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More than half of 2010 Acer phones to use Android

updated 07:50 am EST, Tue December 22, 2009

Acer to downplay Win Mobile next year

More than half of the 8 to 10 smartphones planned by Acer for the coming year will run Android and not Windows Mobile, a leak claims today. The company has officially said only that the mix will be more "balanced" towards Android versus the just one phone for 2009, but Taiwan phone industry contacts tell DigiTimes that just over half of these are likely to run Google's platform. At least three will be entry-level models that still support 3G, but others will run Qualcomm's fast Snapdragon processors.

Acer hasn't commented on the rumor.

The news if true would represent another symbolic blow to Microsoft, which has been steadily losing business for Windows Mobile as its aging platform has been dropped in favor of more modern software. While Palm's decision to switch to its own webOS has long been planned, others like HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson have scaled back their Windows Mobile phone development to where Android or other platforms have a greater influence. Motorola has gone so far as to rule out Windows Mobile entirely until at least Windows Mobile 7 in late 2010.

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    In-text ads

    I reeeeally reeeeally HATE these. It's how you make money, I know. But I, for one, NEVER look at them--partially out of protest over them being there at all, partially because I'm not interested in junk ads, and partially because of the idea that some program could "figure" out what I'd respond to--as if I'M some kind of robot. Insulting.

    Your pages are cluttered enough with normal ads--which I don't look at, either. I hate the annoying animated ones that repeat incessantly and keep running for weeks on end.

    I know they have to be there for you to be there at all, but if you let this sort of thing get too big, I won't be coming back for much longer.

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    Adblock Plus

    Why not just use FF with AdBlock Plus. I dont see ads at all. Gave up Safari just for this extension.

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    i know ads are important but you stick them into the actual text part, the part i want to read, then i'm going to block them. i peruse the ads on the side of articles, in between paragraphs, etc., but to stick them in the text itself is just obnoxious.
    i use adblock.

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    I too am using adblock and I installed it specifically because of macnn. Kind of sad when you think about it.

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