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Google puts Android at 16,000 apps

updated 06:20 pm EST, Wed December 16, 2009

Android Market still short of 20K goal

Google on Wednesday acted on claims that Android had broken the 20,000 app mark with a correction. Following a third-party tracker's claims, the search firm now says that Android Market has just over 16,000 apps as of today. It also tells TechCrunch that it doesn't disclose the ratio of free to paid apps but stops short of either confirming or denying the roughly 62/38 percent bias towards free apps.

While it reveals that Android has been growing significantly more slowly than once thought, the statistic still hints at Android having seen a roughly 60 percent jump in the quantity of apps since it passed the 10,000-app milestone in September. A greater number of Android phones on the market, as well as increased interest in development for Android 1.5 and beyond, are likely contributors to any rapid increase in software.

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  1. dliup

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    Android fans lack ability to do basic math.

  1. iphonerulez

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    1000 duplicate f*** apps for the multitasking Android masses. I'll bet a lot of those apps are produced by just one company. The company Apple kicked out of the App store that had produced 1000 useless apps. Too bad. The Android Market has no gatekeeper so any c*** is welcome.

  1. maae

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    Oh come on!

    I love my 3GS as much as the next guy, but this is good for the smart phone market! Even if only 1 in 16 apps are good, there should be thousand good apps.

    Also, let's get Google Navigation on the iPhone! That would kick a**!

  1. wingdo

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    Always amazed

    I am always amazed when people who go out of their way to correct people who go after Apple and Macs for their small market share and smaller number of applications, as being short sighted and not understanding the idea that smaller share does not mean lower quality or worse software / OS then go out of their way to bash Android because it doesn't have the numbers of the iPhone. What a crock of $hit.

    For the record, 3 Macs 0 PCs and 1 Moto Droid.

    I like the iPhone, but as long as I keep dropping to EDGE on AT&T's network (I am 10 miles from downtown Chicago) the data portion of the phone is totally useless to me. So I moved from my Tmo BB to a Droid.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Whoop-ti-do

    1000 duplicate f*** apps for the multitasking Android masses.

    At least their farting apps can multitask. The 1000+ farting apps on the iPhone take total control!

    The Android Market has no gatekeeper so any c*** is welcome.

    Not to mention, with no gatekeeper, it's just a matter of time before someone makes an app that takes down the entire phone network!

    Then again, with no gatekeeper, you don't have to wait forever waiting for a bug fix release because it's sitting in some authorization queue, or some guy decides to kill it because they noticed one of the author's was named 'd***' and kicked it out for using bad language, or the powers that be decided it had no usefulness, or some 'partner' decides that it interferes with their revenue stream and shouldn't be allowed, or just someone doesn't like it and decides to kill it.

    And, what, consumers are too stupid to decide that an app is 'c***' and delete it? Or is that just the crowd of iPhone users?

    Oh, and let's be honest. You can say what you want, but there's a bunch of crappy apps on the app store too. Stuff with lousy interfaces, useless stupidity, etc. I saw an app that displayed a picture of a gun and made a bang noise when you shook it. Apparently that was OK because it had a 'function', but an app for the droid was rejected because 'all' it did was have links to web sites and glowed a red light.

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