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Apple planning January news with tablet in store?

12/22, 6:15pm

Leak claims January news, tablet possible

Apple is planning an unveiling in January for an unspecified product, a rumor asserted Tuesday evening. As part of a leak whose sources back reports of an iTunes TV subscription plan, the Financial Times claims that Apple is "preparing an announcement" for next month. The newspaper says it has no knowledge of what the event would include but speculates that the often-rumored tablet could make its appearance.

BlackBerries hit by third major outage

12/22, 5:35pm

BlackBerry e-mail, messaging down again

BlackBerry users this afternoon have reported another outage affecting the smartphone platform's BlackBerry Information Service. The failures appear broader than the primarily mail-related delays from just last week and now also affect web browsing, BlackBerry Messenger and third-party apps that use Internet access. RIM has been contacted by Electronista for commentary but hasn't yet had the opportunity to respond.

Audio-Technica intros USB turntable, software combo

12/22, 5:00pm

Audio-Techinca turntable converts vinyl to MP3s

Audio-Technica on Tuesday introduced its AT-LP60-USB LP-to-Digital Turntable System that lets users convert the music recorded on their vinyl collections to digital media files. The turntable ships with a phono cartridge, USB cable and software that is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X computers. A phono preamp is built-in, and users can select between 33.33 and 45RPM playback speeds.

University of Illinois proposes quantum batteries

12/22, 4:50pm

University of Illinois intros quantum batteries

A physicist at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus, says a new digital quantum battery can offer a huge increase in energy output and storage capacity. While the gains are theoretical at this point, the concept involves billions of nanoscale capacitors and relies on quantum effects that happen at the atomic scale to boost energy storage. According to Alfred Hubler, the new technology could result in batteries that can hold between two and 10 times more energy that today's best lithium-ion batteries.

Brando intros USB 3.0 hard drive enclosures

12/22, 4:35pm

Brando outs aluminum USB 3.0 HDD enclosures

Brando is now offering USB 3.0 hard drive enclosures that fit any 2.5-inch SATA hard drives. As the name suggests, they are USB 3.0 compliant, allowing for theoretical maximum transfer speeds of up to 5Gbps, or ten times that of traditional USB 2.0 connections. They enclosures are backwards compatible with the USB 2.0 and 1.1 standards as well.

HTC HD2 ROM shown for T-Mobile USA

12/22, 4:30pm

New HTC HD2 ROM caught on video

After a brief glimpse of the upcoming Sense UI update yesterday, a video of an HTC HD2 running the leaked and unofficial 2.01 version of the software has shown up on Tuesday. The clip (viewable below) shows improvements to the music library page, where users can view song names in the artist view page as well as from the album page, without having to switch between pages.

OLPC teases $75 tablet features, images [U]

12/22, 4:20pm

OLPC XO-3 may get camera, wireless power

(Updated with better photos, interim XO details) The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project today provided a deeper glimpse into its XO-3 tablet, including concept shots and more features. The roughly letter-sized computer will now hopefully include a camera on the back to record video in a more intuitive way than the XO-1. The developers also clarify that founder Nicholas Negroponte's desire for "no holes" would involve wireless power.

Rogers extends free tethering through May

12/22, 3:30pm

Rogers, Fido users get tethering reprieve

Rogers sent word this afternoon that it would extend a promo offering free tethering on its data plans. Previously set to expire at the end of the year, the deal will now last through at least May 3rd of next year. The offer continues to apply to any Rogers or Fido smartphone data plan with at least 1GB of bandwidth, including the iPhone, Android devices and any other phone that allows sharing its 3G connection with a computer.

Magellan Premium iPhone Car Kit up for pre-order

12/22, 3:05pm

Magellan Premium Car Kit to ship January 7th

Navigation device and related peripherals maker Magellan has begun offering its Premium Car Kit for the iPhone and iPod touch for pre-order, also announcing a ship date of January 7th for the device. The kit includes a windshield mount with a built-in GPS sensor of its own so that devices such as the original 2G iPhones and iPod Touch devices can also benefit from the navigation function. In 3G and 3GS models of the iPhone, the external GPS chip is said to improve the reception of the Apple devices.

Microsoft loses appeal, Office banned without update

12/22, 2:40pm

MS must pay i4i and take Office off shelves

Microsoft on Tuesday lost its appeal against a $290 million infringement verdict that threatens to remove Word and the Office suite from the market. The US Court of Appeals has upheld a verdict that claims XML code in Word 2003 and 2007 violates patents developed by Toronto, Canada-based i4i for XML plugins. It also removes a temporary stay and would ban all sales of infringing copies of Word as of January 11th unless changes are made by Microsoft.

ASUS Eee Pad to use multi-touch, Tegra?

12/22, 2:10pm

ASUS tablet would support HD video

ASUS' rumored Eee Pad tablet will use some form of NVIDIA's Tegra chipset if a leak today is accurate. Industry tips claim that it will have some form of the new processor, potentially including the next-generation model. The move would give the 4- to 7-inch device at least 720p HD and possibly 1080p if based on the future NVIDIA hardware.

Samsung netbook spotted with Pine Trail, 3G

12/22, 1:30pm

Samsung N150 netbook spotted with Pine Trail, 3G

A netbook from Samsung and powered by Intel's new Pine Trail platform has been spotted at the FCC this week. The filing reveals that the netbook, called N150, also has a Qualcomm Gobi 3G chipset that can support both EVDO and HSPA data networks. The chipset contains a GPS sensor as well.

Best Buy to offer $197 IdeaPad S10, more post-Christmas

12/22, 12:55pm

Best Buy offering post-Christmas computer deals

Electronics retailer Best Buy on Tuesday announced it would offer end-of-season sales on computers. The two-day sale will begin online on Christmas Day, December 25th, with the same deals extending to stores on December 26th. The most significant deal involved the 10.1-inch Lenovo IdeaPad S10 netbook, at $197 versus the regular price of $300. The netbook gets the 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270, 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard drive.

Art Lebedev designs flexible tube camera

12/22, 12:25pm

Fleximus would have detachable body

Optimus Maximus creator Art Lebedev Studio on Tuesday showed a new camera design that promises to rethink the traditional box-shaped body. The Fleximus could work solely as a goose neck with a lens and sensor at one end and a small viewfinder at the other. That eyepiece could be detached and replaced with a full-sized preview LCD and basic controls.

iPhone 3G most used phone in the US for 2009

12/22, 11:40am

Apple most used while LG, RIM close behind

The iPhone 3G was the most frequently used phone for going online for nearly all of the year, the researchers at Nielsen report. About 4 percent of all US active cellphone owners used Apple's 2008 smartphone to get online between January and October. Its results were helped both by the iPhone 3G having sold by itself for the first half of the year and continuing on as a $99 model after the iPhone 3GS became available in June.

First images, details of MSI Wind U160 appear

12/22, 11:00am

MSI Wind U160 with Pine Trail pictured

PC maker MSI will bring a newly redesigned Wind netbook to CES, the U160. Like other netbooks surfacing as of late, this one will also be powered by the Intel Pine Trail platform's new 1.66GHz Intel Atom CPU, and the screen size is set at the netbook-ubiquitous 10.1 inches. Otherwise, there is a MacBook-like 'chiclet' keyboard and a nearly invisible touchpad that's only defined by a grid of raised dots.

Toshiba NB305 to get 3G, Pine Trail likely in tow

12/22, 10:55am

Toshiba netbook at FCC with Gobi 3G chip

Toshiba's third-generation netbook is on its way with dual-mode 3G for EVDO and HSPA networks, an FCC filing (PDF) shows. Qualcomm has greenlit the use of its Gobi chipset for as yet unreleased NB300 and NB305 netbooks and as such would give one or both models access through AT&T, Sprint or Verizon without needing different hardware. The presence of internal 3G also hints at one or more carriers subsidizing the Toshiba PC when it's bought with a data contract.

Acer ships Timeline CULV notebooks for workers

12/22, 10:20am

Acer TravelMate Timeline series kicks off

Acer chose a last-minute introduction for its first ever pro-focused CULV notebooks and today launched the 8371, 8471 and 8571 all emphasize relatively high speed and battery life with Core 2 Duos and as much as 8 hours of battery life even as they measure just over 1.1 inches thick. Acer also claims a relatively light weight of 3.5 pounds even for the largest systems.

Netbooks hurt whole notebook industry in 2009

12/22, 9:55am

Netbook growth to slow down in 2010

The rise of netbooks has almost uniformly damaged the entire notebook industry's performance this year, a new DisplaySearch study shows. While shipments of notebooks more than doubled to 33.3 million, their lower prices actually dragged down revenue for the entire notebook industry by 12 percent to about $109.4 million. The revenue for netbooks themselves was also disproportionately lower and increased a relatively soft 72 percent.

ASUS notebook to pack Core i5, Radeon HD 5730

12/22, 8:30am

ASUS X77 to hit mid range early next year

A discovery today has revealed that ASUS is close to releasing one of the first large notebooks based on new ATI and Intel hardware. A new variant of the 17.3-inch X77 should get a mobile Core i5, specifically the 2.26GHz Core i5-430M, and should be one of the first with a Mobility Radeon HD 5730 inside for its graphics. The combination of CPU and video should put the system at the mid-range in speed but significantly above the speed of many higher-end notebooks today.

More than half of 2010 Acer phones to use Android

12/22, 7:50am

Acer to downplay Win Mobile next year

More than half of the 8 to 10 smartphones planned by Acer for the coming year will run Android and not Windows Mobile, a leak claims today. The company has officially said only that the mix will be more "balanced" towards Android versus the just one phone for 2009, but Taiwan phone industry contacts tell DigiTimes that just over half of these are likely to run Google's platform. At least three will be entry-level models that still support 3G, but others will run Qualcomm's fast Snapdragon processors.


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