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HDMI to mDP adapter lets Xbox, Blu-ray reach Macs

updated 02:10 pm EST, Tue December 15, 2009

Apogee teases HDMI to Mini DisplayPort link

Apogee today promised an upcoming adapter that would give owners of the 27-inch iMac and LED Cinema Display the option of using the display for HDMI-based sources. The Kanex-branded HDMI to Mini DisplayPort adapter should work with any typical HDMI device and has been shown working with Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It should also pipe data from a Mac mini using its mini DVI output as the source.

No clues are given as to when the adapter will be released or how much it will cost.

Currently, the 27-inch iMac is the only Apple system whose Mini DisplayPort connector works for input as well as output and is largely limited to taking input from other Macs equipped with a mini DisplayPort output. The format was recently approved as a standard and should make the adapter useful for non-Apple displays and computers.

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  1. Mimi-mim

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2007



    I am going to buy one of those converters, and sell my Sony XBR set. This converter is the best bit of technology news announced in 2009. Fantastic. Fantastic. I've wanted this for years.

  1. vasic

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: May 2005


    Not so fast!

    This will have somewhat limited utility, since it is not going to support HDCP. Without HDCP support, you can forget about using it to play anything that comes on protected Blu-ray discs (including PS3 games).

    HDCP is the primary reason Apple has steered clear of Blu-ray. The depth to which DRM required by Blu-ray and HDCP goes is simply not acceptable for Apple.

    If you plan on playing back home-made Blu-ray movies on your 27" iMac, this will work perfectly. It is also possible (although not very likely) that your HD cable box might output unscrambled HDMI, which would then also play back fine. More likely, though, cable boxes also require HDCP support for playback via HDMI.

  1. Mimi-mim

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2007


    We'll see

    Well, I don't have cable, and will never get cable. All I'd like to do is be able to use my 24" LED Cinema Display to display 1080p output from my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. And this device clearly does that, if the video is to be believed. As long as this device does what is shown in the video, it's exactly what I want. (-:

    Convergence. It's the way to go. The less electronic stuff in my apartment, the better. Farewell, clunky Bravia XBR boat anchor.

  1. shawnde

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    Video and Audio ??

    So does this converter bring in both audio AND video over to HDMI? That is, can I plug in my Mac Mini to my HDTV using just one cable?

    If so, I'm sold. That's been my issue for the past few months. I want to just use ONE cable to go from the Mac Mini to the LCD TV (HDMI in). Even though Mini DisplayPort promises that, there are no converters on the market (as of yet) that support both video and audio. Usually they just support video, and then you have to use the mini-jack to bring in audio separately :-(

    If this little thing does both, then I'll buy two !!

  1. toke lahti

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Aug 2009


    Apple already uses HDCP!

    Apple already uses HDCP with appleTV and itunes movies.
    Therefore Apple neglects blu-ray just to get more itunes movies sold.
    Too bad that itunes fot most of the countries does not offer movies...

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