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Publishers delay e-book releases to combat cut-rate pricing

12/09, 11:25pm

Titles held back four months past print shipments

Several major publishers have begun delaying e-book releases to combat the competitive price slashing of best sellers, according to The Wall Street Journal. Simon & Schuster is putting a four month hold on 35 titles scheduled for release next year, while Lagerdere SCA's Hachette Book Group is planning to take similar actions.

Sources: Apple's Lala deal for iTunes web streaming

12/09, 11:10pm

Lala move meant for play anywhere access

Apple's buyout of Lala is part of a potential strategy for granting access to iTunes directly through the web, sources said Wednesday night (subscription required). The deal, now said by the WSJ to be valued at $85 million, was originally thought to be a pure acquisition of talent but is now being used to reduce the dependency on the iTunes jukebox software for content and could permit listening to and managing purchases from a web browser. Apple could not only reach those who don't have access to their home collections but could put iTunes directly into search engine results, social networks and other areas.

Meizu's iPhone clone to get its own app store

12/09, 6:20pm

iPhone cloner Meizu to borrow app strategy

Meizu executive Hailiang Hua has M8 initially followed Apple's iPhone design closely, the unnamed shop will initially follow a similar model that gives M8 owners software designed for the originally Windows CE-based Chinese smartphone. It should go so far as to replicate the 70/30 split in revenue as an incentive to developers.

Nokia to close US retail stores

12/09, 6:00pm

Nokia Chicago, NYC shops follow London

Nokia today confirmed that it would shutter its two US stores in addition to its previously disclosed plans to close its London shop. The Chicago and New York City locations will cease running in early 2010 and are closing as the company believes it can better invest its money into sales through carriers or online sales. It has also tried to positively spin the closures by arguing that they've helped achieve the goal of improving Nokia's brand awareness in the US market.

Stanford U shows paper batteries using ink, nanotubes

12/09, 5:30pm

Stanford University shows nanotech batteries

Scientists at the Stanford University have found a way to create electricity using little else than regular paper coated in special ink that contains nanotubes and silver nanowires, the school's paper reported on Monday. Even when the paper is crumpled, it retains its newfound properties and acts as a battery or supercapacitor.

MSI ships Wind Top AE2020 all-in-one in the UK

12/09, 5:20pm

MSI Wind Top AE2020 now out in the UK

Computer maker MSI has began shipping its Wind Top AE2020 all-in-one PC to the UK. The PC has a 20-inch, multi-input touchscreen and is the first from MSI to combine this feature with Windows 7 Home Premium. A 2.1GHz Pentium dual-core forms the heart of its performance, but it also uses NVIDIA's Ion graphics to smoothly play back HD videos on the 1600x900 display.

Analyst sees Sprint, T-Mobile merging in 2010

12/09, 5:15pm

Sprint T-Mo merger would rival size of ATT

Citi Investment Research sparked a reaction in the market today by predicting that Sprint and T-Mobile will merge before the end of 2010. Company analyst Michael Rollins in a note increased the odds of a deal to 55 percent as Sprint may not consider its job cuts and cellphone business improvements enough to offset widening losses. It could change its mind in the first half of the year if any service changes in the winter don't bear fruit, Rollins explained.

Targus announces USB 2.0 Docking Station with Video

12/09, 4:50pm

Connects peripherals, portable electronics

Targus has announced a new product in its line of notebook gear, the USB 2.0 Docking Station with Video. The dock supports a range of devices, from mobile phones to peripherals including mice, keyboards and printers. Features include two USB ports capable of powering devices, and a DVI output that supports a maximum resolution of 2048x1152.

Samsung intros rugged CF, SDHC cards

12/09, 4:50pm

Samsung intros rugged memory cards in Europe

Samsung on Wednesday introduced its new line of rugged memory cards for the UK market. The CF plus and SD plus cards are waterproof, capable of withstanding 24 hours of submersion in sea water. The cards are also shock-proof and are impervious to magnets 13 times more powerful than a magnet found in a typical home theater speaker.

Droid users seeing e-mail deletion bug

12/09, 4:45pm

Verizon Droid users facing e-mail deletion bug

Several users on the Verizon forums are reporting an issue with their Motorola Droid phones that sees their e-mail accounts and all contained messages being deleted. This happens again when users set up their accounts again, and they can't seem to find a fix for it. Corporate e-mail accounts are mainly affected, though calendars and contacts remain on the phone.

Consumer tech revenue drops Black Friday weekend

12/09, 4:30pm

Black Friday electronics profits down from 2008

Sales of consumer electronics during Black Friday were lower than in 2008, according to point-of-sale numbers compiled by market research company, the NPD Group. The total revenue for the day of just over $2.7 billion represents a 1.2 percent drop compared to the revenue from 2008, but the drop compares favorably to the 3.4 percent decline suffered from 2007 to 2008.

iBuyPower rolls gaming PC with modular case

12/09, 4:00pm

iBuyPower Level 10 has special tower

iBuyPower this afternoon claimed to be the first to use Thermaltake's BMW-designed case in a production PC. Simply called the Level 10 based on the case's own name, the PC takes advantage of the modular, sectioned-off design to make upgrades easier and simply to provide a very unique look. It's still considered a performance PC and has uncommon touches in stock trim, such as a GeForce GTX 285 with 2GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD as its boot drive alongside a 1TB content drive.

EU caps Rambus' royalty rates

12/09, 3:30pm

Rambus agrees to deal with EU officials

The European Commission today negotiated a deal with Rambus to avert a possible legal penalty for the American memory designer. Terms in the new agreement will require it to drop its royalty rates for its more recent RAM from 3.5 percent to 1.5 percent and to let those using some of its older memory technologies obtain it for free. In return, the company won't face charges filed against it in 2007 that accused it of abusing its position within the JEDEC memory standards group to develop a standard while hiding the truth that it held patents those standards would use.

Acer: ultra-thin notebooks are the future

12/09, 2:40pm

Acer adds Dell, Intel, HP hurting the market

Ultra-thin notebooks are the future but are being hampered by Dell, HP and even Intel itself, Acer chairman JT Wang said on Wednesday. He fully expects these systems, combined with longer battery life, to become a major trend but believes Dell and HP have 'spoiled' the segment by dropping the prices of regular notebooks to $399, discouraging shoppers from picking up the more portable systems. They also do little to promote the slimmer notebooks themselves.

Buffalo puts out USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter

12/09, 2:00pm

Buffalo intros USB 3.0 ExpressCard adapter

Japan's Buffalo on Wednesday introduced its Express Card USB 3.0 adapter, the IFC-EC2U3/UC, that will bring the 5Gbps transfer speeds of the new standard to notebook users. The 34mm card has two external USB 3.0 ports that will also be backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

NVIDIA demos movie on 3D Blu-ray disc

12/09, 1:25pm

NVIDIA demos 3D Blu-ray movie

Graphics card maker NVIDIA has recently demonstrated a 3D movie using its 3D shutter glasses and an Acer G245 monitor that can be synchronized with them. While the name of the blockbuster cannot be revealed, the movie playback is said to be on par with other 3D movies shown by the company. It's even being compared to theater 3D movies, but is delivered on Blu-ray discs that are backwards compatible with regular Blu-ray players.

COOL-ER reader to get AT&T 3G next year

12/09, 12:50pm

COOL-ER next gen e-book device will go online

Relative e-book newcomer Interead today said its next-generation COOL-ER reader would come with AT&T-supplied 3G in the US. The company hasn't provided full features but says that models will also come equipped with Wi-Fi; whether or not both will be found in the same model isn't evident. At least the 3G models should be available sometime in mid-2010.

HP slip confirms new Intel CPUs, Radeons

12/09, 12:05pm

Intel Arrandale, Clarkdale and Radeon 5x00 seen

A leaked document from HP has confirmed some roadmap details for both Intel and AMD. As part of a plan to update its all-in-one PCs with a new Pavilion model in April, the company says it expects to use dual-core Core i3 and i5 desktop processors and reiterates their key features. The Core i5 will have Turbo Boost to shut down some cores and overclock others and will also have hardware acceleration of AES encryption; Core i3 goes without but is based on the same architecture.

Acer brings Ferrari One notebook to the US

12/09, 11:05am

Acer now shipping Ferrari One netbook in the US

Acer on Wednesday announced it is now shipping its 11.6-inch Ferrari One notebook to US customers. Considered a crossover between netbooks and full-size notebooks, its rocessing power comes from a relatively strong 1.2GHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor, along with up to 4GB of RAM. The 250GB, 5,400rpm hard drive is preloaded with Windows 7 Home Premium.

Olympus E-P2 ships to stores

12/09, 10:50am

2nd-gen Olympus MFT cam available

Without fanfare, Olympus today began quietly shipping the E-P2. The Micro Four Thirds camera is considered a premium improvement on the E-P1 and brings continuous autofocus, aperture and shutter control in 720p movie recording, new software filters and improved attachments such as a more detailed electronic viewfinder for the hotshoe (the VF-2) and a stereo microphone adapter (the EMA-1).

AT&T: mobile data controls will abide by net neutrality

12/09, 10:25am

ATT exec says 3G limits will be tempered

AT&T will be careful if and when it changes its mobile data services to curb heavy use, the company's wireless chief Ralph de la Vega said today at a UBS conference. The executive reiterated his company's hesitation to commit to a plan but stressed that the carrier would respect net neutrality if it scales back from its current 'unlimited' strategy.

Nokia intros 18K gold-plated 6700 Classic

12/09, 9:20am

Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition due in 2010

Nokia on Wednesday introduced a special edition of one of its best-selling handsets, the 6700 classic. The new Gold Edition candybar has stainless steel covers that feature 18-carat gold plating, while other unique touches include a full metal keymat and animated wallpapers.

Apple tablet due March, to get Kindle-killer book deal?

12/09, 8:55am

Apple device at 1m a month, 70-30 revenue split

Apple's often-rumored tablet device has been narrowed down to a specific production timeframe and could land a deadly blow against Amazon's Kindle reader through a revenue deal, according to an unusually detailed research note from Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner. Investigations into Apple's supply network claim the widely reported 10-inch, multi-touch device will be put into mass production in February with a likely launch target of March or April. As many as 1 million will be made every month, according to the sources.

VEVO takes over from YouTube for music videos

12/09, 7:55am

VEVO carries major labels, sponsors

YouTube late Tuesday unveiled a long-in-development project meant to drive music videos. VEVO provides a larger, streamlined approach to artists' videos than YouTube and organizes their content by more logical categories, such as by the genre or by channels. It still supports common features like embedding but stresses music-friendly features like synchronized text lyrics and direct links to songs when they're available in iTunes.


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