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Nokia N8 already reviewed, panned as poor iPhone rival

updated 07:35 pm EDT, Sun April 25, 2010

Prerelease Nokia N8 known to have Symbian3

The Nokia N8 has already been given an early review that calls it a poor rival to Android and the iPhone. Symbian^3 is said to have "little change in functionality," and the phone itself as seen as offering little new that Nokia or other companies haven't done before. Mobile-Review's Eldar Murtazin goes so far as to jokingly accuse Nokia employees of sabotaging the company's brand from the inside, else it might be "impossible to explain" why the N8 exists at all.

Symbian^3 still has some advantages, such as true multitasking, but mostly adds now virtually ubiquitous features like widgets or multiple home screens.

The Russian close look notes that most of the features are catch-up additions. The glass multi-touch display, 12-megapixel camera and 720p video recording have already existed either in Android phones, the iPhone, or even existing Symbian phones like Sony Ericsson's Satio and Vivaz. Despite being several months newer, it isn't any faster than a phone like the Vivaz and still bogs down with a significant workload, Murtazin said.

As the phone hasn't even been announced and won't ship until the summer, performance and other minor details may change before release. The lukewarm reception is nonetheless potentially dangerous for Nokia as it has already predicted that its market share will be flat this year and hasn't accounted for rapid shipment spikes from Apple or others before making its estimate. Android phones are now regularly faster than most Nokia counterparts, and the 2010 iPhone is expected to redress many of the remaining feature gaps between Apple and Nokia with a front camera, HD video support and a higher-density display. [via Engadget]


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  1. igroucho

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    comment title

    Ugly & cluttery

  1. James Katt

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    Too bad for Nokia.

    Their Symbian is a primitive operating system. The interface looks like it was out of the 80s.

    They are desperately trying to play catch up. The problem is that they cannot since Nokia doesn't know how to do software.

    They can cobble together hardware so that they are equivalent to Android. But they don't even have the skills to create an operating system similar to Android.

    Apple, of course, is the complete ultimate world-class expert in combining both hardware and software. It is also the ultimate wold-class expert in creating hardware-software-peripheral-third-party ecosystems.

    Apple is too far ahead for Nokia to ever each up.

    Android is a low lying fruit - particularly since it is by-and-large open-source. Thus Nokia could have at least copied or created similar features. But no.

    They are stuck in the 80s-90s. This was when Symbian was developed and never matured.

    Nokia is stuck with very little to offer in the highly profitable high end.

    Nokia's world is in the low end - the very cheap cell phones that are often given away for nothing. This is what they are worth.

  1. lkrupp

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    I remember it well...

    When Steve Jobs announced the iPhone Nokia busted a gut laughing. John C. Dvorak urged Apple to abort the iPhone as it would be the ruin of the company. Every single "expert" out there either chuckled uncontrollably or predicted instant doom.

    My how times have changed.

  1. Foe Hammer

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    Apple vs. Nokia and Dvorak

    Insanely great vs. greatly insane.

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    psshfthlth link through google translate

    sure, automatically assume we can't read russian ;-) wink wink.

    I can read Russian, and I knew, I just knew, someday, there would be a practical application.

    Cha ching...finally.

  1. iphonerulez

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    The fishheads of Espoo are trying

    their best. They probably should have snapped up Palm like a guppy and taken webOS for themselves. It's not easy for a company that had been building fashion cellphones for so many years to come up with a truly state of the art smartphone. They weren't into processors and touch OSes and apps stores. They built feature phones with lots of visual impact. It's not the same thing as building up a solid platform or ecosystem. I'd always heard their hardware was very good, but the OS was just too complex for the average user. As much as Nokia puts into their phones, they're being panned as second-rate smartphones even below Android. The near-term future doesn't look too good at all for Nokia.

    Nokia is just running into bad luck due to the changing of times. Smaller companies will be able to change direction a lot faster. Nokia must be smothered by overhead. Apple is out of Nokia's league as far as smartphones are concerned. Apple only builds smart-devices and that's all Apple has to deal with.

  1. coffeetime

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    Nokia's Symbian OS

    It sounds like Nokia and Sony are in the same boat... building beautiful hardware but so-so software. Microsoft's XBOX is catching up with Sony due to its well written software. We are entering an area where software rules -- Apple, MS, and Google. If Adobe ever have an OS + Hardware, oh boy, a new-comer monopoly has arrived.

  1. facebook_Also

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    As much as I love my apple products(imac, macbook, 3rd gen ipod touch), I use one of Nokia's s60 smartphones as my primary phone. Why? Firstly, because WM blows and I hate Android's model of having apps running in a JVM. Also, I don't like not having a physical numeric keyboard in a phone. symbian is a pretty decent OS, in terms of functionality, if you disable the more gimmicky fetures, such as those annoying widgets. We europeans are little bit old-fashioned, when it comes to touch screen based phones. Don't get me wrong, I carry my iPod touch with me all the time and I love "the Apple experience", but don't be that hard on Symbian.

  1. Intosh

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    Ignorant Apple Zealots

    It's amazing how smugly clueless some Apple zealots are. What an ignorant claim that Symbian is primitive; the OS is more capable and efficient than any other mobile OS. Yes, the UI needs a major facelift but don't confuse UI and the OS core.

    And the claim that Nokia laughed at the iPhone is utter BS coming out of a zealot's derriere. Nokia actually praised the iPhone. Don't confuse arrogant Apple and its fanbois with Nokia.

    Well, at least, some are more informed (e.g. facebook_Also).

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