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Dane-Elec intros new line of USB 3.0 external hard drives

updated 11:45 pm EDT, Sun October 18, 2009

USB 3.0 drives support 250MBps transfer speeds

Dane-Elec has announced a series of external hard drives, the So SuperSpeed HDDs and SSDs, that will support the upcoming USB 3.0 standard. The drives will provide data transfer speeds of up to 250MBps, which is roughly ten times the rate available in current USB 2.0 devices. The So SuperSpeed drives consist of USB 3.0 HDDs which range in capacity of 500GB to 2TB and come in 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch formats, along with 80GB and 160GB SSDs that have been re-branded as Intel M-25 drives.

The new external hard drives are designed to handle large amounts of data in small office settings, offering optimum speed for transferring and storing photos, music and videos.

As most users currently lack a laptop or PC with integrated USB 3.0 components, the company will also offer USB 3.0 adapters for PCIe or ExpressCard slots. The adapters are designed to bring the faster speed capabilities to older machines.

The So SuperSpeed drives are scheduled for release on December 11th, coinciding with the launch of USB 3.0-compatible laptops and PCs. Prices are said to start at $180 for the 500GB HDDs, while the SSDs are priced at $400 for the 80GB capacity and $800 for the 160GB variant.

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  1. chas_m



    Holy F'ing c***

    Wow, only four years overdue, long since superseded by eSATA and there's not a computer on the market that has USB3 plugs on board! I'm sure that will be a hot seller ...

    PS. Anyone who's buying that "ten times faster than USB2" c*** deserves exactly what they get. Real-world tests have shown that -- once again -- USB's claims are wildly exaggerated. To be sure, USB3 will be quite a bit faster ... but more like 3x at best, not 10x as claimed. At least for now -- today's hard drives can only pump out 150MB/sec maximum no matter WHAT interface is attached to them.

    I don't hate USB3, far from it ... I just hate how they hopelessly and continually LIE when they make their claims. Even the manufacturer will tell you that the theoretical 4.8Gb/sec transfer rate drops to 3.2Gb/sec -- more than 25% loss -- when overhead/protocols are involved (which they have to be thanks to USBs poor spec writing).

    Will USB3 change our world? Maybe, assuming eSATA and Firewire both cease further development or are voluntarily abandoned by the marketplace. Maybe, if nobody comes up with something better/faster/cheaper. Maybe, if it ever actually appears in the market and is embraced by what are bound to be some pretty disappointed early adopters.

    That's a lot of maybes ...

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Nov 2008


    Well this standard certainly leaves

    most Macs out of the loop. Apple's getting rid of all it's Express Card MacBook Pros and only the Mac Pro has slots. All the other Macs have fixed USB 2.0 and Firewire 800. I'm not complaining, I'm only saying. I don't have any need for ultra-fast drive access. Firewire 800 is fast enough for me. I'm a bit annoyed that Apple ignored eSATA on its computers.

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