2006.

The mentions hint that Apple is nearing comprehensive updates to all its consumer-level systems that should include significant cosmetic redesigns for the iMac and MacBook. The former is unofficially expected to resemble the LED Cinema Display and add one or two new features that haven't been seen in at least current iMacs, while the MacBook may use the sealed-in battery borrowed from the 13-inch MacBook Pro and slim down significantly as a result. Mac mini updates are presumed to be primarily internal and center on mild speed updates as well as price cuts.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    How much can they crank the MacMini?

    The faster the chip, the higher the heat. I somehow thought that that was one major factor that kept Apple from putting in higher-speed chips in the MacMini. I'd like to see a 2.4 GHz MacMini, but it's going to cost about $800 or so. I know Apple is going to offer a low cost entry MacMini, but the faster models are likely to still be somewhat expensive. I'm not complaining, just making an observation. Be sort of neat if they slipped a mobile quad-core into a MacMini, but that is so far fetched. It's just that they could keep the power low and it shouldn't have a problem getting rid of heat. I think the MacMini is a fine machine, but Apple can only take it so far. It's just begging for HDMI output and a tuner. The ultimate AppleTV.

  1. testudo

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    Yes, that has always been the complaint I've heard about the iMac. Too thick! It's also too easy to get into and change the hard drive.

    So it looks like Apple will have a sure winner here!

    And doesn't all this mean is that somebody out there who uses Google for ads think Apple's coming out with something new? As we know, it isn't like Apple's resellers know anything up front (for if they did, we'd know more about it than vague rumors).

  1. grognard

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    MBA LC

    It's clear that the Macbook(white) is done It has served well, but it's time for a refresh.

    I want to replace mine with a Mac book Air- at half the cost of a current MBA.
    Specs? Same as the current MBA with the addition of a Secure digital slot.

    Price? $599-$799 - options determine price based on size of the standard SSD drive-. 64 or 128, and memory options 2-4 megs- both Build to order.
    At this price, Apple will be able to ensure that this won't be 'junk' as Steve Jobs once said, referring to most netbooks You get what you pay for.....

    The I tablet everyone has been speculating about is a new device, more a evolution of the Iphone, Ipod touch rather than a the laptop

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