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Windows 7 launches to small lines

updated 11:10 am EDT, Thu October 22, 2009

Windows 7 sees small queues in Japan

Microsoft today saw a relatively muted reaction to the debut of Windows 7 with limited lineups. No reports have surfaced of significant lineups in Western countries, but in Japan the company saw relatively limited queues at Yodobashi Camera and other major retail locations. The lineups were partly spurred by contests; those who bought early were given shirts as well as entries to win travel tickets, Disneyland passes and gift cards.

Unlike previous launches, however, the low turnout is partly deliberate as Microsoft has made Windows 7 more widely accessible in advance of its release; it made free public betas available as early as February and has encouraged early access for the most eager users through free Windows 7 Ultimate copies in house party packs. The company has acknowledged that it still expects the vast majority of upgrades to come from purchases of new PCs rather than separate upgrades.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has said he only expects a slight improvement in PC sales due to Windows 7, as most will only upgrade as part of their usual replacement cycles instead of buying early or holding off until today's OS update. [Japan info via Impress]

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  1. iphonerulez

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    It's already been available on-line hasn't it?

    I thought people had been downloading that Win7 RC version that was upgradeable to the real deal. I'm sure all the diehard Windows 7 fans would have grabbed that instead of waiting.

    I do agree that most Windows 7 will be via OEM. It's time for people to start upgrading their hardware and will save themselves the trouble of a Windows 7 install. Windows computers are dirt cheap so it really does make sense to get a nice, fresh package. Can't go wrong there.

  1. Fast iBook

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Msft needs to lure people to line up with prizes and gift offerings, whereas apple simply has to be selling a new product for sale at a non-discount price... Interesting & revealing situation for all those monkey fanboys...

    - A

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  1. testudo

    Forum Regular

    Joined: Aug 2001


    Re: So...

    Or maybe that says something about all those Apple fanboys. They have more sense than waste hours of their lives standing in line for something they could buy on-line and have shipped right to their doors.

  1. eldarkus

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2004



    then what would explain all of the camping out people did for the XP?

  1. climacs

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2001


    STFU testudo

    srsly. Who the h*** beat the c*** out of you as a kid, such that you have to come on here and attention w****? If someone says black, you say white. If someone says white, you say black.


  1. nat

    Junior Member

    Joined: Mar 2002


    oh testudo

    still beating your head against that wall the will not yield. tsk tsk.
    years go by and you have yet to change the world. perhaps you should set your sites a bit lower. go to a ms fanboys site and bask with them in the glory of all things ms.

  1. climacs

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2001


    Dear Steve Ballmer

    All those people you pissed off with Vista, who switched to Apple?

    They ain't coming back. I don't care how good Win7 is.

    There are even more people who haven't switched but they aren't giving up XP until you pry it from their cold, dead hard drive because they don't trust Microsoft for shiite after you charged them all that money to help beta-test your OS.



  1. luckyday

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Who would wait in lines for an operating system? Especially when more people then ever pre-ordered from Amazon. This article is ridiculous. There were no lines for Snow Leopard and that has nothing to do with sales or demand. Not to mention it's just a DVD... I dont think people are worried about low stock and sell outs.

  1. peter02l

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

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    Windows 7 party

    I suppose people are still hung over from their Win 7 parties. Honestly, who would line up to pay half the cost of a netbook for a box with DVD in it?

  1. climacs

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2001


    Microsuck Store grand opening in Scottsdale

    in case any of you are wondering, here is one of the comments about it from someone who was there, and several other commenters echoed this:

    The microsoft opening was a big waste of 18 hours! It was a bust, they promoted giving $500+ in each gift bag, we got $25 gift card, water container mints and chapstick! Even Microsoft personell came out over the night saying how awesome the gift bags were and what a treat we were gonna get, only to get the cheap stuff that high schoolers get on the back to class day! I will not be shopping at the store for their disgusting appreciation to there customers!!

    read the rest here:

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