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Windows 7 may result in more Mac sales

updated 09:00 am EDT, Tue October 13, 2009

Analyst notes Mac uptick with Windows releases

Microsoft's launch next week of Windows 7 could paradoxically help Apple's Mac sales, analyst data shows today. Broadpoint AmTech researcher Brian Marshall notes that, historically, every major Windows release in the past 10 years has coincided with a significant spike in Mac purchases either during the same calendar quarter or within a few quarters afterwards. The effect was particularly pronounced for Vista, as Mac sales surged in fall 2007 and have been very high ever since.

Marshall doesn't necessarily see the Windows releases themselves steering customers to the Mac, although Vista's release has been credited both by Apple and by observers as helping the Mac through its early compatibility and performance problems. A small but significant portion of Windows XP users are known to have opted for the Mac rather than make the upgrade to the then-current Microsoft OS.

Windows 7 is already considered one of Microsoft's stronger releases thanks to extensive pre-release testing and may avoid triggering a second Vista effect, but the analyst predicts that the historical patterns could contribute to a predicted doubling of Apple's worldwide market share to eight percent by 2013.

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  1. luckyday

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    It's funny that they post that chart to coincide with the article, but aside from the launch of Windows 2000, the chart seems to show no correlation whatsoever. Great reporting.

  1. slider

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    The number one reason I use to hear about people sticking with windows was that, "I'm just use to it". That really changed with Vista, and to a lesser extent XP. Windows 7 has gotten a lot of praise, but for the mass majority out there it still means a new OS (as minor as it may or may not be) that has to be learn. It's not longer, "I'm just use to it". It actually gives people some people to look at Apple's offering - people that are probably already using an iPod or iPhone.

    And slightly off topic: The other comment I hear about sticking with Windows is, "I just want a computer that runs all the software I want to run". It's still used. Certainly there is a lot of PC only software out there, but there are a lot of Mac only software titles out there too. Probably the number one Application that if brought to the Mac (which would also prompt similar or add-on software makers to write for the platform too) is AutoCAD. I wonder what the magic market share number is that would justify AutoDesk to write a native Mac version. They are writing more and more Mac Apps.

  1. ff11

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    Junk science

    at it's finest

  1. testudo

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    We can now derive correlations from two events happening! Who needs proof of causality?

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