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Seagate plans 3TB drive that requires 64-bit OS

updated 03:45 pm EDT, Mon May 17, 2010

Seagate Constellation 3TB confirmed late 2010

Seagate today confirmed that it's making a 3TB hard drive for late this year. Spokeswoman Barbara Craig didn't provide many details to Thinq but explained that the Constellation disk would need a 64-bit OS that supports long logical block addressing (long LBA) to read the entire contents. Older 32-bit platforms may not see more than 2.1TB due to the original LBA, and Windows XP may not even see 1GB of space.

Many computers would also need to support at least the United EFI Forum's firmware standard in order to boot from the drive. New drivers would also be necessary to support RAID and other common configurations that depend on outside hardware to work.

Currently, at least the 64-bit builds of Windows Vista and Windows 7 support the extra space, as do certain versions of Linux. Electronista has reached out for clarification to Seagate on Mac OS X support, but it would likely require at least Snow Leopard or later.

By Electronista Staff


  1. sribe

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    64-bit confusion

    There's no reason at all that this should require a 64-bit OS. It just happens that the versions of Windows that support it are 64-bit...

  1. Jonathan-Tanya

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    not only do you need LLBA but also a UEFI motherboard.
    So even if you have 64-bit windows, you may not see beyond 2.1TB on this drive.

    For now, I'd just buy it with a system that had it included, and not as an upgrade. But then again, I'm so impressed by SSD drives, I think I wouldn't buy this anyway...a nice SSD as a boot drive, and a 2TB platter disks, raided for near-line storage.

  1. OtisWild

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    onboard RAID

    If your onboard RAID (or RAID card) can handle these drives, they can be parted out into smaller LUNs.. IIRC my ICH10R will handle up to 2GB LUNs and likely 2GB devices as well (I have 2x1.5GB attached, could only carve out 2GB of RAID0 space, then an additional 800MB or whatever).

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