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Next Amazon Kindle thinner, lacks color or touch

updated 11:10 am EDT, Sat May 29, 2010

Leak has new Kindle a cautious update

First details of the next-generation Kindle may have been given away in a rumor late Friday. A pair of sources claim it will be a safe update that will be thinner and carry a faster, higher-resolution E Ink display. It should ship in August but won't, however, have color or a touchscreen.

Bloomberg's sources didn't confirm any design traits, including whether or not the black Kindle DX-like design was indicative of the new model or a Kindle at all.

The lack of a direct response to the iPad isn't considered a surprise, as Amazon wouldn't have had a significant amount of time to build a full product in response to Apple's tablet. It would have been conceived more to fight traditional or semi-traditional readers like the Barnes & Noble Nook or Sony Reader, where advanced displays are often secondary at most.

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos has already stressed that the Kindle wouldn't copy the iPad as it's a reading-focused device. Recent acquisitions and hiring nonetheless hints that Amazon may at least try to offer comparable features, as it may add LCDs and Wi-Fi to future models and has bought a multi-touch firm.

It remains too soon to tell whether the iPad is significant enough of a threat to the Kindle for Amazon to change its strategy. Small-scale surveys have shown some lost market share, but the iPad's $499 minimum asking price and its less eyestrain-resistant LCD may leave Amazon with a comparatively secure market.

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  1. MorituriMax

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2010



    I wonder how long before Sony, Panasonic, and Viewsonic start marketing B&W CRT-Tube televisions as improved "alternatives" to those newfangled LCD and Plasma Monitors.

  1. ggirton

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    faster is good

    but I wonder what the "sources" say about the meaning of
    "higher resolution" display. Of course it SHOULD mean
    "more dots per inch" but what it typically does convey
    is "taller and wider".

    Some of the books I read have color illustrations, but most
    of them are strictly B & W.

    In other news, hands-on with the iPad at the AppleStore
    this afternoon. It was way better than I expected. They have
    put a huge amount of work into the software & even if all you
    want to do is look at photos, works of art, and dork around with
    music -- well, you're pretty much there. Not to take anything
    away from the purpose-built Kindle, but -- it's a good thing they
    have decided not to compete with the iPad because if they were,
    the are pretty much F-worded. Just sayin'.

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