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New MacBook Pro model numbers surface

updated 11:10 pm EDT, Sat April 10, 2010

MacBook Pro to get cheaper 17-inch model

A MicroCenter staffer tonight posted new Apple model numbers that point directly at long-anticipated MacBook Pro updates. While just listed as "Mac systems" with Good, Better and Best trim levels, they have completely new model numbers and roughly correlate to the three 15-inch and single 17-inch MacBook Pros that currently exist. They also hint at price changes: while the base MacBook Pro would climb $100 to $1,799, the top-end 15-inch model would drop to $2,199 and the 17-inch would fall $200 to $2,299.

A mid-range MacBook Pro would stay in place at $1,999.

It's known that the MacBook Pro line should get Core i5 and Core i7 processors that may sport similar stock clock speeds but should be substantially faster than the outgoing Core 2 Duo models. Also likely on top of these is the use of NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching to save energy; the higher-priced entry model may reflect this as Apple would have to use a discrete graphics chip instead of the integrated GeForce 9400M used today.

A MacBook Pro update could come as soon as Tuesday and may also include a refresh of the white plastic MacBook and MacBook Air.


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  1. MyRightEye

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    And no more optical drive.

  1. sdfalk

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    comment title

    based on what?

  1. jarod

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    About time!

    Finally :)

  1. facebook_Edward

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    Integrated graphics

    I'm concerned about the pricing of the low-end model in light of the fact that it may only support Intel's integrated graphics.

    While one can only speculate at this point what the technical specifications of the machine will be, it is well known that NVidia's integrated graphics are not license compatible with intel's Core i5/i7/etc., chipset. Furthermore, it's also well known that Intel's integrated graphics do not perform as well as NVidia's integrated graphics.

    Please note that I'm referring to "integrated" graphics processors. Only the higher end MacBook Pros (2.66 Gh z, 2.8 Ghz) contained a secondary discreet graphics processor. Discreet processors deliver much more performance but at the cost of battery life.

    NVidia was working on a solution that seamlessly switched between integrated and discreet graphics processors (i.e., without having to log out and log back in), but I haven't heard any rumors that this solution was going to be applied to the MacBook Pro line.

    Anyone in the market for a new MBP should pay close attention.

  1. elroth

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    Actually, I was thinking that if the price of the basic MacBook is going up $100, that could be a sign that Apple might be doing away with the integrated graphics completely, rather than use Intel's inferior chips. (Or they could keep the integrated graphics, while adding discrete graphics to the lower end MacBook Pros). Apple usually keeps the same pricing for new models, while improving the hardware - they would not raise the price without adding something major.

    That's my hope anyway - discrete graphics for all, and to all a good night.

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