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Microsoft to open San Diego store same day as iPhone 4 debut

updated 06:55 pm EDT, Thu June 10, 2010

MS store undermined by launching near iPhone

Microsoft has inadvertently set up a direct conflict between itself and Apple with an upcoming retail opening, one shopper discovered today. Its store in San Diego's Fashion Valley Mall will not only open four stores away from an Apple store but is due to open June 24, the same day as Apple launches the iPhone 4. Microsoft hasn't said when it decided on the opening day or if it would change the date.

The finder, BetaNews, also noted that a Sony Style location is on the floor above and could lose some sales to its fellow Windows PC seller.

The timing is suspected of being purely coincidental but could lead to a muted launch for Microsoft's store. Windows' creator has been successful in drawing large lineups but has turned to special concerts as an incentive for customers to queue early. Similarly, while it has opened a shop in the same mall as an Apple store, it hasn't had to open so close or at the same time as a major Apple product launch, which itself usually draws a large line.

Despite Apple's very heavy retail presence in California, Microsoft's San Diego store is only its second in the state after the early Mission Viejo location.

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  1. checo

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Sep 2004


    poor microsoft

    Unless they sign up for a free early morning concert with some young singer they dont have any chance to getting as much attention as the iPhone 4, no way!


    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Oct 2009


    Is MS Dumb?

    God I am so sorry I brought their stock. They are stupid beyond words.


  1. facebook_Justin

    Via Facebook

    Joined: Jun 2010


    comment title

    Only Microsoft would be that stupid, but its good, better for Apple. No one in their right mind will go there on iPhone 4 day. And why would they? To get something they can enjoy paying for year after year, like a 360? Haha.

  1. Herod

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jun 2007


    oh great!!!

    i was gonna get an iphone 4 but maybe ill get a craptacular zune instead now....

  1. iphonerulez

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Nov 2008


    Microsoft figures it will attract some of the

    customers waiting on the two-block long iPhone 4 line. "Excuse me, but would you care to look at our Kin lineup which is just as good as the iPhone 4."

    "Well, then is it OK if I use your john before I take a look?"

    In a way, the MS Store opening might get more consumers to go into the Apple store to see why they're so packed and why those Apple employees keep running up and down the line clapping like their lives depended upon it.

  1. coffeetime

    Senior User

    Joined: Nov 2006



    The Whole Idea is the to trick customers accidentally walk into Microsoft Store and trap them there since the two stores are look-a-like.

  1. dliup

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Jan 2006



    Microsoft Store, IT'S A TRAP!!!


  1. chas_m



    Reporter opportunity ...

    Somebody get a shot of the lineup outside the Apple store and the "line" outside the MS store that day.

    Should be good for a long, enjoyable laugh.

  1. slapppy

    Fresh-Faced Recruit

    Joined: Mar 2008


    One word sums it up


  1. Flying Meat

    Dedicated MacNNer

    Joined: Jan 2007


    Well then.

    It should be a quiet day for the Microsoft store. ;)

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