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JooJoo tablet gets just 90 pre-orders

updated 05:50 pm EDT, Tue March 30, 2010

Legal docs show JooJoo getting little interest

PayPal documents discovered today as part of the ongoing TechCrunch lawsuit against Fusion Garage have revealed that just 90 pre-orders were submitted before the JooJoo tablet began shipping last week. A motion in court for a preliminary injunction shows that, as of about February 22nd, the company took just 90 pre-orders for the $499 device, amounting to just $44,555 of revenue. The actual honored pre-orders were even lower as 15 of the orders were cancelled and refunded, although this didn't include pre-orders for the last few weeks before the March 25th ship date.

The figures won't necessarily reflect actual sales of the 12-inch tablet but could pose trouble for the company. As a device, the JooJoo is potentially very capable with a 12-inch multi-touch display, built-in Flash support and an NVIDIA Ion chipset that can play 1080p video. However, more than one delay has pushed it into direct competition with the iPad and also drawn it nearer to competing with Android tablets that behave more like the JooJoo itself. Apple is limited to a 9.7-inch screen and 720p but, thanks both to the iPhone's reputation and other factors, is estimated have as many as 400,000 pre-orders for its own tablet and may pass the half-million mark with retail purchases.

Fusion Garage itself has also been widely acknowledged a factor for some in hesitation to buy the device. It had regularly worked with TechCrunch on developing the tablet under its initial working name of the CrunchPad but sparked a formal split and eventual lawsuit after it decided to wrest control of the project for itself. The technology news site has claimed that Fusion Garage stole its ideas, but the Singapore-based defendant has claimed that the ideas were freely posted online and so never really belonged to just one company. [via Gizmodo]

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  1. slapppy

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    Joined: Mar 2008


    In other words....


  1. gplawhorn

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    Joined: Feb 2010



    I guess the 90 were the industry flunkies who have been knocking the iPad for the past two months. Hope they enjoy their toys. I'm sure going to enjoy mine come Saturday!

  1. chas_m



    I actually feel sorry

    for people stupid enough to be JooJoo customers. Still, now their Psystar computers won't be so lonely in the Closet of Unloved Counterfeit Gadgetry.

    PS. Zune, we're keeping a space open for ya.

  1. Foe Hammer

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Feb 2005


    PS. Zune, we're keeping a space open for ya.

    Indeed. And it's right next to two spaces for ASUS.

  1. dliup

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    Joined: Jan 2006


    2 words


  1. facebook_Paul

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Mar 2010


    Apple Legal Bought a 10-Pack

    Apple, posing as Educators,ordered a 10-pack as part of their effort to study the device's countless patent, copyright, & trademark infringements. Seriously, the JooJoo bean counters' jaws must've dropped when they heard Jobs say "starting at 499 dollars." Poor guys never had a chance. But hey, it looks they managed to get Flash on it; catering to the battery agnostic is always a grand endeavor.

  1. JeffHarris

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    It must be the same trolls lurking on Mac web sites ragging on the iPad.

    My iPad shipped today!

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    they did it to themselves

    the Crunchpad had some buzz, oh... paling in comparsion to the Apple juggernaut, but a respectable amount of buzz.

    All that buzz was killed when their main buzz creator launched the very public disappointment with the events that followed.

    The name JooJoo never had any buzz...all I associated the product with was greedy people who couldn't buy a clue.

    I totally lost interest, anyway my iPad will be here on the 3rd, and that had something to do with it as well.

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

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    ALL the tech-geeks bought the JooJoo...

    90 pre-orders is pathetic. I figured they'd get at least a thousand.

    I was right, the geeks are too small a segment of the market for Apple to be bothered with. The same scenario is going to play out for every other tablet the geeks adore with all the USB ports, Flash support, multitasking, and Windows 7 OS or whatever. The geeks will not buy the iPad and call it a piece of c***, but their opinions amount to nothing and millions of consumers will still buy the iPad. Ease of use and lots of digital content will kick the stuffing out of competitor products.

    You could easily tell how much interest the JooJoo had to consumers. Just do a Google search for Fusion Garage JooJoo and then do a search for Apple iPad. You'll see how many instances come up for each. The JooJoo is so low, it might as well be for Jujubes.

  1. coffeetime

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    Interesting article on the becoming of JooJoo:

    A perfect example of corporate greed (Fusion Garage) causing the downhill. And with the upcoming iPad, can't be any better in timing wise.

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