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iPhone, iPod to overthrow Nintendo by 2014?

updated 11:40 am EDT, Fri October 23, 2009

Analyst sees Apple winning mobile gaming

The iPhone platform could overtake rivals Nintendo and Sony for the lead in growing handheld gaming in as little as five years, a DFC Intelligence report says. The analyst group believes portable hardware from the Japanese companies is likely to still lead in terms of sheer units in the future but believes growth has "peaked" for devices like the DSi or PSP Go where Apple's platform is still climbing quickly. By 2014, the iPhone and iPod touch are expected to be the only major devices still seeing significant growth.

Researchers explain the anticipated swap in positions as a function of the iPhone platform's wider role compared to the Nintendo and Sony devices. The two consoles are bought primarily only for gaming, with media or Internet use at best a secondary feature. Even for the iPod touch, most who buy Apple's devices are buying them seldom do so with gaming as the primary goal. Internet access and media playback are stronger on iPhone OS devices and give them more flexibility.

Long-term, DFC sees games making up 23 percent of all iPhone app downloads and thus that they will have a secondary but important role. [via SAI]

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  1. cmoney

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 2000


    2014 is a long way away

    Are they assuming the PSP Go and DSi remain exactly as they are now?

  1. dagamer34

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2007



    if everyone in the world suddenly becomes diagnosed with ADD. Apps on the app store sell because they are cheap and nice ways to kill time. Games on the DSi and PSP provide a full-fledged experience. Though, you can already see Nintendo and Sony competing with the smaller, cheaper gaming model with their DSiWare and PSP Mini platforms respectively.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    Joined: Oct 2004



    maybe he means, of the 3 devices he listed, but that doesn't make sense either, Apple will already have a new iPhone by then, so the current iPhone won't have growth at all, it won't even be on sale.

    I don't see how anyone living on this planet, can believe by 2014 someone, somewhere won't release a device that catches on, and will be on a growth curve....good grief.

  1. luckyday

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2008


    Who cares?

    Nintendo makes a mobile gaming device that appeals to kids. Apple makes a phone device that appeals to people of all ages. Holy s***! I never thought that a bigger consumer base could result in more sales! Good thing the world has now figured this out.

  1. DeezNutts

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    Really depends on what Nintendo and Sony do

    I mean if they do nothing then sure, easy out. we have yet to see what they are going to introduce.

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