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iPad stealing sales of e-readers, game consoles

updated 04:45 pm EDT, Thu July 8, 2010

iPad buyers skipping Amazon, Nintendo

The iPad is leading a large portion of iPad buyers to rethink buying e-readers and game consoles, a new study by Resolve has discovered today. Although 60 percent of possible buyers had thought a dedicated console like the Nintendo DS was best for gaming, a large 38 percent of actual iPad owners said they would be least likely to get a portable game player now that they had Apple's tablet.

The effect was even higher for e-readers. Resolve didn't outline how many thought the iPad would be best for reading before buying, but almost half (49 percent) of iPad buyers were no longer considering a dedicated e-reader like a Kindle or Nook. Netbooks and notebooks were the next most likely to see disinterest as 32 percent now said they would pass on a traditional computer as a rough stand-in.

Apple may also see another halo effect that brings more Windows users onboard. About 37 percent of iPad buyers in early stages are completely new to Apple hardware; only 16 percent already owned a MacBook. The largest cross-section was of iPod owners, as 49 percent of new owners already had the MP3 player. iPhone owners were 24 percent of buyers.

Most initial buyers were early adopters between 22 and 45, the group told Mashable, but many of the rest were over 45, Resolve said.

The slate's primary challenge is now believed to be overcoming its perception as a luxury. Most candidates, 55 percent, still consider it a "very expensive toy" for those who already have their needs covered by other devices. Exactly a third consider it a breakthrough, but only 28 percent can see themselves using it for productivity and a quarter see it as replacing netbooks. Half of those rejecting it outright either don't see a need or believe the $499 minimum price is too high for what they get.

Regardless, the iPad may have a significant long term effect on the electronics industry, as the new data suggests that many who buy an iPad no longer consider competing products. Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon have been lowering prices both to compete with each other but to avoid nearing iPad prices that may tempt customers to pay extra for a more flexible device. Nintendo is also planning a major upgrade to its portable gaming with the 3DS and may even add 3G data to lure customers away from iOS hardware.

By Electronista Staff
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  1. lkrupp

    Junior Member

    Joined: May 2001


    And they laughed...

    A few short years ago Apple wasn't on any of these company's radar screens. Now the fruit company is a giant blip on their screens and is heading straight for their balance sheets. All hands on deck! Right full rudder! But it may already be too late. And to think they laughed at Steve when he held up the iPod, iPhone, and iPad for us to take a look at.

    By the way, now that the iPad is selling like there's no tomorrow, what happened to all the feminine napkin jokes? Hmmmm? What happened to all the "nobody will buy this thing" comments? The sarcasm has turned silent. All the trolls can do now is wait for someone, anyone, to produce an iPad killer. Their hopes are pinned on vaporware at the moment.

  1. lamewing

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    Not for me

    I bought and returned an iPad 32GB 3G model this week. While nice to play with, I still need more than it can currently offer....hence my Macbook Pro. If the iPad were to act as an autonomous computer versus being shackled to a computer I might have kept it. With both an iPhone 3GS and a Macbook Pro I just don't NEED the iPad.

    I hope Apple opens up the iPad and gives it more capabilities as a true portable computer versus a mobile device in the near future. If so, I would consider buying one again.

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