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Kindle, Eee PC 1005HA top 2009 Amazon bestsellers

updated 01:55 pm EST, Wed December 30, 2009

Amazon and ASUS trump Apple in charts

Amazon today revealed bestsellers across all its categories for 2009. The Internet retailer said that its own Kindle reader was not only the top-selling electronic device for the whole year but that it was also the top product wished for as well as given as a gift in the same category. In computers, the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA netbook achieved a similar effect as it led its respective bestseller, most wished for and most gifted charts.

Other leaders among technology were the Wii, which led the bestseller and gift lists in video games, and Office 2007 Home and Student edition in the software category.

The Kindle's edge is partly expected as Amazon itself is the only source for the popular e-book reader, but its sales and the rise of netbooks have held off a normally strong performance by Apple, which at the end of the year held multiple high positions but didn't claim the top spot in any field except for MP3 players.

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  1. iphonerulez

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    Joined: Nov 2008


    I find it hard to believe that so many people

    wanted to be gifted with a Kindle. It's a nice device and all but from what I'm constantly reading is that almost nobody seems to want any tablet device and they say that the Kindle is overpriced (I don't think so). But if there are a lot of people that do want eReaders then that is a good thing. Maybe the Apple tablet will have a larger appeal than I hoped for. Maybe there are low-tech people out there that aren't as critical as the tech nerds who think tablets will fail miserably. I wish Amazon would give some information about the type of people that are using Kindles.

    High netbook sales on Amazon might have held Apple down somewhat, but I'll bet it complete ruined normal notebook and desktop sales for the Windows PC manufacturers.

  1. cmoney

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    Tablet failures

    I think most people think tablets will fail because they can see no farther than what the PC makers and Microsoft can develop. Which, to elucidate, is: cheap hardware plagued with poor ergonomics with a generic operating system placed on top which has been hacked to support said hardware with poorly tested drivers.

    While I have my problems with the rumored Apple tablet (namely probable media source lock-in and lack of Flash support), I have no doubt that Apple would not allow the horrible tablets that HP and others have been producing. Those things wouldn't even make it out of their top secret labs.

  1. vasic

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    Very fishy

    I find it extremely difficult to believe that the Kindle outsold every single iPod out there, not to mention that people wished for Kindle more than for an iPod. This is utter nonsense. Amazon has yet to provide the actual numbers of Kindles sold, and since they own these popularity lists, they can fix them any way they want.

    Up until last year, we could rely on Amazon's lists for a reliable measure of popularity of items. At this point, I don't believe any of them anymore.

  1. testudo

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    Re: Very fishy

    Why is it hard to believe?

    Apple sells a bunch of different iPod models. And then they're sold in like half the stores in the land (I think you can buy one while at Jiffy Lube). You can only get a Kindle at Amazon.

    Amazon has just two Kindle models, which means the demand is less spread out and focuses the numbers (sort of like reading that the iPhone tops some sale chart, but it's because they broke out the Blackberry as 52 different devices or something).

    As for providing sales numbers, what would that prove? Do you know how many iPod Touches Amazon sold last year? Or Nintendo DSs? So what would it mean if you found out they sold 50k, 500k, or 1M Kindles? You'd still wouldn't know whether the Kindle was the best selling or most wished for item of the year. So you'd either doubt the number they give, or then demand they release all their sales numbers, just to prove to you that they didn't make up something on their web site.

  1. andrewbw

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    you just can't bear...

    I know quite a few people with Kindles, including my fiance; all are as rabid fans of them as most Apple users are of their products. My fiance is part of a book club where half the members just read the monthly books on Kindle. When I used to travel on business to the Bay Area a lot, I used to see a LOT of Kindles on BART; likewise on the subway in NY.

    Like the iPod and iPhone before it, a lot of your perspective on how "well" it's doing depends on where you live, and the class of people you hang around with. The Kindle is definitely a luxury item, but no more so than the iPod Touch, or similarly priced device.

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