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Sony makes PlayStation Move motion controller official

updated 07:45 pm EST, Wed March 10, 2010

PlayStation Move kit to come under $100

Sony at its GDC keynote this evening finally unveiled the PlayStation Move, the finished version of its long-in-progress PS3 motion controller. The end product has the design shown from before but lets players pick one of four colors for the "orb" the PlayStation Eye camera uses to track movement. It now also has a companion Move Sub-controller with a directional pad that, much like Nintendo's Wii nunchuk, provides regular control for menus or games that need a d-pad and motion at the same time.

The system is claimed to be much more appealing to "hardcore" gamers as it's much more accurate than Nintendo's system. Move can recognize exact angle, position and speed and can therefore afford to be much more challenging. Multiple motion controllers can be combined for specific games, such as anything with two-handed weapons.

Games are already in development and include Wii-style game compilations like Move Party as well as regular games. A demo at GDC showed a version of LittleBigPlanet where the MC of a session could change the game environment by pointing to, grabbing and rotating objects to help Sackboy characters. SOCOM 4 when it ships will also have Move support out of the box, and third-party games are expected on launch.

Sony expects to ship the Move this fall and plans to offer multiple kits to accommodate different levels of users, including just the Move by itself for those who already own an Eye, a Starter Kit that also bundles the camera and a game, and a full PS3 bundle that includes the console and everything needed to play. Prices aren't fully ready, but Sony has already said it expects a full Starter Kit to cost below $100.

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  1. nomster

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    nice paint job

    incredible inventions! Go Sony!!

    at least it doesn't look like they took a Wii controller and nunchuck and painted them black ... er ..

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