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AT&T strikes back at Verizon with new 3G commercials

updated 09:10 pm EST, Wed November 18, 2009

Carrier hires film actor Luke Wilson

AT&T has fired back at Verizon's "there's a map for that" commercials by launching its own critical ad. The carrier hired film actor Luke Wilson, who guides viewers through a chart comparing several aspects of the 3G networks. Wilson credits AT&T with having the fastest network, the ability to simultaneously use voice and Internet, the most popular smartphones and access to over 100,000 apps.

Wilson claims to be running through a comparison of the "3G experience," although only two of the talking points are directly related to the 3G network. The 100,000 apps reference is also limited just to the iPhone, not the entire range of "popular smartphones." Many users have complained that AT&T's "fastest 3G" claim is inaccurate in most real-world situations, particularly in large cities with heavy traffic on the data networks.

Verizon contends to have a 3G coverage area five times greater than AT&T, a claim the latter carrier does not dispute. AT&T nonetheless sued Verizon over the ads, arguing that consumers would be unable to understand that the commercials are only referring to the 3G network.

Verizon's strongly worded court filing accuses its competitor of suing only because the map ads are true and "the truth hurts." Despite an attempt by AT&T to have the commercials banned, the court has denied the injunction requests and the ads continue to be viewed on television and web portals such as YouTube.

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  1. Paul Huang

    Mac Enthusiast

    Joined: Sep 1999



    May AT&T go down in flames.

  1. Butch Hauke

    Junior Member

    Joined: Nov 2001


    Uh huh...

    After getting bashed around by Verizon, this the best they can come up with? Decidely lame.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Nov 2008


    They haven't started talking about

    each other's mommas yet. I'll enjoy hearing it when that happens.

    As long as AT&T has the iPhone, it'll be a clear winner. I doubt that the Motorola Droid is going to make much of a difference in pulling in lots of customers for Verizon.

  1. JuanGuapo

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2008


    Ok.... Verizon is all that much 'better' than AT&T. They all suck, period.

  1. Grant Marzette

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Nov 2009


    pretty bad

    again… they could have put this money (used for the commercial), and put it into making 3G work in westwood. better yet, throughout all the areas that were empty in those Verizon commercials.

  1. driven

    Addicted to MacNN

    Joined: May 2001


    Can't talk and surf?

    I knew the older 1xRTT networks wouldn't allow simultaneous data and voice, but I didn't know the same problem still existed with EvDO. That sucks. That would be a deal killer for me by myself.

  1. chris2519

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jul 2008


    I used to like Luke Wilson

    But now he's just a sell-out actor being paid enough to lie in ads. Clearly, the guy has never had to drive over Barham Blvd. from Burbank to Hollywood while on the phone. Or drive past Sunset and Crescent Heights. Or Sunset and Fairfax. Or anywhere below the Hollywood sign in Beachwood Canyon. All of which are highly populated areas and major roadways that still, inexplicably, do not have cell service. Yet we still pay $90 a month to these a-holes. Maybe they should put their resources into FIXING THEIR SERVICE instead of engaging in pissing contents with their competition.

    P.S. What's Luke been snacking on?

  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2008


    No voice & data?

    No voice & data at the same time? Hmmmm

  1. Tim_s

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jul 2006


    Here's an idea

    Stop using AT&T. If enough people leave AT&T, especially people that would buy an iPhone, Apple would take more notice and move their phone to a better cel service. It's been a bit painful for me not to buy an iPhone, especially when a lot of me friends and co-workers have them, but I much prefer my pristine service on Sprint. We even have 4G where I live, now if only Sprint had a 4G phone to go with it.

  1. crackedpot

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2008


    Yes! no voice+data

    They need to emphasize Verizon's weakness in not being able to run both data and voice. I am often finding myself in a conversation where I can just google something relevant and send it to them or downloading an app they mention while I'm still talking to them.

    Here's a kicker as well:
    I go to church in Worcester, MA and no one else but AT&T even comes in. And AT&T comes in with full bars and 3G coverage. It's quite nice.

    In the end all wireless companies do suck!

    One more thing,
    If you are that attached to Sprint or any other EVDO network, just get an iPod touch otherwise unlock an iPhone and use it on T-Mobile or some other GSM carrier.

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