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Apple taunts Adobe with "iPad ready" HTML5 sites

updated 01:45 pm EDT, Thu April 1, 2010

Apple notes NYT, Flickr onboard with HTML5

Apple fired a shot at Adobe on Thursday by posting a list of iPad ready sites. All of the pages support HTML5 for video when seen on the iPad and either show a special site without Adobe Flash or have already dropped Flash in favor of the plugin-free option. In addition to known sites like Vimeo and Virgin America, it also confirms that CNN, Flickr, the New York Times and several other major sites have made the switch.

The company goes so far as to invite submissions of other sites to extend the list well past its current count.

Putting up the site is an overt jab at Adobe, which has made it a point to show Flash on smartphones and claim that the plugin is essential to video on the web. HTML5 is normally more complicated to implement than Flash, but many sites have either considered it worth granting access to iPads and iPhones. Brightcove has already developed a turnkey HTML5 video player that will give the NYT and others a much quicker implementation.


By Electronista Staff


  1. facebook_Doug

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    Joined: Apr 2010


    no links?

    Interesting that the page has no links to the sites it's advertising. That's a bit of an oversight...

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  1. seventn

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    Flash is not only used for video!!!!!!!

    I am a big fan of Apple and have been for years but this issue is making think they are morons. Flash is being used for a lot more than just video. Yes I admit some use to much of it but there are some interactive things that are very useful and Flash is a good, fast easy way to deliver this.

    Don't you believe for a second that Apple is refusing to support Flash because it is buggy. They simply don't want people to make Flash apps that they won't be able to control thru Itunes.

    Apple you are being control freak morons.

  1. iphonerulez

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    We know Flash isn't going away tomorrow...

    but what is so wrong about getting alternatives ready? The more mobile devices that Apple sells the faster changes are going to take place to find a substitute for Flash. Advertisers need those Apple mobile users for revenue and will do whatever it takes to get them. Doesn't this aid even other mobile platforms as well so they don't need to use Flash? Besides making money for Flash developers, what is so important about Flash? It's the content that's important, not the delivery medium. Let Flash stay on the desktop if it's needed that badly, but give mobile users something that doesn't eat up batteries.

    Besides, how well do heavy Flash-coded sites even support multitouch interfaces? HTML5 is more complicated to develop with, OK, but it can be used in most cases, right?

  1. infobhan

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    Is this really a taunt?

    I don't see this as Apple "taunting" Adobe. It's simply showing that these sites are compatible.

  1. Sondjata

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    Cause those huge drop down, slide over and pop up flash adverts can go away.

  1. bjojade

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    Can I eliminate flash?

    On Safari? Hardly a day goes by that I don't get a 2 minute pause in Safari followed by a note that Safari has crashed on me. It's flat out annoying.

  1. qazwart

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    Why Apple Hates Flash

    It's really very simple: It's not about Apple being control freaks. It is about Apple making sure they're not dependent upon another company in order to sell its products.

    Imagine a world where Flash was so ubiquitous, that you couldn't surf anywhere. No HTML coding: Every website was a Flash application.

    Apple comes out with a neat new product and now has to wait for Adobe to program a Flash client for that product. What if Adobe doesn't think its worth their effort? Would that mean that Apple couldn't sell its latest device. What if Adobe did program a client, but put fewer resources towards that Apple client? Apple could end up with a buggy version of Flash while its competitors have a sleeker, faster version with more features.

    It's why Apple worked so closely with Google for so long on HTML5. It's why Apple put so many resources into it's WebKit browser engine which is used by almost all mobile browsers no matter what platform. Apple wants to sell you the next play pretty product. It doesn't want Adobe's permission to do so.

    And how is the state of Flash? Well, despite the iPhone being out for three years without a Flash plugin, there is still no Flash 10.1 mobile client for ANY platform. You'd think when the iPhone came out without Flash, Adobe would be putting all of its efforts to get Flash working with Android, Symbian, WebOS, and RIM just to prove Flash is relevant on the mobile platform.

    Even in the desktop environment, Adobe Flash is incapable of playing in 64 bit mode. If you have a 64 bit OS, you're in trouble. Windows runs IE in 32 bit mode. Apple created a new plugin structure for Safari, so Safari could run in 64 bit mode while running Flash in 32 bit mode.

    Apple's hope is that by the time Flash 10.1 for mobile platforms comes out, or when Google's Chrome OS comes out, Flash will be irrelevant. There might be a few websites that use Flash, but it won't affect a consumer's decision which product to buy. Apple is doing this by using the power of its mobile market share. You want iPhone and iPad users? You've got to get rid of your Flash.

  1. hayesk

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    This is not taunting

    Is Apple also taunting Microsoft because these sites don't run on Silverlight either?

    Nowhere does Apple mention Flash or Adobe. This is not a taunt, there are no overt jabs. "Electronista Staff" seem to have completely misinterpreted the point of Apple putting up this page. It's to sell more iPhones, not to have a childish war with Adobe. Adobe was not even a consideration when putting this page up.

  1. PRoth

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    We don't just report the news... we put words into the mouths of our stories... I think you know what you think I'm saying...

    Best headline of the day.

  1. sirron

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    My Safari doesn't crash

    It's free, download it here:

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