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Apple to hold iPhone 4.0 preview Thursday

updated 12:25 pm EDT, Mon April 5, 2010

Apple has surprise iPhone 4.0 preview

Apple today surprised the media by sending out a teaser for an iPhone 4.0 event at its Cupertino campus on Thursday. The event notice says little but offers a "peek into the feature of iPhone OS" with a large "4" casting a shadow, clearly pointing to the next major revision.

Although Apple has said nothing about 4.0, most expect it to center on Expose-style multitasking that involves a double-tap of the home button. It may also bring a generalized file system that lets users save and open documents from outside of a particular app and should roll in many of the iPhone 3.2 developments seen with the iPad, such as a home screen with a custom background and icons that rotate regardless of context.


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  1. iwantaiphone

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    4.0 Demo

    They have posted the iPhone OS 4.0 demo for us to try:

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  1. WiseWeasel

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    C'mon, supported jailbreak! 3rd party multitasking and unified documents are both awesome additions, but the iPhone platform won't be completely mature until I can install unapproved software in some fashion, maybe in some kind of sandbox.

  1. rjdude

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    4.0 Pro

    Maybe eventually Apple will offer the standard iPhone OS and then make a Pro version for people or companies that want more advanced options for themselves or their users/employees. You have to give them time because they're still trying to roll-out the phones everywhere (remember China, the largest country in the world, just barely got it at the end of last year). Patience!

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  1. applefan2321

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    comment title

    I wont upgrade my iphone OS until they jailbreak the new software. Its not worth using if its not jailbroken. So many more apps and ways to customize.

  1. elroth

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    Enough with the jailbreaking posts. Do what you want, but quit whining - keep it to yourselves. You are a small minority, but you make way too much noise.

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  1. wrenchy

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    iPhone 4.0

    With multi-tasking??

    Pfffft. Another Android wanna-be.

  1. MorituriMax

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    errr, typos?

    "peek into the feature of iPhone OS"

    Wouldn't that be the FUTURE of iPhone OS?

    I'm stoked, maybe I can finally run the ONE app in the background that would really be useful. Skype.

    I could care less about running EVERYTHING (which lots of people seem to harp on) at once, just one third party app to take the place of the standard multi tasking apple phone app.

  1. Gazoobee

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    full multitasking not needed

    There are obviously some third party apps that need to run in the background, but if we are honest with ourselves, it's a very small group. There has to be a solution for Internet radio and possibly skype, but most other multi-tasking "needs" are really "wants" if people are honest about it. I'm hoping that they *don't* do "full-on" multitasking. People don't want to have to manage their apps. This has been proven over and over again in studies. Only techies want to know "what's running" and manage their resources etc. Practically the whole point of the iPhone OS is that it's for the *other* people, who don't want to tinker with everything all the time.

    I also find it interesting that most of these multi-tasking "problem" situations can easily be coded around by clever developers, but the complete *failure* of most developers to take advantage of the workarounds already provided, is usually interpreted in the media as a failure of Apple to provide "multitasking."

    Additionally, no one seems to talk about how even though Apple added significant integration features to iPhone OS 3.0, almost no developers use those capabilities, and yet "pro-developer" tech sites like this one and others are always running Apple down for not having an integrated home screen or any kind of integrated action between apps.

    For instance, it's been possible for at least a year for someone to write an Outlook type integrated contact manager and email app, but no one has done it. Developers seem to whine about everything and tech sites seem to just publish the whines verbatim without ever casting a critical eye on them.

    IMO people should stop whining and start being a bit more creative. Get busy and do some actual *work* instead of waiting for the Apple Gravy Train to stop in your particular station is my advice. Real grown-ups don't blame the tools.

  1. djbeta

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    Given Apple's history of approving apps that compete with iPhone native apps, why would anyone dare try to create an e-mail app?

    If there was a better calendar for the iPhone I'd buy it in a heartbeat. I hate having to click 10 times to enter a calendar entry.

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