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In-the-field iPhone 4.0 test firmware shows video calling

updated 07:00 pm EDT, Sat May 22, 2010

iPhone 4.0 engineer code hints direct video calls

What little doubt remained about the presence of video calling on the next iPhone may have been eliminated today as a screen capture has shown the feature running on live firmware. A source inside Apple has shown a field test version of iPhone 4.0 whose Settings area makes a clear reference to "video calls debugging" that lets engineers start, stop and export logs to track down errors. BGR didn't learn whether this would involve a proper iChat client, traditional video calls over 3G, or both.

The feature will make the iPhone one of the few phones shipping to the US this summer with two-way video chat as an option. So far, the only other known example is Sprint's HTC Evo 4G, which has to use special apps and will usually need either 4G or Wi-Fi for full effect. Apple's is the only known example for the summer to have it built into the OS itself, but whether it works over 3G may depend either on Apple or individual carriers.

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  1. ZinkDifferent

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2005


    Can't wait...

    ... For the chorus of idjits to intone how "my XX phone has had video calling for 3 years", yet neglecting to mention they never were able to use it because it was either not working, or too complicated for them to get working.

    You know it.

  1. Integr8d

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Apr 2010



    AT&T will only want an additional $50 for this 'cool' feature.

    BTW: That CEO was flat-out lying, when he said that upping the ETF had nothing to do with iPhone. It has EVERYTHING to do with iPhone.

  1. iphonerulez

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    Nokia n9X users have been bragging

    for years about having a front facing camera, but I honestly never heard much about people using it since it was probably mostly in use in Europe and there probably weren't that many Nokia N9X owners that knew each other. I do wonder how often it would be used on the iPhone even with a proper chat client. I've had video cameras on my Macs for years and almost never used them. I'm surprised that it would be such a desired feature by users. I think vc is popular in Korea and Japan, though.

  1. ctt61

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    Nice feature but do not how much will be used.

    How many people actually doing VC except for may be some business.
    I have video cam on all the mac all this time, may be did once or twice with family member

  1. DanielSw

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    Lots of applications

    Video conferencing would be aided by attendees with iPhones who needed or wanted to be seen or wanted where they were to be seen during the conference. Or maybe investigators wanted to transmit live video to colleagues or to the home office. There are all kinds of possible applications.

  1. facebook_Kevin

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    Joined: May 2010


    Actually I can see this making VC become a norm.

    I think we're all missing the point. The one thing Apple has traditional done is make activities normally too complicated, buggy, sluggish or impractical--practical.

    I would bet-the-farm Apple's implementation of VC will be so seamless and friendly to use that in a year or so it's going to quickly be the normal use for most iPhone users. Then when the other phone manufactures scramble to catch up and get theirs working as seamlessly and smoothly as Apple's, maybe even for everyone.

    A new "killer-app" shown in scifi movies for decades and, what has been available for quite a while, finally seeing the light of day in the mainstream.

    "So exciting! I like this phone!"

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