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iSuppli still expects netbooks to grow despite iPad

updated 03:45 pm EDT, Fri May 7, 2010

Analysts see 26pc jump in netbook sales

Netbook sales are still expected to grow even in the face of the iPad possibly stealing business, a new study by iSuppli said today. Growth will have slowed from the breakneck pace of last year but should still see the mini notebooks grow by 25.5 percent to 209.5 million PCs. The prediction came that the gradual end to the worldwide economic slump wouldn't necessarily end sales of netbooks at the same time.

Full-size notebooks are still expected to grow and could top 160.5 million systems in 2010, but the category would be growing slower, at just 21.5 percent. The "ultra-thin notebook" field, which sits between netbooks and notebooks and usually runs Intel CULV processors, is set to become the fastest-growing category and could almost double its shipments. At just 14.5 million PCs, however, it would still have a small effect.

Acer was the leader in netbooks last year as the Aspire One had 37 percent and knocked ASUS down to 21 percent. HP, Samsung and Dell followed behind. Combined, the top five controlled 90 percent of the field, leaving even major companies like Lenovo and Toshiba with just a slim portion of the industry. Acer had the ultra-thin market almost entirely to itself in 2009 and only had to cede a small piece of the field to HP, Dell, Sony and Toshiba.

The iSuppli study doesn't appear to have factored in tablets, which in Morgan Stanley's latest research appears to be flattening netbook sales as many opt for the iPad in place of a high-end netbook or a low-end notebook.

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  1. dliup

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    Perhaps iSuppli should be renamed iShill for Microsoft?

  1. Peter Bonte

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    Joined: Aug 2001



    maybe some roots in the ground.

  1. Titanium Man

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    Joined: Mar 2001


    It's not either/or, guys

    When my desktop went in for service a little while back, I switched to my netbook (running OS X) as a backup. It allowed me access to 95% of the same applications, most of which have no iPad equivalents. Plugged it into an external LCD, keyboard and mouse and it got me through a week without the desktop. Only a few apps are too resource-hungry to run on 2GB. I have an iPad, too, but that can't stand in for my Mac at all where actual work is concerned. Don't be such fanboys that you have to mock anything non-Apple.

  1. ilovestevejobs

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    The only person the makes sense

    is Titanium Man. The rest are just plain thick

  1. testudo

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    Re: iShill

    Of course they're shilling for MS. Because no company can be objective, they must be paid. Esp. if they say anything that somehow disparages an Apple product (or somehow doesn't completely disparage a non-Apple product). And yet, we know, that any one who offers nothing but glowing remarks about apple products are not shills, they just 'get it'.

    But perhaps a lot of these netbook sales are for new iPad owners who need a computer to sync their iPad with on occasion, but have no need/desire for a 'full-powered' computer for such silliness.

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