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MS: new Live Essentials make Windows better than Mac

updated 08:45 am EDT, Thu June 3, 2010

MS claims Win Live Essentials trump iPhoto

Microsoft today tried to claim a rare edge in superiority for media apps with a preview of an upgraded Windows Live Essentials pack. The bundle focuses heavily on Photo Gallery and claims some advantages not seen in iPhoto: users can make composite images that take the best parts of similar images, and Facebook integration is tight with both uploads and the ability to import tags from photos already uploaded to the social network. Batch edits and an Office-like ribbon interface are also new.

The particular advantages were enough for Microsoft general manager Brian Hall to claim that the entire Windows platform now trumped the Mac with the update. "Windows is better for photos than a Mac, hands down," he told CNET.

Many of the features, however, are primarily designed to catch up with Apple's photo management app, as many of them were already present in iPhoto '09 or earlier. Microsoft's primary feature, face recognition, resembles Faces. Auto adjust, retouching, full-screen animated slideshows, and the ability to quickly sort by person, rating or other criteria were already in the Mac-oriented rival.

Other features due to reach Live Essentials bring an ability to automatically create photo slideshow movies through Windows Movie Maker, much like Apple's longstanding iPhoto to iMovie export, as well as a newly rechristened Live Sync that provides 2GB of online storage and folder sharing between suitably equipped Macs and Windows PCs on the local network.

A wider beta test is due in a few weeks, but Microsoft hasn't said when it plans to launch the finished version of Live Essentials other than later in the year.

By Electronista Staff



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    Clearly Brian Hall has taken to alcohol as the only means to live in the world where MS Windows is better than Mac Os X. Poor guy!


  1. boris_cleto

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    MS has almost caught up to the soon to be replaced iPhoto 09 or Picasa.

  1. WiseWeasel

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    Of Course

    Their feature list has more bullet points, so it's obviously better. I mean, who doesn't want to make composite images made of all similar pictures in their library? That's just common sense!

  1. TheAppleFreak

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    Of course it is

    MS Essentials has always been better than iLife. And by always, I mean up until their recent upgrade.

  1. lkrupp

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    What I find extremely interesting is that Microsoft now, somehow, feels the need to explain why this product is better than Apple's. Are they admitting the opposite has been true in the past? A company with 90+% of the market seems to have an inferiority complex? The trolls have told us for years that people choose Windows because it is better than anything Apple produces.

    What the heck is going on in Redmond these days?

  1. MeandmyMac

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    That's it?!

    One of MS Live Essentials, Photo Gallery, biggest claims to fame is "Facebook integration is tight with both uploads and the ability to import tags from photos already uploaded to the social network."

    Not having or wanting a Facebook account and not being or wanting to be a Facebook user, I'm wondering why the company, MS, with a history of "Security" issues wants to tout their photo app as having tight integration with a company with a history of "Privacy" issues.

    Yeah, that makes me want to jump up and down as a must have app!

    My feelings would be the same if it were Apple that thought being tight buds with Facebook was an idea whose time had come. Not in my world, Apple. And if you do, please let their be a preference setting to disable such a "feature!"

  1. Paul Huang

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    UI makes Mac better than windows

    MS's stinkin' thing should be compared to iPhoto.

    Just because Brian Hall is hallucinating, it doesn't mean MacNN has to repeat something that is patently false, unless it is trying to get more clicks.

  1. herojig

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    Brian Hall must be on crack!

    Some cloud-based photo editor better then iPhoto/Aperture integration in Mac OSX?!? He must have lost his mind. There is no comparison, and a professional photographer would not be caught dead trying to edit and share photos this way. MS Live Essentials is a bad joke for any user, and using Aperture 3 on a mac is just a joy for the professional, and my wife (a complete newb) does great things with iPhoto with no complaints. The integration to facebook is a no brainer, as well as to Flickr and any FTP site. So what is this article really about?

  1. RoosterJuice

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    Actually looks good

    from a non fanboy perspective it actually looks pretty sweet. Mobile me is going to have to be free very soon.

    My wife uses Microsoft live writer for blogging, and a good portion of the blogging community also uses it. This looks like it's in the same vain.

  1. tsmelker

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    Why does this poor sap think that, by adding that crappy MS 'ribbon' to their photo app, makes it 'better' than Apple? I freakin' HATE that ribbon!

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