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Dell readying a Pine Trail-based Mini 10?

11/25, 6:10pm

Dell FCC post hints at future 10in netbook

Dell could be planning a significant revision to its Mini 10 netbook if an FCC filing (PDF) is a clue. The testing for a seemingly nondescript 802.11n Wi-Fi mini-card makes reference to a 10-inch system with the model number P04T, which isn't known to apply to any current shipping Dell notebook. Few other details are available.

NPD: 48% of retail desktop revenue in US from Macs

11/25, 5:25pm

iMac, Windows 7 timing help Apple sales

Mac desktops represented nearly half of all desktops sold at US retail shops in October, the NPD Group said in a new study. About 47.7 percent of desktop revenue was from iMacs, Mac minis or Mac Pros, an increase from 45 percent in April and a sharp surge from just 33 percent in October 2008. Mac notebooks also saw a sequential gain from 30 percent in April to 34 percent last month, though this was a drop from 38 percent a year earlier.

King Jim shows 2nd-gen Pomera DM20 note-taking device

11/25, 4:35pm

Pomera DM20 gets 5-inch screen, more features

The Pomera DM20 from King Jim is meant to help users take notes without the need for notepad or notebook PC. It sports a folding full QWERTY Japanese keyboard with a 17mm key pitch and can fully power up in just two seconds. Compared to the original DM10, the DM20 ups the screen size to 5 inches from 4, internal space is now 89MB compared to 128KB and there is a new USB port as well as a microSD card reader. Users can also send e-mails and attachments when tethered to a data-enabled smartphone.

Inbrics shows Android-powered MID

11/25, 4:25pm

Inbrics shows ARM Cortex MID with Android OS

Korea's Inbrics is showing off an Android-powered portable device that slides horizontally open to reveal a QWERTY keyboard. Apart from a few specs, the company is being tight-lipped about the device's functionality. What is known is that it will feature an AMOLED touchscreen display and be powered by an 800MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor.

TiVo to control future Virgin DVRs in UK

11/25, 4:10pm

TiVo, Virgin form partnership for set-top boxes

DVR maker TiVo and UK-based cable provider Virgin Media on Tuesday said they have agreed on a partnership that will see TiVo develop Virgin's next-generation TV platform. TiVo will use its expertise to create a custom interface for Virgin's upcoming HD boxes. In return, Virgin will be the exclusive distributor of TiVo service and hardware in the UK.

TomTom intros XXL World Traveler Edition navigator

11/25, 4:00pm

Special edition TomTom XXL gets more maps

TomTom on Wednesday introduced a special edition of its TomTom XXL 540S navigator, the World Traveler Edition. The main difference of the new product is the inclusion of maps of the US, Canada and Europe thanks to 4GB of total memory, whereas the standard XXL 540S contains full maps of Canada, the US and about a third of Mexican maps. Otherwise, there is the same 5-inch touchscreen and TomTom's routing technology.

Verizon Black Friday deals: $30 netbook, $10 smarpthones

11/25, 3:55pm

Verizon offers $30 netbook, $10 smartphones

As part of its Thanksgiving and Black Friday celebrations, wireless provider Verizon will offer the Gateway LT netbook for just $30 with a two-year data contract from Verizon. It represents a $70 in savings as the netbook is currently priced at $100. The netbook has a Wi-Fi connection and an embedded 3G module, along with a 10.1-inch screen, a 160 GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM.

Hulu jumps 47% to 856m views in October

11/25, 3:50pm

Hulu sees major jump in viewing

Hulu has recorded one of the largest gains in viewers in its short history, according to new data from Comscore. In October, the multi-studio video site hosted almost 856 million viewers, its best ever result and a 47 percent jump from September. The results were well behind Google's 10.5 billion views and 37.7 percent share of web video in the US but were enough to give Hulu second place with 3.1 percent, about twice as much as its next-best challengers.

Toshiba auctions celebrity-designed notebooks

11/25, 3:00pm

Toshiba teams with GQ on limited notebook auction

Toshiba has teamed up with GQ magazine on auctioning off notebooks designed by four famous men. The 'artists' include Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, actor and writer Rainn Wilson, rock musician Joe Perry and actor and producer Omar Epps, with each designing the exterior and interior look of four different Toshiba Satellite notebooks.

AT&T promos bring free BlackBerry, no iPhone deals

11/25, 2:45pm

AT&T Thanksgiving weekend focus on BBerries

AT&T dipped into Black Friday deals with word today of its Thanksgiving promo. The cell carrier promises unspecified deals on Friday itself starting from midnight but plans a major promo for each day of the weekend as well as Monday. Saturday will focus exclusively on BlackBerries and will give away the Curve 8310 or Pearl 8110 for free on a smartphone contract. Price drops are also due for the Curve 8320, which will cost $50, and the Curve 8900 at $100.

Kindle update goes live for Kindle 2, DX

11/25, 1:55pm

Amazon launches Ver 2.3 update for Kindle 2, DX

Amazon on Wednesday launched its promised update for the Kindle 2 and DX. Version 2.3 brings with it native PDF support for the smaller Kindle and extends battery life from four days to about a week with the 3G connection turned on. Previously, users had to e-mail PDF files for a conversion.

EU formally adopts file sharing rights

11/25, 12:55pm

EU rule will minimize Internet cutoffs

The European Parliament late yesterday officially approved a final key rule in its telecoms package that will require legal rights for those threatened with losing Internet access in piracy cases. The measure will only allow EU member states to cut off access if it's deemed "appropriate, proportionate and necessary within a democratic society." Any decision will require an objective procedure that allows the accused to defend themselves as well as presumptions of innocence and a right to privacy.

Nintendo details Black Friday DSi bundles

11/25, 12:00pm

DSi Metallic Blue, White bundles explained

Nintendo has provided full details of the two DSi bundles it plans to launch as part of Black Friday sales. A Metallic Blue edition of the gaming handheld will both have its namesake color as well as five Mario-themed DSiWare apps worth about $20. The system will have three games, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario Express, and MarioWare Snapped; it should also have themed calculator and clock apps.

LG outs Android smartphone for China

11/25, 11:25am

LG bringing Amudsen Android phone to China

LG on Wednesday announced it will soon release a new Android phone exclusively sold through China Mobile, the GW880. Also known as the Amundsen, after South Pole explorer Roald Amundsen, the handset runs on China's TD-SCDMA network and sports a 3.5-inch, 800x480 touchscreen, along with a GPS receiver, Bluetooth, and a 5-megapixel camera.

Pixel Qi displays due in December, TV coming

11/25, 11:10am

Pixel Qi 3qi mass production next month

Pixel Qi has quietly revealed that it plans to mass-produce its unique 3qi displays in December as well as early plans for a TV. The screens will just miss their original target of the fall but promise a major breakthrough in displays for netbooks and other small computers as it can operate both like a full color LCD but behave like e-paper either to save energy or to become readable in bright daylight, albeit in grayscale.

Future RED cameras delayed by chip problems

11/25, 10:30am

RED Scarlet and EPIC set back by 30 days

RED this week warned that its EPIC-X camera program would be delayed by 30 days due to a problem with its app-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) chips. Company head Jim Jannard explained that it has to perform a new "metal spin," or manufacturing revision, due to an unspecified flaw. It's considered a relatively mild obstacle as a major alteration would have taken substantially longer.

Droid helps Motorola overtake Apple in brand loyalty

11/25, 10:00am

Motorola image helped by anti-Apple ads

The launch of the Motorola Droid and Verizon's ad campaign have pushed Motorola's brand loyalty for the first time in recent memory, YouGov reported in its BrandIndex late last week. The Android phone maker passed Apple one week ago and, as of Friday the 20th, had a loyalty score among men of 29.3. By comparison, Apple has fallen from a recent high of 48.1 on the 9th, shortly after the Droid launch, to 22 on the 20th.

Infineon, Nokia team on 4G chips

11/25, 9:20am

Infineon to make LTE chips with Nokia

Infineon today said it would work with Nokia to develop chipsets for 4G mobile Internet based on the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard. The deal won't be exclusive and will primarily ensure that Infineon 4G hardware will support Nokia's technology licenses. The two hope to speed up development and make sure that 4G works properly across all devices, not just Nokia's.

Samsung Go drops $100 in NY Times Reader deal

11/25, 8:45am

Samsung Go in first online newspaper subsidy

The New York Times today launched a unique Times Reader deal to drive its online subscriptions. Those who subscribe to a $179 one-year subscription to Times Reader get $100 removed from the price of a Samsung Go netbook bought at the same time, lowering it to $280. The Times Reader app itself will also come preloaded on the portable and will push news whenever the PC is online.

BlackBerry Curve holds off iPhone 3GS for top spot

11/25, 8:15am

BB Curve tops in US but makes prices fall

The BlackBerry Curve line fended off the iPhone 3GS to claim the title of top-selling phone in the US, the NPD Group said this week. Without providing numbers, the analysts noted that RIM's basic QWERTY phone still outsold the high-end iPhone during the summer. The iPhone 3G reached third place and reflected its relatively low price.

Chinon launches AVi iPod speaker system with monitor

11/25, 7:15am

AVi plays iPod music and TV

Chinon has launched the Avi, a new portable iPod speaker system with an integrated LCD monitor and digital TV tuner. The compact entertainment system provides a retro boombox-styled outer frame with black rubberized finish and silver trim design with an iPod docking station that simultaneously charges and plays the device. The system is also capable of doubling as a digital converter box for analog TVs, an alarm clock, a digital picture frame and a digital FM radio with 20 presets.


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