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Wacom puts out first wireless Intuos tablet

updated 07:45 am EST, Mon February 1, 2010

Wacom Intuos4 Wireless uses Bluetooth and battery

Wacom today unveiled its first completely wireless tablet controller. The Intuos4 Wireless makes its link to a Mac or Windows PC through Bluetooth and provides the full feature set of a tethered pad without occupying the valuable expansion space on a notebook. A lithium-ion battery keeps it running for up to 18 hours of semi-active use; USB both recharges it and provides a wired option for frequent use.

As a tablet, the Wireless provides a 9.4-inch diagonal surface area and a stylus with 2,048 levels of pressure. Wacom specifically caters to Mac users with labeled Command and Option key shortcuts, but all users have shortcuts to all eight keys as well as a touch ring that handles up to four different programmable commands per app.

The new Intuos4 is available to order now for $399; Wacom hasn't narrowed down the exact cost of replacement batteries but is expected to charge between $39 and $49. [via Crave]

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  1. dynsight

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    Joined: May 2005



    Tablet input is invaluable for many things (not just graphics). Final Cut and Aperture work well with tablets.

  1. JeffHarris

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    Good News

    I'd love to see Wacom release the smaller (4x6) version in Bluetooth, simply because it's a good size to put in my pack with my MacBook Pro, since I carry a tablet on the road.

    I've been using Wacom tablets for years and use it with Vectorworks. Tablets are great input devices and much better than mice on many levels.

  1. MhzDoesMatter

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    I'm not a tablet user but would wireless lag be an issue for artists? Or do you just slow down?

  1. byRyan

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    Graphire Lag

    I only use tablets for all my work, Including Final cut, Logic, After Effects, Cinema 4D and Maya. I owned one of the Graphire Bluetooth Wacom pads, and it had severe lag issues. The busier the system was, the slower the response time and the cursor had a kind of "floating" effect.

    I don't know if they fixed this or not n this version, but personally - I'll stick with a cord!

  1. cartoonasaur

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    iPad support?

    Does the Wacom pad support the Apple iPad?
    I mean, if I paid for their pad would the pad perform poorly or properly on an iPad's proprietary technology?

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