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iPad pre-orders seen at 240,000 in two weeks

updated 01:20 pm EDT, Fri March 26, 2010

iPad orders cooling but may still outpace iPhone

A new estimate today has shown that iPad pre-orders are still on track to beat the iPhone's initial launch numbers. With advance orders believed to have hit 190,000 last week, the rate of purchases has slowed down but should still have reached 240,000 of the tablets as of Friday. The current average of about 7,000 pre-orders per day would have the iPad beat the 2007 iPhone's 270,000 launch weekend units by Monday based purely on online sales.

The actual first-day sales on April 3rd are likely to be higher, Daniel Tello predicts. Current estimates don't include either reservations at retail stores or any walk-in purchases of leftover units. The original iPhone sales also factored in two whole days of sales at the end of the iPhone's first fiscal quarter.

Besides making the iPad the company's largest lineup introduction to date, the calculations would make the iPad the most successful launch of a new category for Apple in terms of units shipped and would give it the strongest e-reader and tablet launches known so far. Amazon has always been secretive about its Kindle sales but is understood to have sold 500,000 Kindles in all of 2008. Barnes & Noble will have taken advantage of a larger market but was predicted to reach the same 500,000-unit mark for the Nook just this month, or five months after the Nook was first unveiled.

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  1. sfmitch

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    The iPhone sales that you list - 270,000 were the sales for the first 2 days, not for the first weekend. The story you link to, gets it right but this story gets it wrong.

    Apple has never released sales figures for the first weekend of iPhone sales. The only reason we know the sales for the first 2 days was because Apple's financial quarter ended on that Saturday.

  1. macdan_ch

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    these are already "international" sales

    There are a lot of auctions available (I count several hundreds right now) for the iPad.
    In Europe, the iPad will be only available by the end of April, I don't want to wait that long, so someone is exporting one for me.
    I am not the only European buying it from the U.S.

  1. CmdrGampu

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    Pre-orders not necessary?

    So based on reports that Apple may be shipping as many as 700,000 units at launch, there should be plenty left over for stores and the pre-order frenzy wasn't necessary. Too bad none of the resellers other than Best Buy are allowed to sell the gadget yet.

  1. starwarrior

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    Size of truck fleet

    Notice that all sizes ran out at once. Number of iPads for sale not the cause of new date. It is the size of the Federal Express truck fleet to deliver them.

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